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iSchuetze Description
iSchuetze - Dry Fire Laser Practice for ISSF 10m Air Pistol

iSchuetze is a new sport app for the realistic dry fire practice with match air pistol according to ISSF rules in two drill modes - 40 Shots and 60 Shots.

With iSchuetze you can perform your practice in home environment with your own match air pistol (equipped with iSchuetze - red laser cartridge) or with any LTS pistol.

You can also exercise all necessary aspects of ISSF shooting such as aiming, pulling the trigger, trigger break etc. and get vizualized your shooting results in real time.

iSchuetze simulates the ISSF distance of 10 meters at a distance range from 3 to 10 meters. In this way you can perform drills even in the small rooms.

At the distances from 3 to 6 meters you can place your device in close proximity to your practice position. 

The graphical interface of iSchuetze is similar to the well known „electronic target“ interface and allows you to perform your practice in a simple and intuitive way.

What do you need to start your drill with iSchuetze:

1. iPhone 6s and higher or iPadPro and higher to ensure maximum performance. The use of older devices will work too but can cause weaker performance of the app.

2. Match air pistol equipped with the „iSchuetze red laser cartridge“ or other laser pistol (LTS pistol) such Hammerli, Disag or Feinwerkbau LTS pistol.

3. Optional tripod with an iOS device mount.

How iSchuetze works (Quick Start):

1. Open the app. Tap on „Print Targets“. Select the the target for desired distance you want to use for your drill. Save and print this target. Fix the printed target on the wall.

2. Tap on triangle in the control panel at the right side. You will be redirected to the target adjustment screen.

If you practice at the distances between 3 and 6 meters place your device close to you and aim the camera at the target on the wall.

Choose the target in use with the slider at the top (iPad) or at the left / right (iPhone). Zoom in if needed. If you experience issues with the autofocus please use the slider for manual focus at the bottom.

3. Tap on „Auto detect target“. The target on the device screen will be automatically aligned with the target on the wall. Reduce the distance between your device and the wall target if automatic alignment does not work.

4. Tap on white triangle at the right. You will be asked to make a few shots to perform the automatic camera calibration. Tap on „continue“ if ready. You will be redirected to the electronic correction screen. Please read the instruction how to perform the electronic correction and perform it if necessary. Сontinue to start your drill.

5. From now you have 60/90 Minutes to perform your 40/60 Shots. After the last shot you can start over if you fire the next one. Also you can tap on „statistics“ button and evaluate you results.

Important advice!

Please ensure the stable illumination while working with iSchuetze!
Avoid illumination changes and any movement between real target and device camera!
Remove reflecting objects from camera field view before you start iSchuetze!

Please read quick start manual ( „i“) before first use of iSchuetze.


iSchuetze does not support the infra-red laser devices.

iSchuetze was improved for iPhone 6s and higher or iPad Pro 1 and higher to ensure maximum performance. The use of older devices can cause weaker performance of the app.

For more details visit or send us an email at if you have questions. Your Shot Veryfier Team.
iSchuetze 1.6 Update
2019-06-24 Version History
1. New drill mode "60 shots" added.
2. Redesigning the "Print Targets" screen.
3. Added new types of targets.
4. It is now also possible to save all targets at once for later printing as a PDF file.
5. Added a new function and screen to calculate the placement height of the printed target.
6. Calibration process accelerated.
7. Electronic correction optimized. Now you can handle and drag the shot holes if they are outside the displayed area.
8. Added pause function in drill mode.
9. Review function after the last shot shot added.
10. Statistics screen improved.
The drill results can now be displayed as columns or curves over time, in addition to textual information and screenshots for each finished drill.
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