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Mar 12, 2024
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About Retro Bowl College

The official spin-off of the smash hit RETRO BOWL takes you back to the old-school. If you thought managing a Pro Team was a challenge - you've seen nothing yet!

Make a name for yourself as a winning Head Coach for one of 250 College teams. Manage tight budgets and encourage your hotheaded young players to keep their eye on the ball when they're surrounded by the temptations and distractions of College life. Can you tell the difference between the next Pro Football superstar and the party animal who doesn't know when to quit? Can you foster their talents and help them make the Draft? Can you turn your school into the greatest Football College of all time?
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Quoi de neuf dans la dernière version 0.9.2

Last updated on Mar 12, 2024
Vieilles Versions
- Fix for older versions of iOS such as 12.5.7
- Fix for a crash when cutting a player via a dilemma
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Version History
Mar 12, 2024
- Fix for older versions of iOS such as 12.5.7
- Fix for a crash when cutting a player via a dilemma
Feb 9, 2024
- Fix for an issue where being the #1 ranked team could reduce the Head Coach rating.
- Fix for an issue where the message explaining that there is no postseason for the 'Academic' conference could be shown repeatedly.
- Introduced a way to continue playing on a career where Editor data had become irretrievably corrupted.
Feb 5, 2024
•GPA now increases more quickly when players are Benched, Injured, or Suspended.
•GPA-boosting meetings with the Academic Tutor are now more effective.
•GPA-boosting Dilemma choices are now more effective.
•No need to bench players during a Bye Week - all players will be boosted as if they were Benched.
•Players' GPA increases slightly during the off-season.
•Slight reduction in how quickly GPA decreases when Hard Training is active.
•Resolved an issue where players could still be suspended but the Academic Tutor would refuse to help them.

•Changes to the Rankings Poll to reduce cases where your team's ranking could drop severely during the off-season.
•Fix for an issue where the Rankings for your previous team could be applied to your new team after taking a new coaching job.
•Changes to the Rankings Poll to stop Bye Weeks causing large swings.
•Various other changes to improve the Rankings Poll.
•Postgame Rankings summary now shows the previous week's Ranking.

•The OF/DF strengths of all MINOR teams are reduced when you are playing as a MAJOR team.
•The OF/DF strengths of all MAJOR teams are increased when you are playing as a MINOR team.
•Dynamic Difficulty levels 12 to 16 are now unlocked if you win the MAJOR or MINOR championship games.
•Resolved issues where the Head Coach rating was not being increased - this should lead to an increase in the frequency of Job Offers at the end of a season.
•Reduced the likelihood of Offensive Linemen winning the Outstanding College Player of the Year award.
•Made it slightly less likely overall that player cut/rescue dilemmas will occur.

