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1.0.44for iPhone, iPad and more
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Apr 17, 2024
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Epic War:Unlock Screws CartazEpic War:Unlock Screws CartazEpic War:Unlock Screws CartazEpic War:Unlock Screws CartazEpic War:Unlock Screws Cartaz
Epic War:Unlock Screws CartazEpic War:Unlock Screws CartazEpic War:Unlock Screws CartazEpic War:Unlock Screws CartazEpic War:Unlock Screws Cartaz

About Epic War:Unlock Screws

The kingdom is under siege and your home is at stake.
Creatures of darkness are devouring every living soul in their path. This is a war that you can’t afford to lose.

Under your command, every unit counts. Lead your force to victory and glory, with meticulous planning and genius tactics! Are you prepared?

1. Unlock Screws
As a seasoned artisan, deftly unlock screws and disentangle each contorted piece of iron from the intricate tapestry of impediments. Do you possess the foresight and cerebral acumen to untangle these mazes?

2. More is more
Do you think troops of 50 or 100 units clashing against each other is impressive enough? Well, be re-impressed with a war on epic scale, 1,000 vs 1,000.
There are 11 unique types of units plus powerful heroes waiting for you. Feel the sheer power.

3. Sandbox Strategy
Claim the Dark Throne, revive the guardian dragon and brand this fantasy world with your name, as the king of kings!

4. Merge units
Recruit units and merge to upgrade. Experience real-life strategy in this fantasy world and turn the tide of war as the supreme commander.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EpicWarGlobal/

Privacy Policy: https://sites.google.com/view/ew-privacy-policy/

Terms of Service: https://sites.google.com/view/ew-term-of-service/
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Novidades da Última Versão 1.0.44

Last updated on Apr 17, 2024
Versões Antigas
1. Introduced the Warzone Clash in Peak Arena to all servers.
*Please check the in-game event countdown for the specific opening time.

Bug Fix
1. Fixed some functional issues in Warzone Clash of Peak Arena.
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Version History
Apr 17, 2024
1. Introduced the Warzone Clash in Peak Arena to all servers.
*Please check the in-game event countdown for the specific opening time.

Bug Fix
1. Fixed some functional issues in Warzone Clash of Peak Arena.
Apr 11, 2024
1. Added Medal of Bravery feature: Every SSR and SS Hero has an exclusive Medal of Bravery, which can be used for evolution when the necessary conditions are met.
2. Added new Cross-Server Peak Arena gameplays:
(a) Warzone Clash.
(b) Apex King.
*Note: These gameplays will be available on servers 25, 26, 29, 30, 60, 61, 62, 63, and gradually open to other servers.
3. Added the Spring Outing festival events, scheduled to open from April 14th to April 16th, 2024.
4. Added one-click enhancement feature for Dragon Armor.
5. Added a countdown feature to the final reward of Hero Assemble event, displaying the upcoming unlock time of new heroes.
6. Added the switch buttons for auto-promote of alliance member ranks, allowing R5 and R4 to set the alliance automatic promotion feature on or off.
Mar 28, 2024
1. Added the Easter Carnival series events, scheduled to start on March 28th, 2024.
2. Increased the maximum level for soldiers from the current 9 Tiers to 12 Tiers.
3. Enhanced the maximum level for hero gear, allowing gear to be upgraded from SSR to SSR 6 stars.
(1) Existing SSR-grade gear will be transformed into SSR 1-star gear after the update.
(2) Optimized the merge of SSR-grade gear: when merging from SS-grade 5-star gear to SSR-grade 1-star gear, attributes will no longer be randomly obtained but fixed to the best combat power bonus.
1. Optimized the merge process of Dragon Armor, enabling quick merge.
2. Optimized the festival event item recycling function, allowing direct usage of festival event items in the bag for exchange for other items.
3. Optimized the artistic display quality of some background images.
4. Optimized the Burial Grounds event: After an alliance initiates the Burial Grounds, players who change alliances and participate in the Burial Grounds of the new alliance on the same day will be prohibited from collecting any treasure chests.
5. Optimized the logic for displaying red dots in the Growth Fund (Gem, Gold, Reserves).
6. Optimized the display of item contents in popup gift packages.
7. Optimized some in-game multilingual texts.
Mar 21, 2024
For more game information, please check our official community.
Mar 14, 2024
1. Added the St. Patrick's Day events, scheduled to start on March 15th, 2024.
*Event Activation Requirement: The server has been open for more than 14 days.
2. Added the Sacred Gem Cast feature.
*Some of the items involved in this feature will be released in future events.
3. Regarding the War Frenzy feature, a new Buff has been added that increases the damage of troops in PVP, effective only in battles on the map.

