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Clash Mini 螢幕截圖
Clash Mini 海報Clash Mini 海報Clash Mini 海報Clash Mini 海報Clash Mini 海報Clash Mini 海報
Clash Mini 海報Clash Mini 海報Clash Mini 海報Clash Mini 海報Clash Mini 海報Clash Mini 海報

About Clash Mini

Mini madness descends on the Clash Universe! In this game of choices, duel and outwit others in a fun, strategy-packed board game.

Collect, Summon and Upgrade your army of Minis in this exciting real time auto battler. Predict your opponent’s moves and then assemble your winning strategy and formation. Watch your Minis come to life and clash to be the last one standing!

Lead your adorable army with Heroes including Barbarian King, Shield Maiden, Archer Queen, and more. Ignite the board with wizards, pierce with magic archers, or activate heavyweights like Pekka. Change the tide of battle by swapping and upgrading your Minis in between rounds. Play 1v1 or Rumble mode against 7 other players. Play casually for fun or in ranked matches to increase your League standing.

Clash Mini is easy to learn but challenging to master. Get ready for your Minis to throw down the biggest Rumble!

Dynamic Combinations and Endless Possibilities
• Anticipate your opponent’s moves and arrange your army in limitless positions
• Adjust your in-game strategy with tanks, melee, and ranged Minis
• Upgrade Minis during battle to activate stronger abilities

Fast, Exciting 3D Battles
• Each game is action packed - battles are under 5 minutes
• Watch the Minis show off their special moves from different camera angles
• Progress through the Leagues and break into the global top 1000

Collect, Upgrade & Customize
• Iconic Clash Heroes such as Barbarian King, Archer Queen and Shield Maiden join the fray
• Complete Quests to collect Minis and unlock new Abilities
• Customize Heroes and Minis with unique skins

