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Easy Guide For Microsoft Excel Description
Microsoft Excel is the most widely used and popular spreadsheet application used the World over. It has hundreds of features and functions designed to make your daily life easy but these take a while to master and remember!

This app with it's 600+ Easy to follow video tutorial lessons is designed to quickly get you up to speed.

Take control of all your financial planning and learn just what you can get out of Microsoft Excel

App features:
** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes.
** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group.
** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating
** Search by title or notes
** View by favourites or rating
** View by history the last ten played or visited videos

Lessons include
MS Excel - FormattingMS Excel - Tabs GroupsMS Excel - Speak CellsMS Excel - Editing DataMS Excel - Text to ColumnsMS Excel - Cell ReferenceMS Excel - Characteristics of CellMS Excel - BasicsMS Excel - CommentsMS Excel - Working with WorksheetsMS Excel - IntroductionMS Excel - Flash FillMS Excel - Create Close FilesMS Excel - VLookup with TrimMS Excel - Adjusting worksheetMS Excel - VLookup RulesMS Excel - Custom ViewMS Excel - AND FunctionMS Excel - Viewing WorksheetsMS Excel - Protect CellsMS Excel - Maths TrigonometryMS Excel - Nested IFMS Excel - Compare Two SheetsMS Excel - Advanced FillMS Excel - Not and If ErrorMS Excel - VLookup Approximate MatchMS Excel - Date Functions Part 1MS Excel - Date Functions Part 3MS Excel - Index FunctionMS Excel - Copying and FillingMS Excel - Date Functions Part 2MS Excel - IF FunctionMS Excel - Name Range with FormulasMS Excel - Text FunctionsMS Excel - Name RangeMS Excel - Lookup FunctionMS Excel - Count FunctionsMS Excel - Lookup Full RecordMS Excel - Logical TestMS Excel - Fill SeriesMS Excel - VLookup with Exact MatchMS Excel - View Files Side by SideMS Excel - Protect WorkbookMS Excel - Match FunctionMS Excel - Protect SheetMS Excel - H-LookupMS Excel - Basic FormulasMS Excel - Auditing ToolsMS Excel - Statistical FunctionsMS Excel - Protect FileMS Excel - Hyperlink to FileMS Excel - Hyperlink to SheetMS Excel - Hyperlink to WebpageMS Excel - Print Page SetupMS Excel - Header FooterMS Excel - Basic TableMS Excel - Data SortingMS Excel - Design a Column Chart Part1MS Excel - Advanced FiltersMS Excel - Spark Line ChartMS Excel - Pivot ChartMS Excel - SubtotalMS Excel - Pivot Table Example 1MS Excel - Column ChartMS Excel - Pivot Table Example 2MS Excel - Pivot Table Example 3MS Excel - Consolidation ExtendedMS Excel - Pivot Table SliceMS Excel - Design a Column Chart Part2MS Excel - Insert ObjectsMS Excel - Conditional Formatting Part 1MS Excel - Advanced Conditional FormattingMS Excel - Pie Bar Column Line ChartMS Excel - Data ValidationMS Excel - XY Scatter ChartMS Excel - Data Validation Error AlertMS Excel - Shortcuts F1 to F12MS Excel - Import Live Data From WebMS Excel - Hyperlink to UpdateMS Excel - Dependent Dropdown ListMS Excel - Shortcuts Single KeyMS Excel - Shortcuts Alt Single KeyMS Excel - Conditional Formatting Part 2MS Excel - Shortcuts ShiftF1 to ShiftF12MS Excel - Shortcuts CtrlA to CtrlZMS Excel - Shortcuts ShiftSingle KeyMS Excel - Shortcuts Ctrl Shift Single KeyMS Excel - Shortcuts AltA to AltZMS Excel - Create ObjectsMS Excel - Shortcuts CtrlSingle KeyMS Excel - Shortcuts CtrlShiftF1 to CtrlShiftF12MS Excel - Shortcuts Ctrl Shift Special CharactersMS Excel - Pivot Table TimelineMS Excel - Shortcuts CtrlF1 to CtrlF12MS Excel - Filtering DataMS Excel - Shortcuts Ctrl Special CharactersMS Excel - Shortcuts CtrlShiftA To CtrlShiftZMS Excel - Pivot Table GroupingMS Excel - Advanced TableMS Excel - Consolidation
Easy Guide For Microsoft Excel 2.5 Update
2019-06-12 Version History
The content has had a major update and now there is much more to learn.
Now with over 600 Video Guides this app will assist you to learn everything you need to know about Excel
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Tony Walsh
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