ExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena

ExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena

Mech Online PVP Battle


2.17for iPhone, iPad and more
61 Ratings
Zombot Studio Inc.
322 MB
Feb 14, 2018
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ExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena CartazExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena CartazExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena CartazExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena CartazExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena Cartaz
ExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena CartazExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena CartazExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena CartazExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena CartazExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena Cartaz

About ExoGears2: Robots Combat Arena

Battle against other players online – in space! Build and customize your mech warrior and team up to fight 1vs1 and 2vs2 mech-on-mech battles in real-time to become the most powerful soldier in the galaxy!

Explore a war-torn galaxy ripe for the conquering! Exogears 2 puts you in charge of a notorious mercenary ship and its crew as you traverse deep space and build the ultimate mech warrior!

Build your ship and train your crew to become the most feared and formidable force in the entire galaxy. Collect parts from your fallen enemies and use them to engineer hundreds of different upgrades to customize your Exo suit and its abilities.

Use your Exo suit to engage in action-packed mech-on-mech combat in deep space battle arenas. Conquer your opponents utilizing your reflexes, strength and tactical skills. Fight in 1vs1 or 2vs2 battles against other players and vanquish your foes!

- Customize your ExoGear with HUNDREDS of parts and upgrades
- Create your own unique combat strategies using a huge arsenal of weapons and abilities
- Enhance your ship and train your crew to improve their abilities
- Explore the galaxy to discover new worlds and environments
- Challenge players across the globe to epic duels and put your Exo to the test
- Forge alliances and take over the galaxy together
- Embark on an epic campaign to take back the universe

Join our Facebook page at:
https://www.facebook.com/zombotstudio/ and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3N8lcMwHygL9u70RXc8dAQ

Note: A stable network connection is required to play. In case of any problems please contact us at info@zombotstudio.com.
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Novidades da Última Versão 2.17

Last updated on Feb 14, 2018
Versões Antigas
— New Hangar Interface. Improved UI
— Convert / Infuse formula improvement
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Version History
Feb 14, 2018
— New Hangar Interface. Improved UI
— Convert / Infuse formula improvement
Feb 8, 2018
— AI improvement
— Combat button lock bug fix
Jan 29, 2018
Base Combat:
— New Blades and Combo types added
— Skills can be queued in combo chain
— Blade Combo settings improvement
— Net code sync improvement
— 2V2 mode now equalizes stats
— Skills balance update
— Gear parts balance update
— Visual Improvement for Legendary Blades
— Various combat tweaks.

Meta game:
— Enhancements balance update

— Added Adventure Mode
— Various bug fixes
Jan 3, 2018
Base Combat:
— Update strafe distance and strafe mechanic
— Remove Energy cost for skill abilities
— Remove Energy cost for Gun shots
— Optimize Blade combo timing and Attack distance.
— Add auto block function
— Add Counter function
— Add Escape function
— Gun Settings tuning
— Reduced range for Dark Matter Blast skill ability.
— Force Field damage is now reduced while blocking.
— Cryo Spike animation bug fix
— Burst Shot bullet speed increase.
— VFX update.

Meta game:
— S2 Gear stats rebalance.
— Reintroduce timed crates. Crate time optimization for all Arenas.
— Honor Shop.

— Font update. Now support lower case letters!
— Various UI / Loading improvements.
— Various bug fixes
Dec 4, 2017
Base Combat:
— Fixed 2v2 disconnect defeat error
— Fixed stamina recovery while strafing
— Added Country Flag to Player VS screen

Meta game:
— Added Gear Shop
— Added Season: 2 Gear Parts
— Rebalancing of all parts stats.
— Adjusted crate drop mechanic to allow 6 instant crates every 24 hours.

— Added Rank Up UI
— Update Top side UI
— Update Gear Detail info UI
— Improve Challenger Popup UI
— Fixed Gear Thumbnail not display issue.
— Improve Chat access Icon
— Added Promotion Events
— Minor Bug Fix
Oct 23, 2017
Base Combat:
— Added Honor Mode for 1v1 Duels.
— Network sync logic rework, improve network stability.
— Plasma Edge Hit detection bug fix.
— Fix invisible blade combo bug in low latency situations.
— Various combat bug fixes

Meta game:
— Added Core drops to Crates
— Added Honor Coin display
— Change Arena league naming convention to roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V).
— Changed Arena league Sub-division naming convention to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

— CrewRoom background optimization
— Overall UI loading speed up
— Overall UI layout fixes
— Fix Weekly Bounty Claim bug
— Re-Open South American Battle Server
— Added UI support for 18.5:9 resolution
— Fix convert bug to prevent selection of more than 20 gears.
Sep 27, 2017
Base Combat:
— Fix bug that allows gun to cancel combos.
— Add friendly fire to AOE weapons for 2v2.
— Stats balancing for skills: Overclock, Berserker, EMP, Burn, Awaken.
— Combat UI update.