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Last updated on 2023年04月13日
- Add 2 new Deluxe Skins and their Toy Machines
- Small balance changes and bug-fixing
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Version History
- Add 2 new Deluxe Skins and their Toy Machines
- Small balance changes and bug-fixing
- Muted text Emotes cannot be unmuted since the Update.
- When entering an Event battle, rapidly tapping the class icon could cause the game to crash.
- Promoting Clan members could cause the game to crash.
- Tutorial fix where loading another account could cause issues with the initial tutorial steps.
Clash Mini 2.0 is here, and it is the BIGGEST update ever!
- Welcome 13 brand-new Minis to the Clash Mini universe, with 6 more coming later. And welcome our newest Hero: Battle Machine!
- Unlock new Unit Sets with exciting new gameplay tied to them, pair them with their Classes, and create unique Decks that weren't imaginable before!
- Classes: Units are now categorized into various Classes. When 2 or 4 Units from the same Class are used in a Battle, a special Class Effect will be activated.
- Rumble is now a 4-Player Draft, and you will be picking from your pool of unlocked Minis and Heroes! It is unlocked for all players that have at least 2 Heroes and 10 Minis.
- All-New Cosmetic Progression! Refine your Minis and Heroes and unlock cosmetic rewards tied to them: Emotes, that are now automatically used by Minis and Heroes in Battle, Avatars, which are tied to their Quality Tier, and the Battle Highlights, side banners that are auto-triggered after your Units reach certain achievements in Battle!
- But that’s not all! Skin Series are here! By obtaining more Skins and completing their full Series, you can also unlock Boards that can be equipped in Battle!
- Goodbye Stat Level Ups! Unlocked a Hero? That’s it! Their stats won’t change no matter how many times you Refine their Quality Tier. Now, all Mini and Hero progression is purely cosmetic. All you need to do is unlock those Units, and you're ready to play with them!
- Once you grow fond of a certain Mini or Hero, you can spend resources to Refine them and get their cosmetic rewards as you see fit. Remember: Heroes will also receive more Promotion options as you increase your Collector Level!
- Collection has experienced a visual revamp in the form of the brand-new Gallery, displaying Dioramas, Skins, Emotes, Avatars, and Boards all in one place. The Gallery is also the place where you can collect passively generated resources from the Piggy Chest, so make sure to log in and claim those often!
- Hero Promotions are here too! Increase your Collector Level by refining your Minis and Heroes to higher Quality Tiers, and unlock more Promotion choices for your Heroes during Battle as well. Obtain all 3 Promotion options and choose one to change the tide of Battle with your Hero.
- When a Battle starts, your Hero stands on the Board at its default location. However, you can REPOSITION Heroes, but only once per game. You can either move the Hero to an empty Tile or swap their location with any deployed Mini on the board.
- Major Visual Overhaul! All of our Minis and Heroes have leveled up visually quite a bit. The entire game of Clash Mini now feels more like a toy store, which is also reflected in our brand-new Cinematic intro that you will be seeing when opening the game for the first time.
- Toy Machine and Other Changes: The Toy Machine is here! It is now the only way to obtain the majority of the Skins and some very special Units. Collect Keys to get prizes from Toy Machines and add more fun to your Gallery!
- Puzzles and Raids are on a hiatus this update. Instead, we are introducing the Battle Log on your Player Profile from which you can share replays of your last 3 Duel matches directly to your Clan!
- And finally, say goodbye to Mini Pass Plus, and say hello to the simplified Mini Pass! You'll progress through the Pass at a steady pace by completing Quests to earn exciting rewards! Speaking of Quests, we have also introduced Mini Pass Quests that contribute to your Mini Pass progress! Have fun!
Fixed the issues of overheating and frame rate dropping on iOS 17 devices
- Clash Mini has become much more strategic! Starting this update, the Hero and Minis you place on the battle board cannot be moved or replaced once the battle starts. The only exception to this rule is Natureborn, who can move one more time in future rounds as per her unique ability to transform.
- Trophy Road is entirely reworked! New rewards, more granular progress, and repeatable rewards (from 800 Trophies and above) are here for those that experience Rank Reset.
- Introducing two new Heroes: Grand Warden, who shields his allies - available for free on the July Mini Pass, and Pink Fury, who uses an Elixir Hammer, dealing 3X Elixir Damage to her opponents - available for free on the September Mini Pass.
- Introducing a new Mini: Dagger Goblin! Available for free in the August Mini Pass. Poke your opponents with a relatively sharp dagger, gain hit and movement speed, and go invisible!
- New Skins with three brand-new themes! Space Goblins (Dart Goblin, Spear Goblin, and Dagger Goblin), Space Guardians (Grand Warden, Battle Healer, and Swordsman), and Abyssal set (Countess, Knight, Electro Wizard, and Prince).
- New Emotes and Avatars are here, but also - introducing animated Avatars! Stand out even more with two new animated avatars featuring Archer, available by reaching Exp Level 40, and P.E.K.K.A, available in the Shop.
- Brand-new Duel Events are here: Gizmo Chaos, Super Elixir, and Hero Trio! The Events will be available from 06:00 UTC Thursday to 06:00 UTC Monday each week, rotating throughout the update period. Events are now playable by all players Exp Level 20 or above.
