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Titan Quest HD スクリーンショット
Titan Quest HD ポスターTitan Quest HD ポスターTitan Quest HD ポスターTitan Quest HD ポスターTitan Quest HD ポスター
Titan Quest HD ポスターTitan Quest HD ポスターTitan Quest HD ポスターTitan Quest HD ポスターTitan Quest HD ポスター

About Titan Quest HD


Titan Quest(タイタンクエスト)は、2006年にPCで始めてリリースされた神話をモチーフとしたアクションRPGです。タイタンは刑務所から脱出した後、地球を破壊するためにやってきました。神でさえ一人では彼らを止めることができません。この壮大な戦いを率いる英雄が必要です。勝利か敗北か、それが人類とオリュンポスの神々の運命を決めるでしょう。



● タッチしやすい新しいインターフェース
● ゲームプレイ中にタッチしやすく完全再設計
● 高品質のグラフィック
● 巨大なオープンワールドを探索
● 一日フルサイクル
● 80種類以上の神話の登場キャラクター:ミーノータウロス、キュクロープス、ゴルゴーンなど
● 1200個以上のアイテム
● 30種類のキャラクターのクラス
● 150種類のキャラクタースキル
● 60時間以上遊べる壮大なプレイ時間
● 拡張できる難易度モード:あなたのスキルレベルに応じた武器や敵
● 数多くのアチーブメントを解除
● 広告なし、アプリ内購入もありません。

Titan Questは古代の神話とノンストップのアクションを融合したクラシックなハックアンドスラッシュゲームで、速くて激しいリズムがゲームプレイを活気づけます。スリル溢れるチャレンジを克服し、モバイル世界に侵入した過去最高の敵を打ちのめしましょう!

● Immortal Throne DLC の世界では、ギリシャ神話最強の悪者に遭遇します。また、ケルベロスの攻撃に勇敢に立ち向かい、ステュクス川のほとりを危険にさらします。盲目の予言者テイレシアスの予言を解釈し、アガメムノンとアキレスと一緒に戦い、そしてオデュッセウスの策略を利用してダークで新たな冒険をやり遂げていきます。
● Ragnarök DLC では北ヨーロッパの未知の土地にあるケルト人王国、北欧人、アスガルドの神々に立ち向かおう!
● Atlantis DLCでは、神話上のアトランティス王国を探すために探検家に会います。鍵は、フェニキアの都市ガディールにあると噂されている、ヘラクレスの日記に隠されていると思われます。タルタロスアリーナなど西地中海を横断する冒険の旅に出かけて戦いを続けます!
● ETERNAL EMBERS - 伝説の皇帝姚に呼び出された主人公は、東の地に向かうことになる。テルキンが倒された後、その地を荒廃させている魔の脅威を打ち倒すためだ。
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最新バージョン 3.0.5339 の更新情報

