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SAGE Encrypt Description
SAGE Encrypt supports 14 languages, cross-platform support for Mac, IOS, Window, Linux and other mobile computer encryption and decryption, is a fast intelligent encryption of your mobile computer files (pictures, videos, office, PDF) Software, let you better protect your privacy and secrets, and can be safely shared with authorized secret friends to better enjoy work and life;

The main function:
1. Implement file-level encryption on the mobile phone side, without changing the file format, and encrypt the file to export the backup;
2, to achieve file encryption reading sharing;
3. The encrypted file shared can only be read by friends in the circle of friends, and cannot be decrypted.
4, safe: to achieve the photo, video automatically stored in the safe, open requires fingerprint verification.

Encrypt and decrypt files:
(1) Download the APP, select the login method (WeChat, mobile phone, Facebook account, randomly generate ID & key;
(2) Enter the encrypted homepage;
(3) Click on the file to be encrypted and select the encryption option (encryption, decryption, authorization, encryption sharing, move to the safe);
(4) Encrypt and decrypt the file completion prompt.

Encrypted file sharing steps
[1] Both friends and friends need to download the APP at the same time (requires micro-signal or mobile phone registration authentication login);
[2] Invite friends to join the circle of friends (via WeChat share link, the other party enters the phone number, such as WeChat registration only need to enter a random number)
[3] agree to join the close circle;
[4] Encrypt the file in the mobile phone and encrypt it to the other party. At this time, the other party can only read it, without decryption permission;
[5] Delete confidant (selecting the confidant point to delete, delete all the encrypted files retained by the other party will be invalid and cannot be opened).

Technical features:
1. Users do not need to remember the password (one-click identification: WeChat + mobile phone dynamic code + fingerprint identification); remove the problem of complex password forgetting;
2. Support encrypted files without changing the format and storage path, without storing the files in a specific area for protection;
3. Encrypted files can be exported and shared at will, and the problem of file protection can only be solved on a single device;
4. Support mainstream terminal device file encryption and decryption: mobile phone, computer, tablet; realize multi-terminal platform unified encryption, decrypt file, not only file encryption and decryption processing on a single device;
5. Support file encryption reading; the other party can only view the file and cannot be maliciously transmitted;
6. Support file permission control;
7. Support file encryption and circulation;
8. Support file intelligent encryption: such as: automatic copying of files and automatic encryption of files in encrypted folders;
9. Enterprise-level document security protection;

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SAGE Encrypt 6.1.1 Update
2020-02-03 Version History
Optimize encryption performance and interface to resolve known issues.
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48.2 MB
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