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Quran Vajra Vakyalu Description
The writer:
The only Guru of three religions(Hindu, Muslim, Christian), The Emperor of Spiritual Kingdom, The writer of more than hundred divine holy books, Indu Gnana Dharma Pradata, The Sensational Writer, Adi Karta of Traita Doctrine , Sri Sri Sri Acharya Prabodhananda Yogeeswarulu.

The Writer’s Prologue:
First Divine Wisdom Holy Book( Bhagavadgeetha), Second Divine Wisdom Holy Book(Bible), Final Divine Wisdom Holy Book(Quran) are the three holy books were given to the human beings by the God. All these three divine holy wisdom books have the same wisdom. It is said that the spiritual secrets are hidden in these holy books. The three major religions understood about religion much more than the true divine wisdom. As the smell is known from the nose, same way, through intellect only the spirituality can be known. The wisdom from the holy book will be known through intellect, when the Soul reveals it. If Soul does not like to reveal the wisdom from the holy book, even though you read many times the holy book, you cannot even understand a piece of information from it.

Now a days all the three religions claim the three divine wisdom holy books as their own religious properties, and telling the people as their own. However they claim that they are their own, they all are not able to understand the true wisdom from the Holy Books. As per the principle “Granthamu”, their brain, the intellect in side their brain is not able to grasp it. The Soul, which is an invisible energy inside the Grantham, should accept the reader to grasp the wisdom. So, the Soul makes the reader to misunderstand the content from the holy book, if the reader is not eligible to read the Grantham. Even though ineligible reader reads the holy book, the soul makes him not to understand with true notion. So, now a days, all the ineligible interpreters of these three holy books are interpreting the sentences in a contradictory notion. Hindus did not understand so far Bhagavadgeetha with true notion. Christians did understand Bible with true notion. Muslims did not understand Quran with true notion.

When “Thraitha Siddhantha Bhagavadgeetha” written with true notion of Lord Krishna, wisdom seekers from Hindu religion understood it with true notion.

The same way, we assure that the holy book named “Suvartha Bible”, when we release it to the wisdom seekers, then they can understand the true notion.

So, finally, if the wisdom seekers from Muslim community reads “Anthima Daiva Granthamulo Vajravakyamulu”, then they are able to know, whether they could understand Quran with true notion or not.

The Final Divine Wisdom Holy Book Quran has 114 Suras, 6236 Ayaths. In the Quran, there are two types of sentences called “Sthoola”, “Sookshma”. From this Grantham, out of 6232 sentences, we gave interpretation to the sentences from 132 topics. All the interpretation we gave to the 132 topics is hidden secret wisdom from the sentences.

Finally what we are going to say is, this Grantham will help the wisdom seeker to understand it with true notion, if he did not understand Quran so far.
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