- The Rumble mode is now reworked into a 6-player Draft, available for all players with Exp Level 25 or higher.
- Windy Plains and Healing Temple battle boards are now entirely remade! In addition, Magic Tiles are now independent on the board and will rotate every 24 hours as you play Duel, Rumble, and Event matches. There are now 11 Magic Tiles (unlocked at 80 Trophies) to play with, so make sure to visit Magic Tile info next to the Match button on the main screen each day to learn more about active and upcoming Magic Tiles.
- Replay a Duel match that you just finished. Speed it up, or slow it down, and learn from what just happened to improve your Clash Mini skills.
- Hero Shards are now the only currency used to upgrade Hero levels and skills. Existing Shards will be converted automatically for all players to accommodate this change.
- Optimized Quest experience and the addition of more Quest types! Starting this update, Quests can be completed only via Duel, Rumble, and Event matches.
- Introducing two new ways to obtain more cosmetic rewards in Shop: Luck Box (bought via different in-game resources, requires Exp Level 35) and Crystal Box (bought via Crystal Coins, requires Exp Level 8), which do not offer duplicate cosmetic rewards. Luck Box is also the Bonus reward at the end of the Mini Pass track.
- In-game texts for skill descriptions are now more concise.
- A lot of QoL changes and much more!
- Fixed issue where players might get stuck in Shop after checking Hero/Mini details
- Fixed inconsistent Hero and Mini prices between Collection and Shop
- Fixed issue where unlocked Heroes/Minis would still show up in Shop
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
- Welcome to the new theme: Forest Force, where adorable yet dangerous creatures reside!
Introducing 6 animal-themed Mini Skins: Wabbit, Lumberdale, Muscateer, Arctic Mage, Barkbarian, and 1 special Skin for our brand new Hero: Natureborn.
- Introducing our brand-new and original Hero: Nartureborn! Shapeshifting to Deer and Human forms to fit your strategy and placement on the battle board! Deer form is automatically enabled in the first two front rows, and Human form is in the two back rows, and depending on the form, Natureborn supports allies in different ways!
- New Mini: Bandit! Available for play on April 16, 00:00 UTC. Absorb Energy, dash around, stun, and cause chaos on the battle board!
- You asked for new game modes, so we got Events! Introducing the time-limited Misty Forest event series, unlocked at Player Level 5 and yielding special rewards. Three Game modes will be available, featuring a 6-player Battle Royale where players draft their own teams among a shared pool of Heroes and Minis to battle on a bigger battle board: Misty Forest (7x4).
1. Draft Rumble, available for two weeks in April.
2. Double Hero Draft, available for two weeks in May.
3. Double Hero Mega Draft, available for two weeks in June.
- Both Collection and the Deck Building area on the Main screen now support you in unlocking Troops and Skins directly from that screen. Assemble your troops and easily equip them with your favorite skins before entering the battle board!
- Player Avatars are here! Discover detailed career stats and pick your favorite avatar in the player profile. Express, flex, and customize your player profile with unique Avatars during the battle.
- Introducing the monthly Ranked Season and farewell Star Exchange: your Rank will be reset at the start of each Ranked Season as the exchange for Rank Reset rewards. Six Gizmos will be available for each Ranked Season and will rotate monthly. Optional Star Exchange will ONLY be available this April and REMOVED entirely afterward.
- We have reworked Crystal Coins: they can now be used to purchase various items, and players can earn Crystal Coins much more easily via various places in the game.
- Adjusted various Gold and Gem prices of Minis and Heroes and their related Shards.
- Rumble now offers the same Gizmo choices for all 8 players during a battle.
- Quests have been regrouped into four tabs to display their variety better!
- Quality of Life changes, bug fixes & more!
- Gizmos are here! Upgrade your minis, use their stars to deploy powerful Gizmos onto the board, and change the course of battle! Unlock more Gizmos by climbing the Trophy Road!
- Heroes now have 15 levels, and their skills and overall progression are brand new! Gather Crown Shards to level up your Heroes and Skill Shards to upgrade their skills. Enjoy deeper customization of your favorite Hero.
- Minis now require Star Shards instead of dedicated Mini duplicates to upgrade their Star level! Star Shards are the universal currency used to upgrade any mini of your choosing and can be obtained from the Shop, Quests, Trophy Road, Expeditions, and of course, Star Exchange.
- Emotes are here! Unlock special emotes or grab some from the shop and use them during battle to express how you genuinely feel both in matches and in your Clan Chat.
- Clash Mini is now 1 year old, and we are celebrating 1 year since the Beta launch with an event in which you can grab a special Emote if you complete 20 event quests in two weeks in December! Good luck!
- Visual & Audio Overhaul: Clash Mini has a shiny new look, giving it an, even more, toyetic aesthetic! New audio additions have also been included, such as new battle music for different Battle Boards, new lobby music, and general audio fixes, just to name a few. We are also introducing our first skin set - Robo Rumble, to match the brand-new Season theme.
- A bunch of improvements and changes to the User Interface! The collection, Main Screen, and other various places now look very different. Check them out!