— Added Emote functionality in combat.
— Added server for EU and US regions.
— Fixed back button problem on iPads.
— Various bug fixes and improvements
Sep 14, 2017
Base Combat:
— Network sync improvement for blade combo and movement.
— Added 3 New Blade Types.
— Added Combo Cancel System
— Blade Combo timing optimization.
— Added 4 New Gun Types: Blast Cannon, Burst Cannon, Grenade Launcher, Triple Grenade Launcher
— Improve gun firing animation.
— 3v3 Combat mode is being reworked.
— Added 2v2 Combat mode.

Meta game:
— Removed Resource storage limit for CSD and Metal.
— Added functionality to claim resource in Crew Rooms
— Parts stats balancing

— Added Black Market Shop
— Added Bounty System for daily and weekly quests.
— Overall UI improvement
— Added Selectable chat channels
— Added preview for Recon mission rewards in Crew Rooms UI.

— Various bug fixes and improvements
Aug 22, 2017
Base Combat:
— Skill movement sync update
— Assault Rifle tweak (Fire rate: 0.4 -> 0.15, Bullet speed 400 -> 600, Ammo count : 30-> 15, Reload: 20s -> 15s, Shooting move speed -> 70%)
— Machine Gun tweak (Shooting move speed -> 35%, increased shooting dispersion, shooting range: 90 -> 120)
— Blade combo mirror tweak
— network sync optimization
— Fix disconnected opponent not taking damage issue.

Meta game:
— Crew room upgrade UI improvement.
— Parts stats balance tuning
— Shoulder parts can now be infused and upgraded

— New Shop design.
— Crate item drop UI improvement
— Added Inventory Max PR display
— Added 3 new premium crates: Fusion, Turbo, Super Turbo
— Added VIP status display in bridge room.
— Various bug fixes and improvements
Aug 8, 2017
— Tutorial crate box currency fix
— Combat network disconnection tuning.
— Combat hits not registering problem fix.
— Various bug fixes
Aug 2, 2017
Base Combat:
— Combat Tutorial tuning.
— Combat Network hit detection tweaks
— Skill adjustments

— Various bug fixes and improvements
Jul 28, 2017
— Fixed critical shop purchasing issue.
Jul 26, 2017
— Joystick Optimize

Meta game:
— Loadout equipment logic update
— Critical Alliance UI bug fix
Jul 25, 2017
Base Combat:
— Combat Tutorial tuning.
— Removed 1v1 AI mode
— Combat UI improvement

Meta game:
— Added 3V3 Crate Slots

— Added ToolTips in hangar.
— Added switch function for Enhancements.

— Various bug fixes and improvements

Base Combat:
— Combat Tutorial tuning.
— Removed 1v1 AI mode
— Combat UI improvement

Meta game:
— Added 3V3 Crate Slots

— Added ToolTips in the hangar.
— Added switch function for Enhancements.

— Various bug fixes and improvements
Jul 14, 2017
Base Combat:
— Net code improvement.
— New Stagger Animation. Duration increased
— 3v3 combat mode
— New Combat Environments added.


Meta game:
— Added Loadout weight class selection.
— Various UI Updates
— Crew Room Enhancement function
— Changed sell to convert.

— added a Visual Quality selection in settings.
— added player login screen.

— Various bug fixes and improvements
Apr 24, 2017
Base Combat:
— All combo timing improvement. Combo energy consumption tweak.
— Dodge timing adjustment. Dodge energy consumption decrease.
— Energy recovery timing tweak
— New Stagger Animation. Duration increased

— Lightning Strike FX timing update
— 206 collision fix
— Radial Abilities can no longer hit through walls.
— Cryospikes bug fix
— Abilities critical update.

Meta game:
— Various UI Updates
— Added collection roadmap UI
— Added tiered rates
— Alliance vault fix
— Alliance promote/demote fix

— Various bug fixes
Apr 13, 2017
— Blade combo timing update.
— Abilities stats tuning.
— Equipment stats tuning
— Combat mechanics tuning.
Apr 12, 2017
— 1v1 and 3v3 PVP system - 3v3 is only available on weekends.
— Guild system improvements.
— System reward gifting implemented.
— 4 1v1 arenas added.
— Load out system added.
— Training mode added.
— AI fights added.
— Minor bug fixes.
Feb 19, 2015
* Added new Player vs. Player System.
* Leaderboards are now available.
* Re-organized Upgrade system.
* Audio bug fixes.
* Minor Equipment bug fixes.
* Minor UI Improvements.
Jan 16, 2015
* Minor UI Update
* Improved Server Stability
Dec 20, 2014
- Updated effects and graphics.
- Added Limited Package
Dec 8, 2014

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