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The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate

The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate

Multiplayer Roguelike Game

1.9.1 for iPhone, iPad

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The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate Description
The dedicated Roguelike RPG game comes back, and YES this time, you can TEAM UP with your friends to continue exploring the adventure!

The story of the Greedy Cave 2 happened after its predecessor, and the appearance of the Time Gate have linked people's destinies together once again. In this game, you will play the role of an adventurer and enter the mysterious dungeon to challenge different monsters and obtain powerful equipment. Invite your friends, form a team to jointly explore, solve the mystery of the Time Gate, and share its precious treasures!

Game Features:
- The eerie, stygian and odd Cthulhu art style brings the multifarious and immersive game experience.
- Entirely randomly generated dungeons and the loots! New trips every time!
- Well-designed BOSS with various skills are waiting for your challenge!
- Different weapons activate different skill trees, your battle strategy is on your own!
- 300+ gears to collect make you the coolest dungeon crawler!
- Team-up with other players to explore in real-time, recruit and build your own guild!

Search through the historical records of all the national libraries of the Sothoth Continent if you can, but there's only a handful of documents with records of the catastrophe long ago, which the historians named the first "Gold Rush".
The story began in a cave full of magic, and the accidental discovery of the treasure hidden within it. Adventurers came in flocks with their respective goals. This unprecedented adventuring fever directly caused some kingdoms to prosper, while others withered and died, leading to the change in the geopolitical landscape of the world.
However, it was too late when people discovered the truth. When the conspiracy was revealed, the army of demons has already descended upon the realm, the gods were furious; both heaven and earth lost its colors. War rapidly spreads to all corners of the land, no one was spared. Humans were as helpless as dust blown against the flames of war. Homes were ravaged; civilizations destroyed, the world took on an unprecedentedly heavy toll, as only a few survivors eventually remained. This catastrophe lasted for many years until people almost forgot the name of this continent—Milton.
This story easily reminds people of what happened recently. Thousands of years later, in Basatan, a magic worshipping kingdom embraced by mountains, its sorcerers claimed that they have opened the door to another world through their research. A place where time-interlaced with space, where you can see not only images of the old world, but also many bizarre creatures that people have never heard of before. However, as they have said before, "the way to control this power has not been found yet, thus you do not know where you will end up."
Obviously, such minor issues could not possibly stop people's curiosity. As if yesterday once more, the adventurers of different kingdoms gathered again today, and the second "Gold Rush" inevitably started…

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The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate 1.9.1 Update
2019-09-12 Version History
New system: Soul Vessel!
---The Dragon Slayer eventually became a dragon.
Add:Pass system.
---Levelup in Pass to get more rewards and upgrade to Golden Pass for extra reward!
Add: Adventure Mentor
---Learn from a mentor or be a mentor, both will bring you extra rewards!
Add: Refine equipment system
---Make perfection more perfect.
Add: Set Transform
---Cost forged materials to transform one set part to another one (For some suits only)
Add: Fast pass for downstairs.
Add: Newcomer plan
---The newcomer plan integrates and optimizes the existing newbie tasks, the original Adept Codex and the welcome ceremony of the Bastan will be canceled.

Optimize: Equipment disassemble and sell
---After disassembling and selling the equipment, both materials and golds can be obtained.
---Selling equipment will return the golds spent on the successful enhancement, and if you spent crystals for enhancement, it also will be converted into corresponding golds.
Optimize: Synthesis experience for Runestone and Rune Crystal
---Add auto-fill function, double-click the Runestone and Rune Crystal twice could expediently fill it into the upgrade hole.
Optimize: The drop of the Golden Chest and Mimic
---Reduce the number of Golden Chest, but only the gold and gold+ equipment will be dropped,
---Increase the drop of Mimic. Blue and blue+ equipment can be dropped.
Optimize: The adventure of Time Gate:
a. Reduce the map size(1-90 Floor) and the monsters number(each floor).
b. Optimize the player LVup process (1-90 Floor), and adjust the drop rate and acquiring of different level equipment.
c. Increase the potion drop rate of on 1-180 Floor.
d. Increase the gold rewards of main tasks.
We hope that the adjustment will bring you a more comfortable and easeful experience at an early stage.
Optimize: Task requirements for elite mode in Corruption
The guild tasks and daily tasks can be finished in both elite and normal mode.
Adjust: The guild announcement can be modified after 30s.
Adjust: Lower the negative effect of Thorns and Absorb, and remove them from the Guild Boss.
Adjust: Lower the strength of Gaea in Boss Invasion.
Add: Identification for NPC in town and cave.

Bug fix:
Fix: Tasks with gold disappeared.
Fix: Daily tasks disappeared after passing The eye of desert but without exploring Corruption.
Fix: Other NPC window pops up during team matching.
Fix: Unable to purchase items in Dream Store
Fix: The [Invincible] Scarlet Troll still takes fatal damage from player's skill.
Fix: Task reset issue
Fixed various display errors and did some optimization.
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450.9 MB
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