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The last thing any of us want to do right before falling asleep is math. Yet, every night we are forced to calculate what time to set our alarms for, taking into account what time we need to be at work/school, how long it will take to get there, and what has to be done in the morning before leaving. Clockulate makes this process completely painless!

Clockulate is a novel type of alarm clock app, that can calculate your alarm time based on what time you need to arrive (eg. work/school), and how long any morning tasks will take (eg. walking the dog, going to the gym).


Simply choose an arrival time, add some tasks along with their durations, and watch your alarm time automatically update to reflect the additional time required in the morning. Tasks can easily be modified with different durations (eg. if you only plan on doing a short workout, instead of a full one tomorrow), and can easily be reordered to reflect the real-life sequence you will be performing them. Moreover, tasks can be enabled/disabled with a single tap to include/exclude them from the alarm calculation (eg. you’re going to completely skip the work out tomorrow).

It can also be helpful to see how many hours of sleep you’re going to get as you are setting your alarm. Clockulate displays this calculation by default, but it can be hidden if you prefer not to know :P

By upgrading to Clockulate Pro, you can also view the times you will be starting each task, which is especially useful to quickly find out what time you need to leave your house in order to arrive on time.

To further simplify this pre-bedtime chore, you can save your frequently-used alarm configurations, and enabled/disable them without having to even worry about setting an arrival time or task list. For example, maybe you have have an early class on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, but the other days have later starts - you can dedicate a saved alarm configuration for this type of day.

You can also set your alarm time directly (the classic way), if you prefer (eg. if you just want to take a nap for a couple hours). In Classic mode, Clockulate will ignore your arrival time and morning tasks, and just set the alarm to what you tell it.

Alarms will wake you up gently by fading the sound in slowly, rather than blasting the sound at full volume.

Snooze and turn off alarms directly from your alarm notification, without having to open the app. In addition, you can customize your snooze period for each alarm to your liking (anywhere from 1 - 20 minutes).

View helpful statistics about your night's sleep, including how long it was, the amount of time you spent awake, and the number of disturbances detected.

Disturbances are recorded, at most every 5 minutes (configurable), which can provide unique insights on what types of noises wake you up overnight (eg. dog, parter). This feature can also reveal snoring and/or sleep-talking habits!

Recordings are only stored locally on your device, and are absolutely never shared with advertisers or any other 3rd party. You can configure Clockulate to record less/more frequently, if you wish. Furthermore, recordings can be deleted at any time if you find they are taking up too much space on your device.

Clockulate comes with a large selection of professionally created alarm tones, which can be expanded further by upgrading to Clockulate Pro.
Clockulate 1.0.24 Update
2019-10-07 Version History
- Removed 3rd party ads
- Minor UI changes
- Squashed some bugs
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56.4 MB
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Roderick Dunn
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