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Apr 29, 2022
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About Exonaut Observer

Exonaut® Observer is the multi-purpose, mobile interface for the Exonaut® Readiness Suite. It allows you and your organization to execute a number of proactive as well as reactive readiness activities from anywhere. Available for both online and offline use, Exonaut® Observer gives the user the ability to gather and distribute information in a structured manner; information which can be further analyzed using the powerful tools of the Exonaut® Readiness Suite.

• Manage incidents and crises – notify your organization and establish a common operational picture using structured communication channels within seconds of an unforeseen event

• Perform on-site inspections and report your findings supported by the media capturing potential of your smart device

• Collect structured intelligence by using custom built reporting templates – never use pen-and-paper or spreadsheets reports again

• Connect observations to organizational assets to build your organisational knowledge base

• Access critical organizational information and documents both online and offline

• Work in a truly collaborative way, sharing information and even your geographical position with your colleagues in real-time.

Please note that Exonaut® Observer requires a configured Exonaut® server as well as the proper user clearance to function properly.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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What's New in the Latest Version 3.1.2

Last updated on Apr 29, 2022
Old Versions
Features added requiring an Exonaut 19.4 Server
• Activity list is sorted after Activity start time or Activity last modified date depending on Exonaut server setting.

Fixed bugs
• Information message now displayed for empty states in lists for Events, Incidents, Injects, Observations and Sub-activites.
• Menu to edit task is now visible after saving a change that has been made to the task.
• Corrected crash in map view that sometimes intermittent.
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Version History
Apr 29, 2022
Features added requiring an Exonaut 19.4 Server
• Activity list is sorted after Activity start time or Activity last modified date depending on Exonaut server setting.

Fixed bugs
• Information message now displayed for empty states in lists for Events, Incidents, Injects, Observations and Sub-activites.
• Menu to edit task is now visible after saving a change that has been made to the task.
• Corrected crash in map view that sometimes intermittent.
Nov 22, 2021
Added features
- Possibility to display ID on tasks.
- Filtered entity selection lists when attaching Entities to Activities and Observations.
- QLIK qk-include pass through parameters functionality.

Fixed bugs
- Issue solved where the map menu appears and immediately disappear.
- Observations without a name are now displayed correct in the map view.
- Observation name treated correct when saving the Observation.
- Now possible to set due date for a task before the current date/time.
- User editing object now visible in warning message for all users.
- Conditional attributes now copied when creating Activity from Observation.
- Reopened activities can now be seen in Observer.
- Fixed issue where Observer crashed when opening an activity that had a global Entity as an attribute.
- Observation type is now the first choice when creating an observation.
- Boolean attributes is now showing "No" when creating a new entity in TDE.
- A new activity, created in RMP or TDE, can now be edit by the creator in Observer directly.
- Entities in entity selector are now correctly displayed with icons when creating an observation.
- Log in issues corrected.
- Fixed iOS 15 compatibility issues.
Jul 1, 2021
General stability improvements. Contact 4C Support for more information.
Apr 16, 2021
Added features
· Support for Exonaut 19.4 server
· Support to add group as recipients to message
· Support for setting valid observation types on activities
· New entity/organisation view
· Entities sorted alphabetically in list view
· Global and local entities are shown in separate views
· Organisation is moved from activity to entities tab
· Free text search in entity/organisation view

Features added requiring an Exonaut 19.4 Server
· Support for control tasks
· Support for multiple qlikviews at the same time
· Support for filtering observation types based on activity or unbound context
· Support for internal app navigation via external web links
· Support for selecting local entities in ”Entity” system attribute
· Support for setting a default observation type on objectives
· Ability to opt-out from notifications
· Ability to delete sent messages

Fixed bugs
· The background for map action buttons is now transparent.
· For position attributes, the map view title is now the name of the attribute
· Correct background color now displayed for scenario object top tabs.
Dec 11, 2020
Added features
• Default icon used for secondary map object without an icon.
• Support for creating new task on entity.
• Added timeline of Events, Incident, Injects, Observations and Activities.
• Support for attributes on TEM objects.

Features added requiring an Exonaut 19.3 Server
• Support for Tabular Attributes.
• Support for editing existing tabular attribute values.
• Support added for Activity Checklists.
• Support for manual sort order on information sets.
• Support for Attribute groups.

Fixed bugs
• Possible to create task from task tab in activity.
• User tracks now updating correctly after restarting app.
• Corrected navigation bar issue in observation list.
• Correct error message when using quick-edit from main map offline.
• Selection of a Multi choice String attribute now saves correctly.
• "Find object" in map now marks the found object.
• Removed unnecessary confirmation dialog when submitting a new observation.
• Correct icon for re-start Measure Distance.
• Files under activity details do not disappear when Organisation section is collapsed.
• Corrected crash issue when tapping on nodes in Organisation tree.
• Corrected issue where "No date" was selectable when creating Observation.
Jul 7, 2020
Added features
• Support for showing all activity messages.
• Support for renaming attachments before submitting them.
• Activities with no start and end time now sorted by created date.
• Various map drawing improvements.
• Improved appearance of settings and filter views.
• Enable feature "Show all observations" for Entity now from Exonaut server version 18.2
• Support for creating observation with connected Scenario element (Event/Incident) and Entity, Objective and Grade.
• Show Observations list under Event and Incident detail views.
• Support for viewing list of all objects in map with ability to zoom on a selected object.
• Support for measuring distance between coordinates and objects in the map.
• Support for viewing Rollcall responses in map.
• Changes made to how files are stored.

