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About Shadowrocket

Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad.

- Capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to the proxy server.
- Record and display HTTP, HTTPS, DNS requests from your iOS devices.
- Configure rules using domain match, domain suffix, domain keyword, CIDR IP range, and/or GeoIP lookup.
- Measure traffic usage and network speed on WiFi, cellular, direct and proxy connections.
- Import rule files from URL or iCloud Drive.
- Block ads by domain, user agent rules.
- Local DNS Mapping.
- Work on cellular networks.
- Decrypt HTTPS traffic.
- Perform URL rewrite.
- Fully IPv6 supports.
- Script filter supports.
- Multi-level forward proxy.
- Support kcptun, cloak, gost, v2ray plugins.
- Support DNS over HTTTPS, DNS over TLS, DNS over QUIC.
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Was ist neu in der neuesten Version 2.2.40

Last updated on Nov 27, 2023
Alte Versionen
* fix today widget servers fail to load issue
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Version History
Nov 27, 2023
* fix today widget servers fail to load issue
Nov 24, 2023
* fix URL-REGEX rule parse issue
* fix TLS sniffer SNI rule match issue
* fix Today widget server reload issue
* fix DNS over HTTPS URL issue
* fix XTSL-RPRX-VISION numberOfPacketToFilter issue

Nov 17, 2023
* add MiTM TLS ECC cert supports
* add Hysteria PinSHA256 supports
* add Hysteria2 bandwidth down settings
* fix config file extend issue
* fix DNS result issue
* fix DNS server close issue
* fix Hysteria session fail to close issue
* fix Hysteria2 UDP relay fast open issue
* fix invalid IPv6 URL parse issue
* fix large number IP-CIDR rules parse issue
* fix mux socket connect timeout issue
* fix ping result layout issue
* fix rule match policy issue
* fix Socks5 backend state machine issue
* fix subscribe server update issue
* fix invisibility table view reload issue
* fix test stream time issue
* fix TUIC close code parse issue
* fix TUIC payload write timeout issue
* fix UDP relay close issue
* fix WireGuard config file parse issue
* fix WireGuard DNS query issue
* fix WireGuard local route issue
* fix XTLS-RPRX-VISION-UDP443 parse issue
* increase idle timeout to 30s for UDP relay
Sep 28, 2023
* Fixed the issue of Shadowrocket crashing on iOS 14 or earlier versions.
Sep 27, 2023
* Fixed Shadowrocket crashing on older iOS versions.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your valuable testing and feedback. 
Your contributions have played an essential role in the development and improvement of our product. 
Your dedication and willingness to provide feedback have helped us identify areas for enhancement and ensure a better user experience.
Sep 26, 2023
* Added support for Hysteria2
* Added support for Juicity
* Fixed the Clash pre-shared-key parse issue
* Fixed the DNS over HTTP3 cleanup issue
* Fixed the DNS query prefer IPv6 issue
* Fixed the Hysteria URL parse issue
* Fixed the muxplex socket write issue
* Fixed the QR code scan issue
* Fixed the issue with specific multiple IP addresses
* Fixed the issue with updating the subscribe server
* Fixed the TUIC URL format issue
* Fixed the UDP socket idle timeout issue
* Fixed the WireGuard packet send issue
Aug 30, 2023
* fix clash TUIC version parse issue
* fix clash VMess HTTP host parse issue
* fix global routing scene lookup issue
* fix HTTP request script body issue
* fix Hysteria YAML parse issue
* fix QUIC connection close issue
* fix TUIC URL parse issue
* fix VMess json URL parse issue
* fix VMess URL alpn arguments issue
Jul 6, 2023
* add TUIC V5 supports
* fix Clash YAML parse issue
* fix Hysteria UDP relay issue
* fix IP-CIDR6 save issue
* fix proxy type switch issue
* fix remote config file issue
* fix UDP proxy pass issue
* fix UDP relay host resolve issue
* fix URL auto close issue
* fix URL rewrite server match issue
Jun 18, 2023
* fix config server parse issue
* fix I18N string issue
* fix script http headers issue
* fix server multiple port parse issue
* fix subscribe server update cache issue
* fix system user agent issue
* fix TLS backend issue
* fix URL request user agent issue
May 30, 2023
* fix HTTP request user agent issue
* fix TLS Punycode SNI parse issue
* fix TLS SNI empty issue
* fix VMess h2 Host parse issue
May 26, 2023
* add VLESS reality supports
* add Chrome 110 TLS fingerprint
* fix clash YAML parse issue
* fix DNS query timeout issue
* fix GRPC service name parse issue
* fix IP-CIDR rule order issue
* fix Naive HTTPS handshake issue
* fix On-Demand save issue
* fix policy group subscribe server issue
* fix server url parse issue