- Welcome to the monthly Mini Pass, and the new Mini Pass will start independently of the new game update! Find the Robo Rumble skins and special emotes within the Pass.
- Clan members expanded to 30, and Boss HP of all three difficulties is 100.
- Say goodbye to Casual (unranked) matches! Ranked Duel & Rumble matches are now available to everyone. In addition, we added the Ready button in both modes.
- Introducing Free Mini Trial: time-limited events that occur every week that give you the opportunity to try out featured Minis, even if you haven’t unlocked them yet!
- Player Level Cap has been increased from 35 to 50.
- At the end of a Season, the lowest Star count eligible for an optional Star exchange is now 20 instead of 35.
- A lot of other improvements and changes! We are about to run out of space here, so please check them out in-game!
- Fixed the issue where an incorrect amount of Hero Fragments would be displayed upon receipt
- Embark on an Expedition and learn how to deal with various formations, strategies, and minis along the way! Solve 14 levels, and unlock Veteran and Nightmare difficulties for even better rewards! Want more? We also have unique challenges to go along with each level!
- Clan Levels! Now you can level up your clan by successfully defeating Raid Boss and with each Clan Level unlock Veteran and Nightmare difficulties of Raids for some sweet rewards.
- Daily Gifts! Make sure you log in each day to claim something shiny.
- Season 4 is here, and with it comes Bedtime Royal Ghost skin on the Season Road, and Clowntess skin in the Mini Pass Bundle.
- Brand new Crystal Coin skin for Magic Archer is here: Minstrel! Dazzle your opponents off the board with style.
- Deck slots are now expanded and you can create up to 5 decks!
- Introducing a new variety of quests for you to encounter each day.
- New Hero: Skeleton King is now on board and is ready to smash.
- New Mini: Royal Ghost is here and can become invisible!
- Say hello to our brand new Trophy Road! Unlock minis and rewards from going through the leagues!
- New Season “Down Under” is here and it is really dark and mysterious, featuring Acolyte skin for Healing Ranger.
- New game Board: Under! Featuring new tile that brings minis back onto the board for a second chance.
- Claim Supercell ID exclusive Barbarian skin: Barbari-hen and save progress on all of your devices.
- Raid Boss now can be played every 24 hours with up to 5 Clan members!
- Reworked Hero progression: Heroes now unlock their first upgrade at level 4, and the second upgrade at level 8!
- Reworked mini upgrades for: Barbarian (third upgrade), Electro Wizard (second upgrade), Valkyrie (third upgrade), Mini P.E.K.K.A (third upgrade) and Spear Goblin (third upgrade)!
- Season 3 Star Exchange and Rank Rewards are here! Claim them based on your star collection and league!
- And many visual improvements! Hint: if you own Crystal P.E.K.K.A, check out the critical hit effect!
New Splashy Sea-son is here! Collect new rewards and take your Pony on a boat adventure!
4 new minis: Swordsman, Fisherman, Golden Giant and Witch have arrived!
New hero: Wave Master! Ride the waves and disorient your opponents.
Shipwreck! A brand new mini battle board is here, featuring seashell tile that bounces you to the other side of the board!
Mini Clans are here! Join and play together, and defeat the challenging Raid Boss which will give you awesome rewards for working together!
Mini Star Exchange is in, and it is optional! Cash in your Mini Stars and receive Hero fragments, Crystal Coins and other rewards at the start of Season 2!
New Shipwreck-themed skins are here and they are slick!
Adjusted Mini Star progression! 1 fragment to unlock the mini, 1 fragment to unlock the first star, 3 fragments to unlock the second star, and 6 fragments to unlock the third star.
* Meet the new hero: Royal Champion! Obtainable via special quests and shop.
* Say Hello to the new minis: Musketeer and Prince! Obtainable via special quests and shop.
* Clashmas event quests with a special "Candy Elf" Spear Goblin skin reward are here! Jump in and start your Clashmas journey.
* Deck slots are here! Save up to 3 preferred mini decks.
* Mini Rooms! Invite your friends with a unique code and play together for fun and practice in both Duel or Rumble. Mini Rooms do not count toward completing Quests or toward Ranked play.
* Say goodbye to Challenge Coins, and hello to Crystal Coins - a special currency that you use for special Skins in the shop! WARNING: They are very dazzling.
* Since the Challenge Coins are gone, anyone can play as many ranked matches as they wish per day!
* Clashmas-themed mini skin set is here! Put on your ugliest sweater and check out some of the most beautiful hero and mini skins we have in store (literally) for you.
* More hero quests and more diverse daily quests!
* Spanish language support is here!
* Various balance changes applied! See r/clashmini for details.
* Clash Mini now consumes much less battery on various devices.
* Improved performance and a bunch of optimization on various devices.
* Pathfinding improved of various minis.

Clash Mini FAQ

Clash Mini在以下限制國家以外的其他地區可用:
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Adventure Pass
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Adventure Pass Plus
HK$ 118.00
Starter Pack
HK$ 38.00
Master Pack
HK$ 88.00
Shop Offer Bundle
HK$ 22.00
Special Offer
HK$ 53.00
Popular Pack
HK$ 18.00
Special Offer
HK$ 88.00
Special Offer
HK$ 68.00
Shipwreck Package
HK$ 32.00
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須使用 iOS 11.0 或以上版本。
須使用 iPadOS 11.0 或以上版本。
iPod touch
須使用 iOS 11.0 或以上版本。


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