1. Optimize the red dot prompt for the function of Sacred Gems.
2. Optimize the interface display of the function of Sacred Gems.
3. Optimize the differentiation of star levels for special attributes of Sacred Gems.
4. Optimize the hiding of the promotion preview button when the hero reaches full star status.
5. Optimize the system mail reissue function for unclaimed rewards in Demon Invasion.
6. Optimize the multilingual text in various interfaces within the game.
7. Optimize some gift package contents.
8. Optimize the chat function.
Feb 28, 2024
1. Optimized the Peak Territory rankings and occupation rewards by changing the Ash shards to SSR Hero Shard Free-Pick Chest.
2. Optimized the rules for Cross-server Invasion event:
(a) Added a type of mission for being killed, achieving a certain number of personal deaths will bring corresponding rewards.
(b) Change the maximum number of defenders at the Watch Tower to 15 people (does not affect the Peak Territory Watch Tower).
(c) In any situation, when the Throne is occupied by players from one's own server, the Watch Tower will not attack players from the same server (does not affect the Peak Territory Watchtower).
(d) The damage inflicted on the Throne Guards by players from other servers is greatly reduced.
3. Optimized the time limit for entering the Battle of the Dragon, as long as the battle is still open, players can enter at any time, although re-entering the battlefield still requires consuming a Dragon's Horn.
4. Optimized the War Frenzy pop-up window and add an option not to be prompted again today.
5. Optimized the Event Center on the main interface to no longer display the quick preview of the Peak Territory.
6. Optimized the display of special effects for the Blue Lovers and Red Lovers Castle skins.
7. Optimized the display of maintenance announcement page.
8. Optimize the display of some buttons and icons in the game.
Feb 22, 2024
Bug Fix
1. Fixed the issue where the HP bars of both the attacking and defending sides disappeared after jumping to the map through alliance coordinates in the Peak Territory.
2. Fixed the problem where the Burial Ground building could not be placed even when the indicator displayed green.
3. Fixed the issue where the final chest in Ero's Garden occasionally did not count on the first day.
Feb 8, 2024
1. Added the Romantic Valentine’s Day series events, scheduled to start on February 14th, 2024.
2. Added [Lucky Firecracker] item from the Chinese Lunar New Year Bonanza to the Exchange Store.
3. Added one new exchangeable castle skin - Fairy Castle to the Exchange Store.

1. Optimized the display of icons on certain interfaces.
2. Optimized the display of in-game text on multiple interfaces.
Feb 3, 2024
1. Added [War Frenzy] feature where players initiate scouting, attacking, rallying, or joining attacks on other player units (PVP actions) and send troops to march, granting the player the War Frenzy BUFF and preventing them from using Castle Shield.
*The in-game details shall prevail.
2. Added Lord's Return event. (open to any player of any level who has been offline for 14 days)

1. Optimized the range indicator for Obelisk building to prevent overlapping Alliance territories.
2. Optimized the experience of batch opening items:
(a) Adjusted the maximum number limit for opening a batch of Soldier Books to 999.
Jan 26, 2024
For more game information, please check our official community.
Jan 19, 2024
1. Added the Chinese Lunar New Year Bonanza series events, scheduled to start on January 22nd, 2024.

1. Optimized the scheduling of the Supreme Lord event, with only the first 2 rounds being held on each server. Other Supreme Lord-like events will be launched along with the seasonal festival events. From February onwards, the value of seasonal festival event rewards will be increased.
(a) Following this update, all servers will receive additional compensation concerning this adjustment.
(b) Supreme Lord events that have already started will continue as usual.
2. Optimize the registration rules for Peak Territory event:
(a) A new alliance ranking stage will be added. Whether you can participate in the next round of Peak Territory will be determined based on your alliance's ranking. No active registration is required.
(b) Increase the number of alliances that can be accommodated in third and fourth level territories.
(c) Set battle zone restrictions, allowing alliances from servers within the same battle zone to compete against each other. Currently there is only one war zone. As the number of servers increases, we will have more war zones.
3. Optimized the display of the store entrance, integrating certain stores into a single interface.
Jan 4, 2024
1. Added Weekly Themed packs of the Star Soul system.

1. Optimized the prompt for shield breaking when participating in rallying a Titan Treasury that has been occupied.
2. Optimized the account binding and switching functions.
Dec 30, 2023
1. Added New Year's Day check-in event.
2. Added 4 new SSR heroes in the Heroes Assemble event, which to be displayed based on the number of days since server opening.

1. Added a separate event page for the War of Throne event during Cross-Server Invasion battles.
2. Optimized the exchangeable heroes and display conditions of the Legendary Chest in the Tavern and SSR & SS Hero Shard Free-pick Chest.
3. Optimized the scoring rewards for the Battle of the Dragon, added SS Hero Shard Free-pick Chest and Gem Enhance Free-pick Chest.
4. Optimized the visual effects display for in-game item icons.
5. Optimized in-game texts of the languages: Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.
Dec 28, 2023
What's New
1. Added the Christmas Carnival series events, scheduled to start on December 22nd, 2023.
2. Added New languages: Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish.
3. Added Free gift packs in the Value Market in the Shop.
4. Added the Guatemala and Panama national flags.

