BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo

BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo

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3.9.1for iPhone, iPod touch
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Paolo Dozio
May 17, 2024
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BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo 스크린 샷
BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo 포스터BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo 포스터BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo 포스터BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo 포스터BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo 포스터BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo 포스터BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo 포스터BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo 포스터

About BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo

With this application you can configure some of your eBike Specialized Turbo Levo/Kenevo parameters.
With the Smart Power and the Smart HR the assistance percentage will be automatically changed in function of your legs power and/or you heart rate.
There is Voice feedback with battery status and other information of the tour.
It is also present the Bike Monitor in order to monitorize the bike data with GPS information.
The App uses the HealthKit in order to be able to read the heart rate from Apple Watch.

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- The app user is only responsible for any changes made or attempted to make to your e-bike.
- Please note that the Road Code provides a maximum speed of 25 km/h. In private closed traffic areas the Road Code has no effect
- App compatible with Levo 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020/2021, Kenevo 2018/2019/2020/2021, Levo SL, Creo
- Only for the Levo 2016/2017/2018, Kenevo 2018/2019 is possible to change the maximum speed (for more information see the forum)
- Please pay attention that the iOS version doesn't have yet all the functionalities implemented
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최신 버전 3.9.1의 새로운 기능

Last updated on May 17, 2024
오래된 버전
- Bugfix for Altimeter not compatible with ios 17.4 ( )
- Added support for Riccardo Michelin battery
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Version History
May 17, 2024
- Bugfix for Altimeter not compatible with ios 17.4 ( )
- Added support for Riccardo Michelin battery
May 11, 2024
- Bugfix for ios 17
- Bugfix for drop down menu display
- Bugfix display guage speed
Jun 29, 2023
- Bugfix storing the wh value of the second battery
- Bugfix Leg power and cadence display with TCU MasterMind and Levociraptor Gen2
Mar 29, 2023
- Added support for new Levociraptor
- Changed dropdown menu in Bike Setup and Display configuration
Jan 11, 2023
Added support for new firmware battery x.6
Jun 2, 2022
Bug fix edit Levociraptor phone numbers
May 10, 2022
Correct speed multiplier management with Levociraptor
Feb 17, 2022
- Added voice message on bike and / or Levociraptor disconnected (linked to the configuration of the GPS out of coverage)
- Bugfix calculating altitude with Levociraptor (increased the time to 15 seconds before invalidating the levociraptor data)
Oct 23, 2021
- Added compatibility with battery 2.5.4
- Increased the filter for altitude measurement
Sep 23, 2021
- Added compatibility with Levo 2018 and x33 firmware
- Bugfix displays data in miles
Sep 17, 2021
- Added compatibility with Levo 2018 and x24 firmware
- Added compatibility with new SLs
Jun 6, 2021
- Fixed crash on Levociraptor configuration
May 24, 2021
- Fixed closing of TCX at the end of the lap (the end of tour flag was not saved)
- Now for the crash detection with the Levociraptor Gen2 the bike must be stopped for at least 2 seconds
- Correct Smart Power management
May 12, 2021
Added phone number for send SMS after crash
Bugfix: Levociraptor handling
Bugfix: Smart Power legs power handling
Apr 28, 2021
- Levociraptor Gen2 management added
- Now the GPS speed is not used if the bike is stationary
- Revised movement time calculation
- Bugfix: statistics display with little used assistance
- Bugfix: barometer management
- Bugfix: visualization of assistance percentage with Smart Power active
Feb 15, 2021
- Accelerated responsiveness of the Smart Power
- Bugfix: secondary battery consumption calculation
- Bugfix: Autostart
- Bugfix: Smart Power configuration display in data summary
- Update to XCode 12.4
Dec 6, 2020
- Corrected compatibility with iOS 9
Nov 10, 2020
- iOS 9 compatibility reintroduced
- Bugfix: Voice message of waypoints
- Bugfix: Time in TCX with date / time format set to 12H
Nov 1, 2020
- Added compatibility with WayPoint with special description
- Bugfix: Duplicate text for cardio zone 5
- Bugfix: Calculation of battery consumed with SL
- Bugfix: Barometer management
- Use google maps version 4.0.0
Oct 14, 2020
- Bugfix: Barometer calibration on autostart
- Bugfix: Crash on gradient display on map display
Oct 7, 2020
- Added barometer handling (for the phones that have the barometer)
- Added gradient in the display (to be used only with barometer)
- Added cardio zones
- Added SL extender management
- Bugix: Display of average consumption with additional battery
- Bugfix: Changed green ball not visible for old iOS version
- Bugfix: long text visualization
- Update to XCode 12.0.1 for iOS 14
Jul 21, 2020
- Added management of version 9.32 for Vado bikes
- Correct battery display for Levo SL
- Bugfix BPM decrease from remote command
- Update to XCode 11.6
Jun 11, 2020
- Now in the map view, you can view your cadence and speed without dedicating 2 specific fields
- Now the background color of the assistance percentage changes to a second part of the assistance level set, so that you have an extra field available
- Now the background of the engine and battery temperature are colored according to the value
- Added remote control commands to increase and decrease the Smart HR reference BPM
- Added voice message for high heart rate (10% above the threshold set in the Smart HR)
- Bugfix time display on map
Apr 24, 2020
- Added download limitation of 10000 titles at a time
- Bugfix: GPX import with coordinates with longitude less than 100
- Bugfix: GPX import with special files
- Bugfix: display of biker power and average engine on saved tours
- Update to XCode 11.4.1
Apr 7, 2020
- Now if the cadence is greater than 10, the moving bike is considered
- Added configuration flag to calculate the range including the downhill KM
- Now if you rename a file, it is checked that the extension is GPX otherwise it is no longer displayed
- Moved the graphics to avoid conflicts with the iPhone X bar
- Now the + and - keys in the bike monitor are +/- 5 watts and +/- 10 watts or +/- 2% and +/- 5% depending on whether the Smart Power is active or not
- Added auto start and continuous auto ride configuration options

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