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About RaceChrono Pro

RaceChrono Pro é um aplicativo versátil de cronômetro de voltas, aquisição de dados e análise de dados para uso em esportes a motores, substituindo o seu cronômetro de voltas e aquisição de dados tradicionais. O aplicativo RaceChrono Pro também permite que você grave vídeos e sobreponha os dados gravados neles.

Aplicativos RaceChrono possuem fortes seguidores, atualmente mais de 100000 usuários ativos. Se você olhar em volta nos corredores dos boxes durante sua corrida ou track day, provavelmente verá alguém usando RaceChrono. Até mesmo profissionais, como pilotos de testes de fábrica e instrutores de pilotagem, são conhecidos por usar esse aplicativo! Não importa se você pilota motocicletas, karts ou carros, em circuitos fechados ou pistas de estágio especial – esse é o aplicativo de esportes a motores para você.

RaceChrono Pro possui as seguintes funções principais:
• Cronometragem de volta com setores e volta ideal
• Biblioteca de circuitos com mais de 2600 circuitos pré-definidos
• Circuito personalizado definível pelo usuário e pistas ponto-a-ponto
• Análise de dados com rolagem suave e sincronização de gráfico, gráfico X/Y, mapa, vídeo e vídeo de comparação
• Tempo de volta preditiva e gráfico de diferença de tempo
• Exportação de vídeo com aceleração de hardware e sobreposição de dados configurável
• Gravação de multiplas câmeras e exportação de vídeo picture-in-picture
• Gravação de vídeo usando câmera interna
• Associar e sincronizar arquivos de vídeo de quase todas as câmeras de ação
• Suporte para receptores GPS externos; RaceBox Mini/Mini S, Qstarz BL-818GT/BL-1000GT/LT-8000GT, Columbus P-9 Race, Dual XGPS 150/160, VBOX Sport, Garmin GLO
• Suporte para leitores OBD-II; OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth, OBDLink CX Bluetooth, Vgate vLinker FS, Vgate vLinker/iCar BLE, PLX Kiwi 3/4, Carista OBD2 Bluetooth, Tonwon BLE 1/2/Pro, Veepeak OBDCheck BLE, UniCarScan UCSI-2000, OBDLink MX Wi-Fi, generic Wi-Fi OBD-II
• Suporte para monitores de frequência cardícia LE Bluetooth
• Duração de sessão ilimitada, bom para corridas de 24 horas
• Exportação de dados de sessão em formatos .ODS (sumário da sessão para Excel), .NMEA, .VBO e .CSV
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Novidades da Última Versão 8.0.9

