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Apr 6, 2023
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About BaM Video Delay

Featured in the TOP 10 SPORTS apps in USA
First real video delay - continuously showing what just happened for quick visual feedback
Used by sport coaches, PE teachers, professional athletes and dancers … or if you just want to see how you look on the dance floor :)


App is available with a volume discount for educational institutions

This applications is specially designed not to use your flash disk drive for delaying the video as other apps. Prolonged writing to a flash drive shortness its life span.

The app does not in any way collect or send private data or require login. The app is self contained working on your device without any need to contact other services or use internet connection.


[Professional physical education teacher Jarrod Robinson]

“Over the years, I’ve spoken to thousands of PhysEd teachers about the app BaM Video Delay. It’s a complete game-changer that takes what used to be possible with expensive and complicated systems and makes it a reality for everyone”


“The app has great potential to be used on a regular basis in physical education classes as a formative assessment tool.”


By Kbone2000
5/5 Great app!
Every coach needs this app. Immediate feedback for players and a great way for self analysis.

By James McDermott
5/5 Great app!
Works for what I need, nice that you can have a delay rather than asking someone to record each time.

By awholelottatry
5/5 A great technical training tool for sport and fitness
This is exactly what I was looking for! Needed it to perfect technique in Crossfit Olympic lifting. Every technical sport could use this valuable tool.


Ever wanted to learn a new move?
Be it for professional dancing, gymnastics, golf, basketball, tennis, martial arts, breakdance, strike a pose or other use.

A mirror is nice but it's hard to move and look the same time, sometimes even impossible when not facing forward.

A video camera is OK but it is a hassle with all the start, stop, rewind, positioning and other.

So in the end you don't use either, give up on learning something new and move on with your life.

"Bust a Move Video Delay" solves these problems.
It gives you an easy to use tool with quick feedback. You see what you just did, so you can correct it, try again, look again, correct ... and so on.

Also, after the initial setup, no interaction is needed so you can focus on training without any distractions.


It continuously shows you what just happened seconds ago. There is no alternating record or play phase, just continuous playback but with a given delay. This way you get fast and easy accessible video feedback.

Also no tapping, rewinding or other interactions are needed. Once set up it works hands free so you can focus on your moves.

Now there are just two easy steps:
(do what you want to learn)
(see what you just did and what's wrong)

This way you get instantaneous feedback so you can quickly learn on your mistakes and get better in no time.


- "hands free" continuous playback but with a delay
- up to Full HD at 30 fps and HD at 60 fps
- universal app for both iPhone/iPod and iPad
- delays from 1 second up to 6 minutes
- uses device memory instead of its flash drive
- up to 4 independent views so you can see yourself 4 times in a row
- slow motion and pause to analyse the video
- export as video
- AirPlay and HDMI TV cable support
- auto hiding interface controls
- "Live View" for easy positioning of the camera and setup
- front to rear camera switch
- horizontal flip
- x2 Zoom with panning
- exposure and focus setting
- and a manual, just in case
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최신 버전 4.0.5의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Apr 6, 2023
오래된 버전
Updated to iOS 16
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Version History
Apr 6, 2023
Updated to iOS 16
Oct 10, 2019
Updated to iOS 13.

Also a user asked for bringing 480p for the front camera, so it's back :)
Aug 27, 2019
Small change: app has to go fully into background for 5 minutes to clean the buffer.
Aug 15, 2019
Updated to the newest iOS version.
Jul 17, 2019
+ 60 fps or 6 min delay for HD
Good news: I tried and squeezed even more from the iPhone/iPad. Buffering video and playing it back requires a lot of RAM memory and CPU to work it. So it needs clever ways to make it happen, and even more to make it do more, like in this update :)

And no worries, the app still works only using RAM memory without touching your device flash storage drive (constant writing to the flash drive deteriorates it and should be avoided for apps like a video delay).

So some people asked for 60 frames for second and here it is. It works really well with slow motion.

And some people asked for longer delays so now you have more. Even up to 6 minutes.

+ Slow motion x2, x4 and x8
Now you can change the slow motion speed by double tapping the slow motion button. Combine it with 60 fps and you can see a lot more with a x8 speed reduction.

Thanks again for suggestions. I’m really happy that I could deliver them to you. Hope you like it.

And as usual, if you find BaM useful it would be great if you could rate or review the app on the App Store :)
Apr 1, 2019
+ Live View hidden for TV
When connected to a TV you can have live view opened on your device while still showing the delays on the TV. Useful when you need to move the device but want to see what is recorded.

Thanks Kyle for the suggestion :)

+ Views visible on device and TV
The iPhones/iPad are getting more and more powerful so they can handle showing the delayed video both on the TV and also on the device. Previously, for performance reasons, when streaming to the TV the device wasn’t showing the delayed video.

Thanks Mulyadi for suggestion :)

+ "Live" delay
Now you can go below 1 sec delay and have a “live view”. So now you can set one of the views to show what is currently recorded.

This was a quick update inspired by emails I’ve got after the 3.0 update. Thanks again for the suggestions.

And as usual if you find BaM useful it would be great if you could rate or review the app on the App Store :)
Mar 21, 2019
+ Slow motion
Finally we found a way to add slow motion to BaM. Now you can turn on slow motion in any view independently. You can also pause and seek back and forth just as in the “Frame by Frame” mode. After that you can quickly get back to the original delay pressing the “Reset Button”.

+ More view modes
You had a single view and a 2x2 view. Now you can also have a 2 view mode, either set horizontally or vertically. Additionally you can quickly bring any view to fullscreen by double tapping it.

+ Suport fo the newest iOS and iPhone X
The app was rewritten and updated to the newest iOS. Also the interface was recreated so iPhone X phones are also supported. So all is fine and dandy :)

+ And some bits and bobs:
It’s easier to set the delay. Now changes are in increments of 1 second.
Switching between video modes does not clear the buffer.
There is no popup after successfully saving a video to make it less of a hassle.
After keeping the app closed for 5 minutes the buffer will be cleared so anybody using the app after you will not see the old video.

Hope you find the update useful. Thank you for all of the feedback that brought ideas for this update. Keep them coming (see the ”Contact” tab).

And if you like BaM please consider rating the app on App Store and spreading the word :)
Dec 6, 2016
+ Full HD Video
The biggest change is that now BaM supports up to Full HD video (1080p) at 30 frames per second. So now you can see everything in high resolution.

+ Video Export
In the Frame-By-Frame mode you can export the frames as a video to your photo album for any future analysis.

+ Native Air Play Support
BaM now supports has full Air Play support. Additionally when using 2x2 mode in portrait the screens are arranged in a row to use more of the TV screen and give better quality.

+ iOS 10 support
The app was updated to use the newest iOS 10 while having a minimum requirement of iOS 8

Thanks everybody for the support and I'm glad you found Bust a Move a useful tool. Hope you like the update.

And thank you for the reviews. They really help Bust a Move, especially at the fragile time of a new update when they get hidden.
Jul 29, 2012
+ Frame by Frame
Now you can pause and analyze the last 2 minutes frame by frame. This way can more precisely see where you are making the mistake.

+ Horizontal flip
Switch this on to flip the video so you can change the left with the right. Thanks Gordon for suggesting this.

+ Delay swipe
You can swipe to change delay either up-down or left-right now.
May 22, 2012
Bug fixes
Apr 17, 2012

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