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'Roid Runner Description
 ‘Roid Runner is a live-action shooter game in which you must control a space-ship while avoiding incoming asteroids as well as the surrounding asteroid vacuum field.  Use your blaster to vaporize asteroids or use your protective force-field to ram asteroids directly with your ship.  Watch out for the rouge mini-planets which get trapped in the vacuum field!  Unlike asteroids, which become aligned in the vacuum, a planets orbit becomes unstable.

It was just another Tuesday as you were flying in your KRX-9000 space patrol vehicle.  As usual, you were acting as wing-man for the large ABV-1 asteroid vacuum craft to protect from enemy combatants.  The powerful ABV-1 grinders were vaporizing the asteroids to create a clear path for the forth-coming squadron as well as producing maloid pellets for use in building material, cosmetics, paints, and toothpaste.  Unexpectedly, a large burst of radiation from a near-by black hole pushed your ship directly in the path of the asteroid vacuum.  Normally, the captain of the vacuum craft would temporarily disable the mesh fields to allow you to exit the dangerous zone but, unfortunately, Captain Snoozalott was not responding to your distress call.  Now, it’s up to you to fight the various forces of the asteroid vacuum since any contact with an asteroid, the vacuum’s powerful mesh bands, or the intake-valve will cause instant vaporization.  Tap the controls and show your skills.  Pray the captain sees you before you come in contact with any asteroids or get pulled into the vacuum’s intake-valve.  Good luck!

In order to be successful, you must learn the various forces surrounding the asteroid vacuum.  It is the vacuums job to align approaching asteroids into a zone of well-defined horizontal matrixes of asteroids.  The further the distance from the intake-value results in a larger morphing force which tends to align objects vertically while locations closer to the intake-valve result in lighter horizontal forces causing objects to be pulled into the intake-valve in at a constant rate.  Understanding how these positional forces cause your ship to react while learning various maneuvers to avoid both asteroids and the asteroid vacuum is the key to survival.

-          Left scroll wheel: translate your ship left and right
-          Right scroll wheel: rotate the universe to align asteroids in your sights
-          Shoot: shoot one blast from your laser
-          Force-field: enable your force-field to protect yourself from all enemies
-          Thrust forward: translate your ship forward
-          Thrust reverse: translate your ship backward

Stay alive as long as possible.  Shoot and/or avoid incoming asteroids and planets.
'Roid Runner 3.00 Update
2017-02-14 Version History
All new game-play. Rotating universe, improved graphics and audio.
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291.9 MB
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