Last updated on 2024年04月30日
- Fixed main menu background couldn't be selected anymore
- Fixed flickering issues in some Eternal Embers areas
- Improved the orb shop to give information on why you can't buy an orb
- Fixed PS5 controller not being correctly identified
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Version History
- Fixed main menu background couldn't be selected anymore
- Fixed flickering issues in some Eternal Embers areas
- Improved the orb shop to give information on why you can't buy an orb
- Fixed PS5 controller not being correctly identified
- Fixed a random crash happening across all devices
- Fixed performance issues and graphic glitches in some areas
- Updated Asian fonts and fixed some texts
- Fixed controller issues in inventory
- Added French, German and Russian voiceover as an additional download to the audio settings
- Added optional download of assets for users who unlocked the chaos dungeons but didn't buy Eternal Embers to fix the problem of being stuck in the dungeons due to missing assets
- Big performance increase in certain areas and fights (depending on the device you are using)
- Fixed a possible issue of accidentally "selling" items outside of the merchant screen
- Adjusted random encounters
- Many other bug fixes and tweaks
- Fixed a possible crash when starting the game while having purchased but not installed all DLCs
- Probably fixed receiving Electrum without a curse
- Fixed a random crash when sorting the inventory
- Fixed quest files are increasing in size due to redundantly saved information
- Fixed missing floating numbers for experience points when killing an enemy
- Fixed random crashes at the game start and in the orb shop
- Fixed missing pre-/affixes for some items in specific languages
- Fixed that you can't buy orbs anymore
- Fixed missing icons and certain items when Eternal Embers isn't installed
- Fixed some cloud save issues
- Updated the splash screen
- Fixed the Electrum transmuter exploit
- Fixed a crash when fighting Barmanu
- Some other fixes and improvements
- Added Eternal Embers DLC as an additional purchase
- Added fog of war data to the cloud save
- Added additional difficulty level in the game options to increase the number of enemies and loot
- Various tweaks and optimizations
- Reverted a fix that prevented you from using items that should have needed the Ragnarok DLC. You will be able to use such items without the DLC again, now.
- Fixed some items falling through the floor
- Certain (charge) skills can't be canceled anymore when priority is set to "skill over movement" now
- Added saving of map scale and xp bar number setting
- Various other small fixes and tweaks
- Added UI scaling and transparency options (you can set different sizes for certain UI elements now)
- Added an optional skill button and you can now assign skills to the two potion slots
- You can now set different thresholds for health and mana potions
- Added stacked potions for faster buying
- Added FPS setting to the options to be able to limit your maximum frames (also added "show fps" setting)
- Changed cloud save to use CloudKit to make it compatible with the coming Apple TV version
- Added alternative control scheme for game pads (that lets you move and use skills at the same time - you can change it to your liking via a text file)
- Added option to decide over attack or movement priority
- Added option to deactivate enemy highlighting
- Reworked the menu to support all those additional options
- Changed DLC item handling: You now can pick up all items but won't be able to use them until you installed the required DLC
- Over 100 tweaks and fixes for controls, quests or general problems
- Added PS5 controller support (sorry that we have missed that)
- Polished some gamepad features like pet control or showing NPC names on the map
- Added settings for standard pet behavior and potion usage threshold in the options menu
- Fixed being too much zoomed in with a new character or the default setting
- Fixed not being able to talk to Wodan after "The Rescue" quest
- Fixed that cloud save couldn't be disabled when not being logged into game center
- Fixed some localization issues in Chinese
- Fixed a crash in the quest menu
- Added controller support for all compatible devices! It is possible to switch between touch and controller input on the fly!
- Added enemy highlighting effect from PC version
- Changed the attack button to show the currently used weapon
- Changed the XP bar design and now it can show the xp permanently
- Added subtitles to the cutscenes for the supported languages
- Added option to reset the player position in the pause menu
- Fixed NPC sound being broken after using fast game speed
- Fixed getting no gold when selling items at the Gambler
- Fixed zoom level not being saved (note: first start after the update will be zoomed in now)
- Fixed a freeze in the loading screen
- Many other fixes of bugs, crashes and quest/cloud save issues and general improvements
- Tweaked inventory management (item coloring, improved auto sorting, fast stashing, fixed scrolls could get lost)
- Changed attack handling so that you can cancel the attack by moving (but you have to keep holding attack now to complete an attack!)
- Changed targeting so that you can use certain skills even when no enemy is targeted
- Improved memory usage to make it run more stable on 1GB devices
- Fixed some quest related bugs
- Fixed problem with items that can't be picked up because they keep floating
- Reduced Typhon's life leech because he was too hard for tank/low dps characters
- Fixed/restored +10 Intelligence reward you get from defeating Mimer
- Adjust medium/low graphic settings to have more effect on the amount of particles and thus should give better performance
- Adjusted Cerberus fight area to use less particles and thus have better performance
- Fixed problem with DLC menu background being reset to the default background
- Merged latest PC code into the version (tweaks, fixes and balancing changes)
- Adjusted loot tables so that Aionios, Demonskin Walkers and other high level items can drop again
Fixed vanishing two handed items when inventory is full and that you can't see their stats
Added auto pickup options to include Potions and Relics (new setting in the options!)
Added game speed setting in the options
Restored function to show experience points over killed enemies
Fixed problem with not being able to unlock more caravan slots
Fixed problem with puncture shot and similar skills
Fixed a crash at first start
Continued tweaking the combat controls
Fixed a problem with vanishing relics
Improved targeting with ranged weapons
Fixed more notch and touch issues, especially on iPhone 12
Updated “fmod” sound engine (for crash fixes and optimizations)
Skills can now be cast on pets when selected on the left side first (you can also drag them on the pet like usual)
Removed speed up functionality completely for now since it could be activated accidentally
Removed controller detection since it could cause crashes (controller support is still work in progress and will be released once it is finished)
- skills now show their cooldown when you're out of mana
- fixed that buff duration could be shown behind the buff
- fixed typos and errors for displaying texts in certain languages
- improved cloud save handling
- improved handling of DLC downloads
- fixed that orbs at the gambler NPC could be bought without having enough money
- fixed a problem when loading an old savegame
- fixed some problems regarding the notch and touch areas
- more minor bug fixes
•新機能:スキルスロットの追加 - 3つの異なるスキルレイアウト間を循環できる新しいオプションがあります•新機能:ペットの制御 - ペットの行動を攻撃的、防御的、通常に設定できるようになりました
•新機能:プレイヤーの墓石 - プレイヤーは、死亡時に墓石をドロップするようになりました。この墓石とインタラクトすると、失われた経験値を取り戻すことができます
•新機能:インベントリソートボタン - インベントリの新しいボタンは、さまざまな方法でアイテムを自動ソートします

Fixed some more random crashes
Fixed invisible chromatic staff
Fixed a crash at start related to game center
Minor text layout fixes
Fixed a random crash at start up
- Fixed zooming problems on the world map and inventory screen
- Fixed some merchants not selling bows anymore
- Fixed pausing issues with tutorial popups
- Enabled Asian letters for the character name
- Fixed doors in the Temple of Hatshepsut and Tomb of Khufu not opening anymore
- Fixed some corrupted item names
- The game now pauses during tutorial popups
- Fixed control issues with Enslave Spirit skill
- Fixed a crash with plague skill and active display damage option
- Fixed Typhon being too strong after the last update
- Fixed some random crashes
- Fixed Chinese language getting corrupted after some time
- Fixed random crash when creating a character on Chinese system language
- Added equipped items updating correctly in inventory when usage depends on the current character stats
- Minor text fixes
- Fixed Typhon not spawning anymore
- Added item background colors for equipped items and in the merchant inventory

Titan Quest HD 価格


Titan Quest HD FAQ

Titan Quest HDは、以下の国または地域では利用できません。
Titan Quest HDは次の言語がサポートされています。 日本語, イタリア語, ウクライナ語, スペイン語, スロバキア語, チェコ語, ドイツ語, フランス語, ポルトガル語, ポーランド語, ロシア語, 簡体字中国語, 英語, 韓国語
Titan Quest HD二は内課金があります。課金要素と価格をご覧ください。
Immortal Throne DLC
Ragnarök DLC
Atlantis DLC
Eternal Embers DLC
次のリストをチェックして、Titan Quest HDの最低システム要件をご確認ください。
iOS 13.0以降が必要です。
iPadOS 13.0以降が必要です。
Apple TV
tvOS 13.0以降が必要です。
iPod touch
iOS 13.0以降が必要です。


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