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Sleep Bar Description
This is a health management app that combines sleep, music, stories and meditation. It manages and monitors your sleep, providing you with the best sleep music, bedtime stories and meditation exercises for free, helping you find calm, concentration, clarity and happiness in a complex world.

【Applicable people】
- Have sleep problems and urgent needs to improve sleep quality
- Pay attention to your sleep and physical and mental health
- Love music and melody
- Relaxation, concentration and meditation practice
- Self-adjustment of stress, anxiety, and negative emotions
- Develop good sleep habits
- Students with stress of examination
- Office workers with high work pressure
- People suffering from insomnia due to internal and external factors

#Sleep monitor#
- Get rid of the foreign body feeling worn by the wearable device
- Monitor and analyze sleep data by scientific methods
- Generate a visualized daily report and comprehensive assessment of sleep quality
- Understand your sleep habits, manage sleep personally
- Monitor sleep state intelligently, sleep music will be stopped automatically after you falling asleep

#Sleep music#
- A selection of high-definition sounds of nature: waves, rain, bonfires, meandering streams, etc., which make it possible for you to breathe with nature, and relax the mind
- High quality light music helps you sleep, shorten the time to fall asleep and improve sleep quality
- α wave and white noise will relieve fatigue and increase deep sleep time effectively

#Wake up alarm clock#
- Smoothing alarm clock gives you a good mood for the day

#Dream record#
- Capture and record nighttime dreams and buzz accurately
- Replay and share your dreams, and communicate with your friends about your nighttime sleep

#Meditation and concentration#
- Relax your brain, neck, back, arms, wrists, please relax your body
- Follow the music to practice meditation and find your inner peace
- Release stress, regulate negative emotions, and benefit your body and mind
- Improve concentration, organize thoughts, and keep your mind clear

【User experience】
Office workers: I’m under heavy work pressure during these days, being busy all the day and having a very short lunch break. I can only take this poor quality break in office under a noisy environment and really suffer in the afternoon. Now listening to the lullaby provided, I can fall asleep in ten minutes, it’s really amazing!
-- by momo

Students: I’m a senior student in high school and the academic work is arduous. Sometimes I am very tired and sleepy during the day.However, I can't fall asleep at night. My mind is full of troubles about college entrance examination when I lie down, but when I listen to the recommended music, it helps me relax my mind till I fall asleep unconsciously. Then I wake up the next day and feel recovered very well.
-- by Vincy

Insomniac: I had tried many methods, but the sleep state has been very unstable. I don’t have expectations about the sleep aid app, which I thought it was just a psychological comfort. Surprisingly, listening to music can help me fall asleep. I just focus on the music itself and don’t think about the sleep, it proved to be very effective. I will continue to use this app definitely.
-- by a patient with severe insomnia

【Contact us】
If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you!
Sleep Bar 2.0.0 Update
2019-11-25 Version History
1. New 【homepage】 designing
2. Sleep reports optimized:【Sleep Better】feature added
3.【Sleep Sound Sharing】 feature added:find out what sound you make overnight
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113.6 MB
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