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Cardinal Quest 2


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Jul 6, 2016
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About Cardinal Quest 2

Explore challenging dungeons! Encounter dangerous enemies as you grow in power and avoid the ever-present threat of death!

Challenge yourself in this this FREE ROGUELIKE RPG!

Cardinal Quest 2 is an approachable yet challenging roleplaying game. Dive into dangerous dungeons with unique characters and climb the leaderboards.



-Challenging roleplaying gameplay
-Choose 1 of 7 unique classes (Seriously! They all play radically differently!)
-Customize your character with loot and spells you find on your way
-Explore a deep achievement system with almost 150 achievements that will test your skill
-3 different acts present different monsters and environments to overcome
-Explore the tower which offers a deep and exhausting endless mode
-A unique morale system allows you to power-up your characters between dungeon dives and adds further customization
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What's New in the Latest Version 1.19

Last updated on Jul 6, 2016
Old Versions
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

- Wizard “Enslave” can no longer be dispelled.
- Wizard “Enslave” now recharges over time instead of with XP.
- Paladin “Consecrate” now uses the stronger Whetstone weapon damage upgrade formula.
- Pugilist “Chi Mastery” completely overhauled.

- Added a Legendary Weapon

- Various bug fixes
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Version History
Jul 6, 2016
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

- Wizard “Enslave” can no longer be dispelled.
- Wizard “Enslave” now recharges over time instead of with XP.
- Paladin “Consecrate” now uses the stronger Whetstone weapon damage upgrade formula.
- Pugilist “Chi Mastery” completely overhauled.

- Added a Legendary Weapon

- Various bug fixes
Apr 6, 2016
New in this version:
Added Spider Queen as a Tower boss.
Three Tower bosses now have unique boss levels.
Expanded the layouts of “Gauntlet” boss levels.
Tower bosses are now guaranteed to drop high-quality gear.

Paladin: “Devotee” perk penalty changed from -1 Attack to -1 Defense.
Ranger: “Close Quarters” perk increased from +1 Defense to +2.
Thief: “Ghost Run” will now notify you when a level has no chests.
Alchemist: Pistol can now use your Attack stat to inflict devastating critical hits.

Added a new Legendary potion.
Moved Elixir of Time to crafting tier 4.
Legendary items can no longer stack.

Fixed crash when multiple Wisps fireballed the same enemy.
Mobile: fixed bug where closing app on item screen could destroy the item.
Fixed issue with tab cycling when certain ranged enemies were visible.
Mana Potions now correctly fill Classicist mana bar.
Antivenom no longer allows even a single turn of poison damage.
Spells can now target invisible friendly Scavengers.
Allies will no longer spawn in closets on 1-7.
Fixed Scavengers turning hostile if attacked while under both Charm and Enslave.
Fixed bug where items could rarely spawn invisible or semi-transparent.
Mobile: Fixed hitboxes on difficulty select buttons.
iOS: Fixed sound issues with playing other music in the background.
Jan 4, 2016
Spells now have per-Act drop rates and may be more or less common in particular Acts.
Improved performance.

The Scavenger’s prices now drop back slightly every 20 floors.
Changes to spell drop rates (above) mean that you’re no longer guaranteed to find every spell by floor 30 or so.

Paladin: “Devotee” Perk now gives a permanent +1 Faith, -1 Attack.
Ranger: Dog will now continue to level up past Level 15.
Thief: “Merchant’s Pack” Gear will now auto-sell discarded items for gold when stealing.

Added a new spell, available in Act 3 and The Tower.
Reinstated “Haste”, now available in Acts 1+2 and The Tower.
“Restless Blade” will no longer auto-attack allies from melee range, but will still charge to attack from a distance.

Magic spells now save their charged/discharged status correctly.
Fixed a number of issues with friend and global leaderboards.
Fixed issues when uppercutting monsters into the Act 1 boss door.
Fixed behaviour of “Wrath of God” during end of Act 2.
Fixed crash when killing a boss and dying simultaneously.
“Restless Blade” is no longer allowed to kill something that’s already dead.
Neither is “Flintstaff”.
Fixed issue where spell/item targeting didn’t show the area of effect correctly.
Dog has been trained to forget enemies from previous levels instead of crashing.
Damage ranges will no longer be shown reversed (e.g. “2-1 damage”).
Fixed interaction between “Leech” and “Magic Mirror”.
Enemies are no longer allowed to teleport or throw flying players over bottomless voids.
Sep 17, 2015

Permanent allies (Form Wisp, Enslave) will now follow you to new levels instead of being left behind.
NPC AI improved. Ally NPCs will follow you more closely.
Reduced “Continue” score penalty from 25% to 10%.
Updated level exit artwork.


Overhauled character creation screens.
Added “Random” character option when you have more than one character unlocked.
Added unlock notifications when you unlock a new Act (or The Tower).


