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DupliPose Description
DupliPose is an iPhone app with RepliPose unique screen outlines (templates) to create reproducible and standardized before and after photos. Images are useful to monitor plastic surgery, weight loss, beauty modifications and other changes to the face, breast and body. It can also be used for before and after images of a transformation including remodeling, temporal (or seasonal), scene or environmental changes, etc.
Too often, before and after photographs are taken using inconsistent or strained poses. In many instances this is due to discreetly taking one’s own “selfie” in order to avoid having someone else take these potentially embarrassing photos. The necessity of holding the camera or the timed delay between the initial and final photographs may produce distortion that makes it difficult to assess the true modifications that have occurred. Our unique software uses RepliPose templates that allow the model to similarly position their face, body or breasts with or without the need for a photographer. Privacy is permitted and modesty is protected. Using either the DupliPose forward facing camera (with the mobile light) or the rear facing camera to permit viewing of the imaging screen along with the delayed shutter option, the model no longer has to hold the camera.
DupliPose is an excellent tool to record your before and after appearances whether you’re undergoing plastic surgery, weight loss, a cosmetic makeover, hairstyle alteration, personal training, bodybuilding, or any other change. It is also great for demonstrating improvements following remodeling, decorating, or other alterations in a physical structure. Alternatively, it can show an identical subject in different environments or settings.
While primarily intended for documenting anatomical changes, it can be used to capture inanimate or any other object or subject. 

DISCLAIMER: Please consult with your physician or health care professional prior to utilizing this program as a diagnostic or therapeutic tool. These photographs are for entertainment and general purposes only and do not establish a doctor-patient relationship and should not be used as the only device to guide or monitor your progress. Mobile phones may present a distorted view of actual dimensions and therefore more accurate medical photography equipment should be utilized for this purpose. Utilizing this as your only record or failing to comply with your doctor's advice may result in adverse or undesirable outcomes. Prior to implementation, the end user acknowledges and accepts that this app and the subsequent recording and transmission of personal information is not HIPAA compliant and no implied or expressed assurances of security or privacy are provided. Use is solely at the discretion of the individual employing the application.
For images captured in landscape mode (horizontal camera orientation), the final comparison photo will be in portrait (vertical orientation) with the “before/first” image on top and “after/second” image on the bottom.
For images captured in portrait mode (vertical camera orientation), the final comparison photo will be in landscape (horizontal orientation) with the “before/first” image on the left and “after/second” image on the right.
***Make sure Camera ROTATION LOCK IS OFF***
Take photos using built in mobile cameras:
Front facing (with light) or back camera (with visible screen)
RepliPose templates:
Face/Head (6), Breast/Chest/Torso (6), Body (6), Genitalia (2). Photo grids viewfinder guides (3)
Adjustable timer for delayed shutter activation
Ability to activate camera flash
Purchase Full access to remove watermark
DupliPose 1.5 Update
2018-12-17 Version History
- performance improvement
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13.8 MB
Release Date:
Otto Placik MD
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