1. Optimized the counting of task completions: When purchasing X items in the Alliance/VIP/Coin stores, the count for the purchase task will be X.
2. Removed the long-press reporting feature for messages. To report player messages, please click on the player's avatar and select [Report Message].
Dec 16, 2023
1. Expanded level cap of the following features:
(a) Castle level cap increased from level 360 to level 540.
(b) The highest level of the Symbiotic Altar expanded from level 360 to level 540.
(c) Hero level increased from level 360 to level 540 (upgrading through Symbiotic Altar).
(d) The Stage Adventure expanded from stage 12,000 to stage 29,000.
(e) The maximum level of normal monsters in map increased from level 360 to level 540.
(f) Mercenary level cap expanded from level 360 to level 540.
2. Introduced the Hero's Advent event to more servers, now initiated for players who have been registered for more than 2 days and have not opened this event. The event will open after the maintenance, with a duration of 7 days.
3. Added the function of copying Player ID.
Dec 9, 2023
1. Added soldier models for every tier in the Barrack. These will be effective in the barracks' Unit Evolution interface, battles on the map, and all gameplays involving soldier models.
2. Added three new difficulty levels to Demon Invasion.

1. Removed the [Log in x days] task from Alliance Quest.
2. Added new Battle of the Dragon scoring rules: Alliances that can only join halfway through the season due to the opening time of the server will be compensated with extra points when the battle is settled, helping them to quickly rise to a rank that matches their strength.
Dec 1, 2023
1. Added Lucky Cat event. This event will be launched directly after the maintenance is completed and the event will last for 7 days.
2. Added New language: Romanian.

1. Integrated the Weekly Special gift packs into the Store tab, simultaneously changing the pack contents.
2. Optimized the display of power in the details of Sacred Gems in the Value Calendar and Sacred Gem Free-Pick Chest.
3. Added event rules description that Demon Invasion cannot commence after UTC 22:00.
4. Optimized the contents of the Sacred Gem Free-Pick Chest by removing 8 Sacred Gems with special attributes [Guaranteed Damage] and [Weaken Guaranteed Damage].
Nov 24, 2023
1. Added New language: Ukrainian.
2. Added Epic Mentor cross-server mail feature: Clicking the [Contact Mentor] button in the settings will randomly select a mentor from the entire server list and open the mail sending interface.
3. Added Hero's Arrival event.

1. Optimized Cross-server Invasion event, allowing Kings to gift members of other alliances who haven't caused damage to the throne.
2. Optimized alliance Center Fortress and obelisk battle rules, removing the setting where defensive troops entering a building would immediately stop burning.
Nov 17, 2023
1. Added the Thanksgiving Day series events, scheduled to start on November 20th, 2023.
2. Added the IOS system notification function.
3. Added Dragon development pop-up packs (life-time limited purchase).
4. Added two new exchangeable castle skins to the Exchange Store.
5. Added Gears of Fate event.
6. Added one-click upgrade function for Artifacts.
Nov 10, 2023
1. Added New language: Turkish.
2. Introduced the Star Soul system, enhancing your SSR heroes with the power of the stars!

1. Optimized the Castle Skin button on profile. Tap and open Event skins tab by default.
2. Optimized "get more" operation of resource items, allowing direct use of Hourglass within the pop-up window.
3. Optimized functionality for quick battle in Resource Instance, reducing waiting times.
Nov 3, 2023
What's New
1. Added an automatic castle shield feature during maintenance; the shield will expire 15 minutes after maintenance ends.
2. Added the Albania and Malta national flags.

1. Optimized matchmaking rules to prevent server mismatches in Cross-server Invasion event.
2. Optimized the battlefield creation rules in the Battle of the Dragon to avoid server data overload and combat data loss.
Oct 27, 2023
1. Added the Halloween Extravaganza series of events, scheduled to start on October 30th, 2023.
Oct 23, 2023
What's New
1. Added new event - Peak Territory. Occupying more territories in special maps with your allies, and obtain honors and rewards!

1. Increased the maximum number of levels in the mini-game.
2. Optimized the display of Cross-Server Invasion in the event calendar.
Oct 12, 2023
What's New
1. Added Limited-Time Decor Exchange Shard.
2. Introduced the Harold's Shield Merge feature.
3. Added the Dragon Armor Reforge feature:
(a) Owning more than 8 different types of Mythic or Amethyst Armors would unlock this feature.
(b) Select the target armor you wish to obtain, then use the armor to be recast and Furnace Scroll items to complete the recasting process.

For more game information, please check our official community.
Oct 10, 2023
For more game information, please check our official community.

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