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Somnia: ASMR Sounds & Slime Description
Fall asleep faster with high-quality ASMR 3D sounds: Whispering by ASMRtists, brushing, tapping, scratching, oddly satisfying tingles & much more!

**Key Features**
- Free Daily Access
- ASMR sounds calmly tickles and helps falling asleep faster
- Handcrafted, deep and rich sounds
- Realistic spatialized True 3D soundscapes
- Highly customizable sounds
- Compose your own compositions by adding, dragging and modulating sounds
- Let the Flow Mode wind you down for the day as it gently plays compositions
- Unique Wind Down Timer that naturally fades out intensities of sounds over time
- Built-in Dim feature to save battery

Somnia is a winner of the Danish Sound Startup Pitch Battle

**Why use Somnia?**
Sleep is very important as it restores our energy and focus. Somnia helps you shutting out thoughts by letting you focus on progressing and developing soundscapes. Attention to sounds in Somnia is important for your wellbeing and can help you fall asleep faster, restoring your mental health.

Somnia uses Spatial 3D Audio for dynamic binaural audio. The 3D sounds evolve over time like small stories, creating a believable and immersive experience that restores your focus and helps you fall asleep.

Sounds are continuously blended and mixed with several sound bits into one stream, and we call these streams “Aubits”. Everything is recorded in HD to create a genuine combination of ASMR sounds.

To avoid the fatigue of hearing the same repeated sound loops over and over, sounds are randomized and humanized to keep the listening fresh and believable. Each aubit is layered several times, so its timbre and expression will always sound different and natural.

Get sleeping in three easy steps when starting the app for the first time:
- Set your overall Listening Preferences between full-blown ASMR and relaxing Ambiences. If you don't know your preference, don't worry the app will adapt to you over time
- Select the Themes of sounds you prefer most
- Select the usual time it takes you to fall asleep. The Wind Down Timer will adapt to your fall-asleep time so the fade-outs end around the time of falling asleep

Use the More / Less buttons to nudge the AI to serve you compositions you prefer

Try it out! Somnia has a Free Daily Access as well as free 7-day trials. Download it now and try for yourself.

The Daily Free Access is a duration of time in which you can use Somnia for free on a daily basis. During this period you have full access to all features and content. In the Subscription settings, you can see how much time you have left of your daily access. Once the daily access limit is hit, the app will pause. You may choose to subscribe to get unlimited access or wait until the next day where you again can enjoy Somnia for free for a limited duration.

**How to use**
Listen to premade compositions or build your own by adding and dragging aubits around your head in 360 degrees. Save and enjoy your favorite soundscapes at any time.

Flow Mode slowly plays through playlists and lets you focus on listening to what you prefer. Sit back, or lie down. Then close your eyes. Listen to how the Aubits appear and move around your head.

Sounds orbit around your head in a natural way. Discover new tingling perspectives as you unleash and explore the immersive sounds when rotating around.

There's no fake 3D effect - all aubits are spatialized with Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) and correct interaural time and level differences (ITD and ILD). Each aubit is correctly heard from the relative position and rotation to you.

Relaxing is as important for your body as it is for your mind. Daily stress and frustrations can affect your mental health and give you trouble falling asleep, concentrate, or even trigger unwanted emotions. So take a moment to calm down, breathe, and get in harmony with yourself.

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- Download Somnia now!
Somnia: ASMR Sounds & Slime 2007131100 Update
2020-07-14 Version History
- New trigger: Soap! Cleanse yourself with the awesome drills, cuts, peels & taps

- New trigger: Styrofoam Bead Bag Lots of small styrofoam balls in a bag - what's not to like?

- New trigger: Matthew! Sleep to his calm breaths, or get triggers from the mouth sounds

- New trigger: Slime! Greasy, slimy, gross and great triggers coming from our new arrival

- Got issues or feedback? Don't hesitate to reach out to
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