Apr 27, 2023
* fix clash YAML null parse issue
* fix DNS query timeout issue
* fix IP-CIDR zero mask issue
* fix local ip forward issue
* fix MITM backend read issue
* fix script response binary body issue
* fix script rule match issue
* fix shadow-tls version choose issue
* fix VLESS URL parse issue
* fix WireGuard handshake issue
Mar 28, 2023
* fix vless xtls parse issue
* fix shadow-tls v3 parse issue
Mar 26, 2023
* fix shadowsocks issue
* fix test method issue
Mar 24, 2023
* fix DNS over QUIC flush issue
* fix HTTP2 URL parse issue
* fix keyboard hide issue
* fix server save issue
* fix server URL parse issue
* fix shadow-tls handshake issue
* fix subscribe server update issue
* fix VLESS proxy pass issue
* fix XTLS URL parse issue
Mar 13, 2023
* add update subscription shortcut
* add wireguard backend supports
* add xtls-rprx-vision flow
* fix 2022-blake3-aes-256-gcm multi issue
* fix clash grpc host parse issue
* fix cron script running issue
* fix host rule parse issue
* fix HTTP2 ipv6 host issue
* fix hysteria error issue
* fix IP-CIDR parse issue
* fix logical rule match issue
* fix network interface reassert issue
* fix port range parse issue
* fix proxy server prefer ipv6 issue
* fix QUIC socket reconnect issue
* fix QUIC window size issue
* fix regex rule policy issue
* fix reject HTTP header date issue
* fix reject URL update issue
* fix reload button layout issue
* fix rule match server issue
* fix server update and refresh issue
* fix shadowsocks udp relay issue
* fix socks udp associate issue
* fix subscribe server update button issue
* fix TLS SNI parse issue
* fix UNICODE domain parse issue
* fix VMess HTTP status issue
* fix VMess JSON parse issue
* fix VMess QUIC ALPN issue
* fix WebSocket HTTP status parse issue
* fix xtls-rprx-direct parse issue
Dec 9, 2022
* fix DNS cache prefer IPv6 issue
* fix fallback-dns-server system issue
* fix hysteria session handshake issue
* fix MITM TLS sni parse issue
* fix network interface change issue
* fix script match order issue
* fix server TLS no SNI issue
* fix trojan url parse issue
* fix TUIC unidirectional data write issue
Dec 4, 2022
* fix chain socket server issue
* fix dns over http/1.1 issue
* fix dns over tls issue
* fix dns query fallback issue
* fix http pipeline rule match issue
* fix hysteria multiple port issue
* fix hysteria session fast open issue
* fix proxy stream close issue
* fix script $done issue
* fix shadow-tls handshake issue
* fix tls allow insecure issue
* fix trojan url parse issue
Nov 21, 2022
* add Chrome 107 tls fingerprint
* add server folder supports
* fix $request.body read and write issue
* fix DNS avaiable check issue
* fix MITM cert lookup issue
* fix module share issue
* fix proxy group ping result update issue
* fix QUIC session write issue
* fix rule match server issue
* fix search result display issue
* fix server folder issue
* fix socks backend read issue
* fix subscribe server filter issue
* fix TCP rule match issue
Nov 6, 2022
* fix system DNS server parse issue
Nov 6, 2022
* fix fallback-dns-server issue
* fix HTTP2 session crash issue
* fix I18N strings issue
* fix module edit issue
* fix script file edit dark mode issue
* fix search result display issue
* fix subscribe server update issue
* fix TCP url rule match issue
* fix TUIC url parse issue
* fix VPN user stop issue

Nov 3, 2022
add $utils.ipasn method
add proxy share notification
add shadow-tls plugin
add tls fingerprint supports
fix rule proxy server lookup issue
fix brook ws path parse issue
fix chain socket socks proxy issue
fix dns fail to resolve issue
fix dns socket disuse issue
fix group policy lookup issue
fix http2 session ack issue
fix moderated policy mechanism issue
fix module url parse issue
fix mux session network usage issue
fix naiveproxy padding issue
fix script async cleanup issue
fix script message json parse issue
fix server alpn save issue
fix server host punycode issue
fix server regex match issue
fix shadowsocks 2022 identity headers issue
fix socks5 backend parse issue
fix subscribe server update issue
fix tcp connect timeout issue
fix test stream read length issue
fix tuic heartbeat send issue
fix utun dns forward issue
Sep 22, 2022
* fix qrcode image share issue
Sep 21, 2022
* fix MUX session window issue
* fix appearance set issue
* fix host assign IP issue
* fix rule file reload issue
* fix script DNS log issue
* fix server select issue
* fix shadowsocksr encode issue
* fix TLS default ALPN issue
* fix TUIC heartbeat send issue
Sep 5, 2022
* fix TLS Client Hello handshake issue
* fix pasteboard content parse issue

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