The Squire’s bonus chests now have a chance to appear on any level of the Tower based on your Achievement Rank. For example—a rank of 31 gives a 31% chance of a chest on each new level.
Enemies now increase in awareness in advanced floors, countering 1/2 point of Stealth per tier.
Reduced enemy Attack, Defense, Int and Faith scaling per Tower tier.
Increased enemy HP from floor 61+.
Adjusted high level scaling of talent-based damage from Fireball, Icebolt, Leech, Pistol, Bow and Pugilist.
Advanced tier weapons are now more likely to have upgraded damage.
Rebalanced consumable drop rates in advanced Tower floors.
Tower bosses will now toss their keys onto a nearby ledge if thrown into lava.


Added a new unlockable perk to every class.
Fighter: “Intimidate” redesigned as a targeted skill.
Fighter: “Charge” cooldown is now much faster.
Wizard: “Willpower” talent cap raised to 2, but no longer scales in the Tower.
Thief: Added new Gear option “Merchant’s Pack”.
Thief: Removed “Discount” talent. Added talents “Flurry” and “Dagger Mastery”.
Thief: Now starts with two Scrolls of Find Treasure instead of one.
Pugilist: -1 base Defense.
Pugilist: Replaced “Celerity” talent with “Lightfooted” (+1 attack, +1 speed).
Pugilist: “Headbutt” skill now only dazes you one time in ten.
Pugilist: “Come At Me” skill now applies -4 defense to target instead of -2 defense.
Pugilist: “Fatality” talent redesigned. Now paralyses adjacent enemies with terror.
Pugilist: “Toughness” now gives +7 hp instead of +6.
Pugilist: “Fightin’ Shoes” Gear item now has +1 speed instead of +2 speed.
Pugilist: “Fightin’ Mitts” Gear item now gives a damage buff.
Pugilist: “Fightin’ Stuff” Gear pack now gives an extra Potion of Invincibility.
Alchemist: Repeated applications of Potion of Carapace now give diminishing returns.
Reduced Polymorph’s effect on target’s HP.


Repeated drops of the same weapon or armor items are now much less likely.
Windrunners: Added +1 speed.
Restless Blade: Now gives 1-3 damage, +3 attack, autocharge.
Reduced extra stat buffs given to Wizards by Tomes.


Adjusted most enemy “Intelligence” stats to reflect general sentience and ability to communicate.
Smarter enemies will now deliberately target your more fragile allies.
NPCs can no longer cast spells on other NPCs unless they have a clear line of sight.
Nearby tentacles will no longer prevent Shadow Walk.


Replaced “Unlock X classes” achievements with achievements for unlocking each specific class, plus one achievement for unlocking all of them.
All win streak achievements now ignore Tower runs.


XP system no longer fails for XP levels higher than 47.
Fixed achievement “Poison Running Through Your Veins”.
AIs will no longer lose track of targets flying over pits or lava.
Fixed bugs caused by doing yourself lethal or near-lethal damage whilst wearing “Lover’s Necklace”.
Charming your Dog no longer makes them hostile.
Dog is no longer immune to Scroll of Nova.
Dog now shows hearts when polymorphed.
Pugilist’s “Headbutt” is now properly reset by Orb of Renewal.
Orb of Renewal will no longer drop you to 0 hp or below.
Several stability fixes, especially fixes for crashes on late floors of The Tower.
Jun 23, 2015
New legendary weapons!
Tons of tweaks to classes and skills!
Adjusted difficulty and balance of The Tower!
Lots of little bug fixes!

See full release notes here:
Mar 18, 2015
Meet the Alchemist!
-A new hero joins the ranks with the super powerful ability to break consumables down into reagents and brew new powerful consumables to battle your foes with!
-Before you can master this powerful ally, you must first find him by discovering his vials that are hidden across the various dungeons.

Explore the endless Tower!
-The tower offers an opportunity for a true endless dungeon-crawling mode!
-After you unlock a few achievements, the tower will be open to you.
-Get bonuses in the tower by earning more achievements.
-Try to get to the highest floor possible!
Nov 11, 2014
-Rebalanced experience system (in short, % XP bonuses are now a bit more effective)

-Thief now starts with an additional Sleep Powder

-Increased minimum damage of all Axes
-Added a selection of super-rare Legendary Items
-Legendary Items come from special chests, which are more common on higher difficulties
-Added a new spell dropped by Scavengers

-Scavengers will now fight you

-Added two new Scavenger-related Achievements
Mar 17, 2014
-Facebook Sharing Integration
-Several bug fixes relating to memory issues
Feb 6, 2014
Some display bug fixes
Minor performance improvements
Jan 9, 2014

Cardinal Quest 2 FAQ

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Check the following list to see the minimum requirements of Cardinal Quest 2.
Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later.
Requires iPadOS 5.1.1 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later.
Cardinal Quest 2 supports English, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese

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