Last updated on Oct 26, 2023
Versões Antigas
- Fixed: Disappearing buttons for video sync adjustment
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Version History
Oct 26, 2023
- Fixed: Disappearing buttons for video sync adjustment
Jul 18, 2023
- Urgent fix: A lot of noise in the Live screen’s time delta and speed delta, especially on longer circuits (since v8.0.0)
- Fixed: Time delta selection problem in Analysis screen
Jul 8, 2023
- Completed German and French translations
- Changed: The selected video overlay is now the same for Analysis and Overlaid video export
- Fixed: Wrong overlay aspect ratio for non-16:9 video frames when exporting video
- Fixed: A couple of upgrade issues
Jul 6, 2023
- Changed: Default Location API mode set to "Best”. This can be changed in Expert settings.
- Fixed: Allow selecting GPS time for digital displays
- Fixed: Time delta defaults again to two decimals
- Fixed: Digital gauge value font scaling
- Fixed: Disappearing seek bar
Jun 28, 2023
- Real lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration and lean angle channels calculated from IMU data. Supported IMUs are the phone’s internal sensors, as well as RaceBox Mini / Mini S. When using the internal sensors, the phone needs to be on a holder for the whole duration of the session.
- New video overlay editor with much more configurability.
- Renewed analysis screen with X/Y graph
Dec 16, 2022
- Fixed: Tyre temperature gauge glitch when used with Alsense sensors
- Fixed: Memory leak in analysis Analysis screen
Nov 2, 2022
- Added: Remote control support for GoPro HERO 11
- Added: Official support for Alsense ALS Tire BLE tire temperature sensor
- Fixed: Allow multi-line comments in AIM .CSV imports
- Fixed: Broken lap timing metadata in .VBO exports
- Fixed: Export queue reported erroneous “No data to export” when exporting items from multiple sessions or when the queue was opened from the main screen
Sep 7, 2022
- Fixed: Crash when importing GoPro sensor data from more than one video file at once
Aug 26, 2022
- Fixed: GoPro sensor data could not be imported when selecting file from the Photos app (since v7.6.1)
- Fixed: Video files were not always downloaded with full resolution from the iCloud Photos
Aug 22, 2022
- Fixed: GoPro remote control feature works properly again on GoPro 9 and 10, and video file downloads are faster and more reliable
- Fixed: Too low remaining storage space reported by the video preview screen
- Added: Possibility to add narrower traps (10 and 15 meters)
- Added: Photos app picker is now used in Import screen for iOS 14 and later
- Added: Feature to delete ‘My RaceChrono’ account from the app
- Added: Wheel Turtle temperature sensors now officially supported
Jun 20, 2022
- Fixed: RaceBox mini accuracy channel magnitude
- Fixed: Possible crash when opening a session
- Fixed: Missing translations
Apr 7, 2022
- Added: Convenience button for registering an account
- Added: Configurable video fade in and out for video export
- Added: Better names for exported files
- Removed: Non-functional video quality setting
- Fixed: Crash when trying to pick files from Photos app for importing
Mar 4, 2022
- Added support for RaceBox Mini
- Added custom channels imported from .VBO files
- Improved Import screen
- Various fixes and other improvements
Dec 17, 2021
- Fixed: Broken text editors
Nov 19, 2021
- Improved: Connections now recover when Bluetooth is turned off and on again
- Fixed: Time delta shows zero after new best lap (since v7.4.1)
- Fixed: GoPro import may link the video file to a wrong time
- Fixed: GoPro import problem with accelerometer and gyroscope data
- Fixed: Zombie files may be left behind after importing
- Fixed: Missing video file selection in Analysis screen
Nov 5, 2021
- Added Bluetooth LE Monitor API for the RaceChrono DIY device
- Fixed: Issues with standing starts
- Fixed: Issues with reference laps
- Fixed: Problem with multi-frame OBD-II responses
- Fixed: Many other bugs
Jul 12, 2021
- Added new CSV v3 export format with more elaborate column headers
- Added export for Z1 Analyzer
- Added battery level indicator for multiple different type of sensors
- Added accelerometer and gyroscope data for GoPro sensor data import
- Improved: VBO export column names
- Improved: Nicer format for the solution in the Custom Channel Editor
- Fixed: Inverted accelerometer readings to match other platforms
- Fixed: Many bugs
May 20, 2021
- Fixed: Crash when resolving device delay
- Fixed: The last "in lap" was not displayed in the lap list
- Fixed: Incomplete laps displayed as 0:00.00 in Analysis screen drop downs
- Fixed: Missing rounding in live lap timer
Apr 24, 2021
- Fixed: Videos from Tesla Track Mode exported in invalid resolution
Apr 22, 2021
- Fixed: OBD-II connection initialisation failed sometimes
- Fixed: Export failed if source video files did not have audio (such as Tesla Track Mode video files)
Apr 10, 2021
- Fixed: Many bugs
Mar 26, 2021
- Added support for OBDLink CX
- Added importing for Tesla Track Mode (.csv), iRacing telemetry (.ibt), and AIM Data Logger files (.csv)
- Added 5 Hz support for Transystem GL-770
- Added many new custom channel names
- Improved: OBD-II custom channel PIDs (requests) are now allowed up-to 8 bytes in length
Feb 8, 2021
- Added remote control support for GoPro 9
- Added support for Bluetooth Smart LNS -standard
- Added analysis adjustment for GPS position shift
- Added analysis adjustment for device delay
- Added “OBD-II response prefix” field to channel editor
- Added support for lean angle in importing .VBO files
- Improved Vehicle profile’s test connection and live data
Sep 28, 2020
- Fixed: Another Audio/Video codec failure when exporting a session with more than two source video files
- Fixed: Speed delta channel was not selectable for analysis
Sep 23, 2020
- Fixed: Audio/Video codec failure when exporting a session with more than two source video files
- Fixed: Playback was muted in "Silent mode"

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