•Fix for purple colors appearing in the crowd.
•Fix for Suspended / Benched players picking up game day injuries.
•YOUR HISTORY tracker no longer records "conference finish" stats for Independent teams.
•Resolved an issue where you could start a career without having created proper data for the Y1 season.
•Improved allocation of Home/Away teams during the MINOR Playoffs.
Nov 7, 2023
- Fix for a bug where the Achievements total percentage did not reach 100%
- Fix for a bug in Overtime where you could choose to go for 1 point when it shouldn't be possible.
- New improved regular season schedule - this eliminates games against the same team during the same season, eliminates triple bye weeks, and improves the likelihood of games against traditional rivals. You may need to conclude active seasons for this to take effect.
- Fix for a the rankings being offset by one in the "Highest Rank" stats in YOUR HISTORY.
- Fix for the Major/Minor label being incorrect in the YOUR HISTORY area when changing teams and subdivision (errors may remain in older entries).
- Fix for a bug where athletes could end up in an impossible "contract expired" situation where they needed to be re-signed using Scholarship funds.
- The post-game Rankings summary now reflects the changes after the games which have just been completed, instead of being the same as before the game.
- Rankings are updated again for the end of the season after the Postseason 5 games have concluded.
- Independent team Kennesaw can now participate in the MINOR playoffs. You may need to conclude active seasons for this to take effect.
- Game type labels added to the pre-game screen.
- Higher ranked teams are now always placed on the right-hand side for neutral site games.
- "Neutral site" settings can now be deactivated in the Editor so that Postseason games can be Home/Away games.
- Clicking the post-game conference panel now does the same thing as VIEW again, rather than the same thing as CONTINUE.
- Added a counter to show CC winnings from prestigious games being added.
- Fix for a bug where you could use CC to boost players' GPA higher than the personal limitations.
- Debugging information removed from the message confirming that a Walk-on player has joined the team.
- Fix for error messages with codes 024C, 024M, 025C, 025M, 028C, 028M.
Oct 9, 2023
• 1-point conversions are now taken from the correct yard line.
• Fix for the "Perfect regular season" achievement not unlocking.
• Fix for flickering colors on player uniforms on the side of the field.
• Fix for the YOUR HISTORY conference placements and Rankings being offset by 1 (e.g. "0th" instead of "1st").
• Head Coach statistics no longer start with 10 games already played.
• Fix for completion stat being over 100%
• Fix for players' season/career stats mismatch.
• Edited Conference acronyms can now be 4 characters long instead of 3.
• Fix for a crash when entering the Rankings menu using a controller.
• Fix for the Head Coach name not appearing correctly in some Epilogues.
• Fix for the Awards not being formatted correctly in player CVs.
• Fix for incorrect links back to the Conference name editor when editing the "Atlantic Championship".
• Edited competition names no longer persist when re-using a deleted career slot.
• Fix for uniform related crashes in the pre-match screen.
• Fix for keyboard controls on MacBook (where available)
Sep 23, 2023
• Fix for a crash which could occur at the end of the season when finishing the Pro Draft.
• Fix for a crash which could occur after winning a notable game and which would persist over a 'Loading' message when reloading that save.
• Fix for a crash which could occur when accessing the Yearbook. (History data may be corrupted; this is being investigated)
• Fix for a crash which could occur when pressing the Head Coach card. (History data may be corrupted; this is being investigated)
• Fix for a crash which could occur when scrolling the Rankings.
Sep 21, 2023
• 12-man roster is now working properly.
• Boosting GPA above the Lift Suspension threshold with a Meeting makes the player available for the next game instead of the subsequent week's game.
• GPA no longer reduces in the same week if boosted from a Bye Week dilemma.
• Overtime possession order is now more realistic.
• Overtime periods are now numbered.
• Revoking scholarships during the Admissions process no longer reduces the morale of newly recruited Freshmen.
• VIEW button added to the main menu so that OVR stats can be checked.
• Arrows added to Conference screens for additional quick navigation.
• Postseason competition names are now shown in the game strip in the main menu.
• Teams qualifying for semifinal Bowls are now highlighted in the in the Major rankings.
• 15th team is no longer missing from the Conference table for Minor conference "LITTORAL".
• Unused Bowl names have been removed from the Editor.
• "Major" and "Minor" in the player profile are no longer affected by Editor entries.
• Fix for a crash when restoring recent backup saves.
• Performance optimisations for load times in the menus.
• "Loading" message added to longer loading instances.
Sep 18, 2023

Retro Bowl College FAQ

Retro Bowl College est disponible dans des régions autres que les pays restreints suivants:
Retro Bowl College prend en charge Anglais
Retro Bowl College contient des achats intégrés. Veuillez vérifier le plan tarifaire ci-dessous:
Unlimited Version
Coaching Credits x 500
Coaching Credits x 250
Coaching Credits x 100
Coaching Credits x 50
Cliquez ici pour savoir comment télécharger Retro Bowl College dans un pays ou une région restreints.
Consultez la liste suivante pour voir les exigences minimales de Retro Bowl College.
Nécessite iOS 9.0 ou version ultérieure.
Nécessite iPadOS 9.0 ou version ultérieure.
iPod touch
Nécessite iOS 9.0 ou version ultérieure.

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