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1.2.2for iPhone, iPad and more
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Evan Kice
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Feb 28, 2024
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About Afterplace

Afterplace is an adventurous indie game for mobile devices. It's a huge open world, full of hidden secrets, treasures, and creatures. You'll run around the woods, fight monsters, and talk to ostensibly shady characters! All from your pocket! Be warned though - you never know what the forest might be hiding, and not all trails are paved. Labyrinths and dungeons are tucked away in the most concealed nooks. There are no waypoints in Afterplace. You'll have to forge your own path.

Afterplace has been designed from the ground up to be a fast, fluid, beautiful experience for mobile. There are no virtual buttons. You can move and attack by touching anywhere. You can tap objects directly to interact or attack, or use two thumbs like a traditional controller. The game will adapt dynamically to your play style. Pick up and set down the game at your own pace, it will always save your progress. Afterplace is made to feel like a full-fledged indie adventure game that fits in your pocket.

About the Author:
Afterplace is made by one person, Evan Kice. A former software engineer from Austin TX, Evan quit his job (to the dismay of his friends and family) and has been working full time on Afterplace since early 2019. The initial game released in December of 2022, but Evan plans on continuing to support and polish the game when he can!
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What's New in the Latest Version 1.2.2

Last updated on Feb 28, 2024
Old Versions
- Fixed Clover not showing up postgame
- Fixed Librarian boss glitch
- Significantly reduced lag in town on lower-end devices
- Fixed elevator wall passthrough glitch
- Fixed cat shark jitter on high fps
- Fixed double Joxxi in town during sword head scenes
- Fixed partners disappearing sometimes when backtracking near end of game
- Fixed Coin reflections
- Fixed some postgame visuals
- Removed a stupid username from the credits
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Version History
Feb 28, 2024
- Fixed Clover not showing up postgame
- Fixed Librarian boss glitch
- Significantly reduced lag in town on lower-end devices
- Fixed elevator wall passthrough glitch
- Fixed cat shark jitter on high fps
- Fixed double Joxxi in town during sword head scenes
- Fixed partners disappearing sometimes when backtracking near end of game
- Fixed Coin reflections
- Fixed some postgame visuals
- Removed a stupid username from the credits
Feb 19, 2024
- Added over a hundred new dialogs and scenes for postgame and partner interactions
- Added three new Sword Head Scenes
- Added two new Bridge Troll Scenes
- Fixed occasional single pixel bar on right side of screen
- Fixed ui text bubbles disappearing when screen reorients
- Fixed how Bun talks near house vs secret clearing
- Added campfire bear to end of game
- Added new secret harder version of the final boss
- Added endgame scene for non-postgame ends
- Added postgame content for one ending
- Fixed several smaller text bubble, layering, and ui bugs.
Oct 24, 2023
- Fixed west cliff enemy sometimes attacking too quickly
- Fixed player-set volumes not being applied on game start
- Fixed how camera interacts with option dialogs
- Fixed shrine disappearing during endgame
- Fixed lag in town during endgame
Oct 18, 2023
- Reworked game icon to be more zoomed in
- Fixed some text bubbles disappearing when switching to landscape
- Prevented Minno from fighting after switching areas
- Fixed some book reactions playing in sequence
- Fixed player jump down sprite layering
- Disabled Minno woods entrance logic after mine cart
- Fixed sword and roller golem directional glitch when leaving area and returning
- Fixed how Clover talks to player in secret clearing
- Fixed Joxxi disappearing after mayor scene
- Fixed invisible wall during Joxxi cliff scene if player is not nearby
- Fixed odd colored single pixel bar along left side of screen
- Fixed train floor tiles missing
- Fixed vending machine light missing
- Fixed some shadow placements
- Fixed armor stand image ordering
Oct 10, 2023
- Fixed graphical tearing if screen is an odd number of pixels wide (iPhone 15, XS)
- Added support for 120fps
- Added two more normal armors, and one secret one
- Added more functionality to wheat
- Added one more ghost scene
- Made a treasure chest worse
- Added foreshadowing for an optional boss
- Added secret shrine
- Old lanterns now show in house
- Added more book and ramen chef dialogs
- Fixed Minno not using slingshot when appropriate
- Fixed inventory tooltip from getting larger over time
- Added goblin energy
Aug 21, 2023
- added character interjections on name select screen
- prevented player from leaving some critical conversations
- made gray text more accessibility
- Fixed squirrel boss not aggroing when player left and came back
- Fixed ability to get multiple west cliff charms
- added some missing death dialogs for Bun
- fixed thermos disappearing
Aug 1, 2023
- Fixed bug where player could start a scene early while on the elevator
- Fixed Thermos disappearing
- Fixed bug with heart being partially broken then left and refound later
- Fixed a room being partially hidden in library
- Fixed large text prices being cut off
- Fixed large text single lines being offset
- Fixed bug where players could get stuck if they turned game off during a specific cutscene
