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Emoji Wars: Cyber Shooter

Emoji Wars: Cyber Shooter

Top-down sci-fi battle

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Emoji Wars: Cyber Shooter Description
In this top-down shooter, you take the role of Bob, the baby-genius, to infiltrate the networks of the mega-corporations. Shoot the enemy cyber-agents, disguised as different emojis as they work in, and guard the mega-corporations networks.

Look around you in real-life. Everyone is looking at their phones and other devices, not seeing anything else. They are too busy playing with Social Media and the likes. Likes of Smileys and other Emojis. The mega-corporations have turned people into digital zombies, lolling at videos of others playing games or videos of people watching videos of people watching videos. Have we all gone crazy or what has happened?

The baby geniuses, Bob and Alice, believe they have uncovered the secret. Global mega-corporations are feeding us with all the social media, apps, and other distractions. Collecting every bit of information about us, using this to guide as through hyper-targeted advertising, and selling us things we never knew existed or needed (fidget spinners..?).

They have further designed advanced artificial intelligence systems to analyze this big data trove, gain insights, and let nations, corporations, and people use these to do micro-targeted influencing campaigns to boost their power. Better up the power on those tin-foil hats. Thats what Bob and Alice realized and did.

Now is your chance to help mankind regain its humanity by helping Bob and Alice to infiltrate the networks of the mega-corporations and pilfer their secret data-stashes, uncovered the hidden connections and links to the 0.1% that rule the world through all these platforms and services.

Bob and Alice have studied the most advanced concepts of mathematics, physics, computer science, and more, in their basement fortress. Using advanced quantum computing technology they built themselves, they have managed to hack into the network of the first mega-corporation. The G-corporation. Using their custom-built virtual-reality system, Bob is ready to take on the artificial intelligence systems operating and guarding the networks. Alice stays behind as the operator to perform the hack and help Bob who immerses in the virtual-reality to capture encryption keys and distract the agents.

The custom built system of Alice and Bob includes a blaster that can be used to infect the enemy agents with malware, crippling and finally destroying them. It can also be used to infect the databanks in the different network nodes. Bob must avoid and fight the agents while infecting all databanks on each level to allow for Alice to hack the node and find the elements of the encryption keys needed to take over the network node.

The game features (among all other cool things..):
-Numerous levels to play, each with their own high-score to go for
-Boss levels to beat the major agents
-Progressively harder levels, each network node consisting of 3 different levels
-Defences to beat such as firewalls that burn you, doors that block access, gates allowing only one-way passage, and so on
-Each level within a node building on the previous one
-Puzzles to solve, using operations such as
--combinations of pressure plates,
--capturing the route to control buttons,
--moving level objects to help or hinder you
--blasting your way through
-Automated or manual targeting to allow for easier battles or environment interactions
-Collectable cryptocurrency (Bitnuts) for the in-game shop
-Upgradeable blaster power and cooling power
-EMP pulse bombs to blast everything near you. With a cool effect, of course.
-Shields to protect you from the enemies
-Cute babies (Bob and Alice, of course)
-Plenty of smileyes and emojis
-Therapeutic shooting of too many emojis, fidget spinners and the likes

Remember. Any Resemblance to Actual Persons, Corporations, Organizations, Movies, or other Entities, Living or Dead, is Purely Coincidental. Of course it is. *SMILEY* :)

Now take the blue pill and enter the network.
Emoji Wars: Cyber Shooter 1.1 Update
2017-11-21 Version History
Reduced difficult by making emojis spawn less and move slower, added operator info msg on powerbanks
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52.2 MB
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