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Handy Chinese APP, developed from the complete content of Chinese Picture Dictionary and the series of Happy Chinese, is a beginner tool designed for foreign users to learn Chinese.
Chinese Picture Dictionary contains 591 pictures and 1965 characters (besides, 694 traditional characters), covering all the characters of Level A and Level B in the National Syllabus of Graded Words and Characters for Chinese Proficiency and some other common words. In this dictionary, each prefix indicates knowledge of Chinese character such as radical, pronunciation, stroke order and so on, and all interpretation and examples have the corresponding Pinyin and English translation, which can help foreign users learn, understand and master Chinese knowledge in a detailed and intuitive way.
The Happy Chinese series of textbooks is compiled with reference to HSK Outline and YCT Outline with plenty of illustrations and photos. The content is rich and practical, and the form is vivid and interesting. Users can learn the use and expression of Chinese from five aspects: listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, and self-test and consolidate through exercises. After completing the first, second and third volumes of this series, the number of Chinese words and sentence patterns grasped by users will reach the first, second and third levels of HSK respectively.
Haidii together with the People's Education Press and the People’s Education Electronic & Audiovisual Press published the authoritative and legitimate Handy Chinese APP, which applies to all ages of Chinese learners. The software contains the original contents of the Chinese Picture Dictionary and Happy Chinese series of textbooks. Handy Chinese APP combines the use of checking Chinese characters and learning the knowledge of them, and includes multiple auxiliary functions like live voice pronunciation, Chinese character stroke animation, Chinese pronunciation scores, review plan, cloud collection, etc. These functions can effectively improve the efficiency of learning Chinese for foreign users and help them master authentic spoken Chinese and written expressions.
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