Jul 11, 2023
- Afterplace can now play at either 30 or 60 frames per second.
- Added haptic feedback
- Added settings for both fps and haptics enabling
- Fixed an npc duplication bug
- Fixed a bug where players could get trapped in a cave
- Fixed nightmare beasts not following player between areas
Jun 28, 2023
- Added more features to log and recover save files.
- Fixed two-thumb dodge rolling
- Fixed bridge troll occasionally not opening cage
- Fixed Clover occasionally saying a dialog variable
- Fixed some backgrounds not stretching properly in landscape
Jun 21, 2023
Added additional failsafes to prevent corrupted save data.
Jun 20, 2023
Fixed a bug where players would occasionally encounter a black screen on changing areas.
Jun 14, 2023
- Can get minno at library if missed at surreal blob
- Can get armor from merchant in house if player beats flamingo first
- Added flamingo and ship monster killed dialog to bun
- Disabled merchant scene if minno is partner
- Added librarian “missing cage” dialog in shattered
- Vincent now has different dialog if joxxi is mayor
- Gramps now comments on librarian disappearing, if they do while around
- Can now report surreal door in library to librarian
- Added partner dialog for breaking relic hearts
- Can now be hit by minno sandwich
- Added generic partner regain scene if player dies with a partner
- Joxxi now has dialog at bun boss, if no minno present
- gramps now scolds player for skipping his intro
- minno can now notice joxxi while on bridge
- vending minno now laments if joxxi doesn’t help them
- can no longer bring joxxi to merchant house scene
- added dialogs for minno in blue woods and bun if joxxi is following
- added joxxi post-teleporter reflection
- added joxxi trail trash dialog
- added joxxi interactions to bridge troll
- can now push joxxi back across cliff
- fixed caravaner prices being different than listed
Apr 28, 2023
- Fixed text bubble sizing at end of game
- Fixed initial bun dialog sometimes breaking
- Tutorials are now touch or controller based
- Tutorials no longer appear over settings menu
- Can now only get woods map if you ask
Apr 11, 2023
- Fixed tiling in several areas for landscape mode
- Fixed roller golem missile indicators sometimes not disappearing on defeat
- Fixed lake area being visible incorrectly in landscape mode sometimes
- Fixed how train and catacombs work in landscape
- Fixed a bug where text bubble could move the camera while also moving itself
- Fixed bun clearing sometimes disappearing
Mar 29, 2023
- Fixed hud offset for phones with notches
- Made landscape and portrait mode swapping change hud offset dynamically
- Increased touch area for hud in landscape
- Fixed bun wood clearing disappearing sometimes in landscape mode
- Fixed an issue with health bar horizontal positioning
Mar 26, 2023
- Overhauled game to work in landscape mode
- Fixed minno showing up in town before meeting in woods
- Fixed multiple minnos bug
- Fixed Joxxi Cliff scene not resetting if player walked too far away
- Added an obscure easter egg
Feb 2, 2023
- Made final boss transition more seamless
- Prevented doubles of some NPCs in some places
Jan 11, 2023
- Added a new scene to library if in the endgame, fixed various instances of partners disappearing in library
- Fixed Clover scenes playing if Clover was not available
- Fixed multiple Minnos showing up at nightmare woods if quests done in specific order
- Made beach tree interactive
- Fixed how partners work in infinite areas
Jan 4, 2023
- Fixed audio coming from phone speakers instead of media speakers
- Fixed missing audio when screen recording
- Fixed minno's quest in town not playing
- Fixed hint crow not considering a dungeon complete
- fixed some partner dialogs playing when they shouldn't
Dec 30, 2022
- Fixed some volume issues on certain sound effects
- Fixed some missing dialogs
Dec 29, 2022
- Fixed several bosses not working in low graphics mode
- Fixed Joxxi sometimes disappearing in library during end of game
- Fixed a missing wall near big sword in end game
- Added a missing credit
Dec 20, 2022
- Added ability to delete game data from settings
- Added accessibility mode that makes player not take damage
- Added messaging to "send error report", in case error report does not send
- Fixed an endgame scene playing when it shouldn't
- Merchant scene disables if not all characters are available
Dec 18, 2022
- Added camera shake slider to settings
- Fixed inventory not being usable during a boss fight
- Fixed text not playing during a boss fight
- Fixed game crashing during a boss fight
- Fixed some items being usable in a flashback
- Fixed text sometimes not playing at end of game
- Fixed characters disappearing if the game is turned off and back on mid conversation
- Fixed Minno not showing up in different places in town
- Fixed scene if you decide not to push a character
- Fixed being able to take wrong characters into scary woods
- Fixed pile of tapes exploding more than once
- Fixed character scenes playing when they shouldn't
- Fixed a wall that blocked player into scene that had already finished
- Fixed brief flash of wrong area before some scenes
Dec 9, 2022

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Afterplace is available in regions other than the following restricted countries:
Afterplace supports English
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Check the following list to see the minimum requirements of Afterplace.
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

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