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Geometryco Description
GEOMETRYCO (GEOMETRY COmpanion) is a simple but powerful application that will help you solve your exercises in Geometry and check your results.

It will probably become your best companion because :
       - It is at the same time a calculation tool with more than 100 functions and a handbook of more than 300 formulas
      - It does not require any internet connection. All calculations are done locally using your device
      - it accepts fractions as input data (1/3, -5/17 …)
      - Whenever possible(in most cases), it will give you an exact result using fractions and square roots with an approximate value

Here is the list of available functions :

+ Elementary Geometry :
      ⌊  Perimeter and Area of 2d shapes (Triangle, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Rhombus, Circle, Circular Sector)
      ⌊  Area and Volume of 3d shapes (Rectangular Parallelipiped, Sphere, Right Circular Cone, Frustum of a Right Circular Cone, Regular Triangular Pyramid, Circular Torus)
      ⌊  Triangle Calculations knowing the 3 sides (Angles, Heights, Medians, Angles Bisector, Radius of the incircle, Radius of the circumcircle)
      ⌊  Trapezoid Calculations knowing the 4 sides (Angles, Height, Median, Diagonals)
      ⌊  Trigonometry Calculations (sin, cos, tan, sec, cosec, cotan, arcsin, arcos, arctan)

+Analytic Geometry
      ⌊  Vector Calculus (Norm, Dot product, Cross Product, Mixed Product, Collinearity check, Orthogonality Check, Angle between two vectors, Gram-Schmidt)
      ⌊  Points (Cartesian to polar coordinates, polar to Cartesian coordinates, collinearity of 3 points, Midpoint, Barycenter of two points, Barycenter of three points, orthogonal projection onto a line, orthogonal projection onto a plane)
      ⌊  Equations of a line (Cartesian, parametric, polar, Cartesian to Parametric, Parametric to Cartesian, Cartesian to Polar, Polar to Cartesian)
      ⌊  Equations of a plane (Cartesian, parametric, Cartesian to Parametric, Parametric to Cartesian)
      ⌊  Distances (Between two points, From a point to a line, From a point to a plane, Between two lines, Between a line and a plane, Between two planes)
      ⌊  Triangle calculations knowing the coordinates of vertices (Length of sides, heights and medians, Cartesian equation of sides, heights and medians, Perimeter and area, Coordinates of the centroid, the orthocenter, the circumcenter and the incenter)

Disclaimer :
     Although the greatest possible care has been taken to design a useful tool that will help you every day, the absence of any error or inaccuracy cannot be guaranteed. The author therefore cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the use of data delivered by this tool.
Geometryco 1.2 Update
2016-02-17 Version History
application optimization and minor bug fix
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Aboukhalil BOUNIETE
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