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Why is VillageLingo the only real option that makes sense to help you learn Spanish with your mobile device?

1. The Spanish lessons in VillageLingo are customized for your purpose in learning. In other words, if you want to learn Spanish for Personal Fulfillment, you’ll likely want different lessons than if you're learning for Travel, Work or just to Converse with Others. You get different lessons with and a different focus.

Why is this important?

So you don't waste time with lessons you’re not interested in and become bored and quit soon after starting.

2. It's one of the few apps that was created originally as an app. Most other apps were created first as software for a computer, then modified for mobile which can create a frustrating experience. VillageLingo was created specifically for the mobile experience.

So what?

This makes it so you will have a better experience learning Spanish and find it more rewarding.

3. Unlike other language courses, VillageLingo's Spanish lessons teaches you how to speak by combining words together to form sentences and conversations. It's a unique system that teaches you how to swap out words at appropriate spots to be able to speak and learn Spanish quickly. Most other courses just teach you memorized words or memorized phrases. You never learn how to creatively combine them to say whatever you want to say.

Let's face it…

How many times have you heard someone say they spent hours or even weeks on a course and can't actually say anything or converse in Spanish. That, in our opinion, is a tragedy that we will never let happen.

4. To help you learn new words, we use animated images with (1) action, (2) emotion, (3) using images that are out of the ordinary, and (4) images that actually mean what the word or phrase is. This triggers the brain to learn and retain the new word.

Who cares?

Let me put it to you this way. If you try to tie Spanish words to photos (like most courses do), you're brain won’t remember them very long and you’ll get bored, lose interest and eventually you quit! (sound familiar?) On the other hand, we help you tie words to images that use action, emotion and something out of the ordinary. This makes something almost magical happens. Your right brain is triggered and you remember the word for week or months. After repeating the words just a few times in meaningful sentence patterns within a larger conversation, you can remember them for months or even years. In our opinion, there’s nothing more satisfying than having the thrill of remembering words and how to put them together in a meaningful way years later in a situation that impresses even your closest friends.

Learning in this way triggers serotonin and dopamine and activates the reward center of your brain which gives you a strong desire to continue learning - because you can see your progress!

5. So many courses say something like, "learn with us and you'll know Spanish in 1 week!" Ok, let's look at the facts here. First of all, using those courses, you could probably learn to say a few greetings and say a few things in a week like "Hi, how are you." "Fine, thanks" and so forth. If they call that “learning Spanish” then more power to them.

To be honest, we're confident that you'll learn much more from our course than from theirs in that first week. However, most people want to spend more than just a week learning a language. If you want to find more satisfaction in learning, we have lessons that will help you navigate different situations and find the joys of long-term language learning and brain development. We have enough enriching lessons to help you satisfy your craving - whatever it is - whether you just want a week or satisfaction or a lifetime.

6. Continual updates. We’re continually adding new lessons, new courses and updating things, so you can find more fulfillment than you thought possible in learning a language.
Spanish for Corporations 1.0.1 Update
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