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Balance Chakras Hypnosis Description
Chakra balancing is the ultimate tool for your overall personal growth, health and well-being. This practice has long been used to allow all parts of a person’s’ life to work in synergistic harmony. When you are struggling with a certain area of your life, it can be a strong indicator that a certain chakra could be out of alignment.

The word “chakra” is an ancient Sanskrit word which means “wheel”. Chakras, which rotate, are located in your ethereal body, not your physical body. The chakra system consists of seven energy centers which correspond to different systems throughout the body. These systems are things like your organs, glands and emotions that can all be healed using this practice.

Feelings of impatience, aggression, jealousy and anger are linked to the root chakra Feeling unworthy, sexually shut down or financial issues can be the sacral chakra. Powerlessness and a lack of self-confidence have been tied to the solar plexus chakra. Feeling disconnected from others can come from the heart chakra. Holding back thoughts and feelings can be linked to the throat chakra. If you’re second-guessing what’s best for yourself, your brow chakra needs healing. A desire to be more deeply connected with your Higher Power can be remedied with a crown chakra alignment.

Let your chakras be balanced while you are comfortable and relaxed with hypnosis!

Audios in this program include:
1. Chakra Balance - FREE!
This hypnosis is essential for personal growth. It’s a must-have for anyone interested in experiencing transformation and true spiritual enlightenment. You will feel many of your personal difficulties easily become past memories as you are soothed by Victoria’s hypnotic voice.

2. Root Chakra
Located at the base of your spine, this is the first chakra and it has a glandular connection to the adrenal gland which secretes hormones such as cortisol and other steroid hormones. These are generated during the fight or flight response. Opening your root chakra will result in feeling more patient, stable and secure.

3. Sacral Chakra
This chakra is found in the pelvic region and its’ glandular connection is the ovaries or testes which control sexual development. As you become able to open your sacral chakra, you will feel that you deserve the good things in life that you want. You’ll feel abundant, prosperous and deserving of physical pleasure.

4. Solar Plexus Chakra
Aptly named, this chakra is in the solar plexus region with a glandular connection to the stomach, liver, kidneys and pancreas. You will become confident in your achievements and your abilities and feel a sense of personal power when you open this chakra.

5. Heart Chakra
Named for the region of the body it is located in, the heart chakra has a glandular connection to the heart. Opening this chakra will lead to feelings of joy, compassion, peace, peace of mind, and experiencing more love for yourself and others.

6. Throat Chakra
Found in the throat region, this chakra has a glandular connection to the thyroid which is responsible for controlling your metabolism. This chakra opens and reveals your true self-expression and creativity. You become in-tune with the truth and your feelings and can have a strong will to complete tasks.

7. 3rd Eye Chakra
Also known as the brow chakra due to its’ placement between the eyebrows, this chakra has a glandular connection to the pituitary gland which influences metabolism, growth and other hormones. Opening this chakra increases your wisdom about health, happiness and relationships. You become better able to trust your intuition and know what’s best for yourself.

8. Crown Chakra
Located at the top of the skull, its’ glandular connection is the pineal gland which produces melatonin and regulates your body clock. Learning to open this chakra leads to developing your spirituality, beauty and bliss. You can open your awareness to a Higher Power and appreciate life.

Begin your journey today and float with Hypno Cloud!
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