Features added requiring an Exonaut 19.2 Server
• Description and Files can be hidden for Activities.
• Map objects on Injects visible and filterable in map.
• Display system attributes of type DATE in UTC format.
• Support for setting connected activity as mandatory for an Observation
• Support for user permissions on an Activity type when creating an Activity.
• Users can only create Sub-Activities of allowed sub-types on the Activity type.

Fixed bugs
• System permission dialogs now displayed after login.
• Now only possible to make Observations on Objectives that allows Observations.
• Language override now working correctly.
• Corrected issue with permissions for system attributes.
• Corrected issue where “handled” Observations was reset when editing the Observation in Observer.
• The map now displays the Object name instead of the Object Type name.
• Users are now prevented from trying to save Activities with too long names.
• Corrected issue where it was sometimes not possible to reassign a Task.
• Added missing navigation bar buttons to Documents view.
• Removed empty non-editable system attributes from in edit views.
• Graphical fixes in the map view.
• Removed confirmation dialog if user wants to save changes for an Observation when nothing has been changed.
• Removed possibility to submit a new message when no receiver is selected.
• Corrected logout issue where multifactor dialog was sometimes displayed.
• Send Roll Call button removed for users without permissions to invoke a Roll Call.
• Send Roll Call button now only visible when Roll Call templates are available.
• Corrected that Activity chat no longer clips over tab bar and navigation bar on iPad.
• Mandatory attribute with permission now editable by System Manager.
• Corrected that only top-node types are selectable when creating Entity in root of Entity set.
• Corrected an issue where the top bar displayed the wrong Activity name after creating an Activity.
• Grade icons are now correctly displayed when you do a quick grade.
• Now possible to set an Activity to inactive.
• Keyboard no longer hides permission dialog on small screens.
• Corrected that "Add Observation" button is now only shown for entities than can have Observations.
• "Time defined" on an Activity is no longer editable if user only has permission to edit single attribute.
• Now possible to create an Activity with read-only Boolean attribute.
Mar 16, 2020
- System notification messages are now gathered in the same tab.
- Support for editing date for observations.
- "Save" and "Submit" buttons for quick grades stick to top of view when scrolling through list of many objectives.
- Support for local observer attribute name (Requires special server configuration).

Features requiring Exonaut 18.2 Server
- Support for 2-step address search.

Fixed bugs
- Map zoom stays on the same level when doing quick-edit from main map.
- Quick-reply text area now expands to show full text.
Feb 7, 2020
Added Features:
- New shortcut to map drawing tools added within an activity when the user has edit rights to the Activity.
- Support for editing title labels on all map object types.
- Support for showing Scenario map objects in the Activity map.
- Support added to allow editing of already submitted image files.
- Support for creating global Entities.
- Support for editing connected Objectives for Entities within current Activity.
- Support for displaying the name of the user that has locked an object for editing.
- Support for selecting connected Entity and Activity when creating Task.
- Support for editing Tasks.
- Display to show progress during sync of server data and information about sync errors have been added.
- Support for automatically downloading files within current Activity. This feature needs to be enabled on the Exonaut Server.
- Support added to filter Scenario map objects by date, connected Entity and Event.
- Support for filtering Scenario list by free text, date and connected Entity.
- Support added for multi-value attributes with custom values.

Features added requiring an Exonaut 19.1 Server:
- Support for changing Inject status from app

Fixed defects:
- Communication types with no channels can no longer be selected when creating new messages.
- Edit map menu have now been aligned with main map options.
- Improved indicator of currently selected map object when editing.
- "Manage Permission" not hidden when searching for a name.
- Grade colors aligned with colors in TDE.
- URL link now possible to open from Infoset.
- Possible to open PDF files in a correct way.
- Fixed issue that sometimes an Entity user had multiple positions in the map.
- Now possible to select “directory content” when adding an attachment to an Observation.
- Events with “undefined start and end time” are now displayed as expected.
- Added confirmation dialog when discarding text changes.
- Icons now always visible in map edit view.
- Files on "Checks for Evaluators" on Objectives are now visible.
- Activity with mandatory attributes behaves as expected.
- Various UI and language fixes.
Dec 5, 2019
Stability fixes. contact 4C support for more information.
Nov 5, 2019
Added Features:
· Support for Exonaut 19.1 servers.
· Support for navigation to all objects in the map.
· Support for creating Tasks (Requires E18.1 server).
· Support for map objects to filter by Activity, Entity and Observation types.
· Support for displaying the map as normal, satellite or hybrid.

Features added requiring an Exonaut 19.1 Server:
· Support for permissions on objective sets.
· Support for viewing and creating sub-activities
· Filter to show all Observations on an Entity when opened inside of an Activity.
· Permissions automatically granted for Entities within an Activity. To enable this, settings needs to be updated server side, default is that this feature is turned off.

Fixed bugs:
· Correct conditional attributes now displayed when editing an Observation or Activity.
· Activity type icon correctly displayed for Activities.
· Possible to edit a picture before submitting to the Exonaut server also when language is set to Swedish.
· Possible to use international phone number format (+46…) for Roll calls.
· Possible to call a phone number stored in Info Set by long pressing it.
· New objects are highlighted in the tab bar with a red circle and number of objects.
· Entities now correctly displayed in the Activities map.
· Event Observations in an exercise is correctly connected to the exercise/Activity in TDE.
· Saved observations now included in "My observations only" filter (pre E18 server).
· Now possible to resend message that fails to send.
· Check for evaluators correctly displayed.
· Observation Entity filter now works correctly for local Entities.
· Map filter adjusted to display the correct Activities and Observations within the set timespan.
· An Entity's default objectives are now automatically added when the Entity is connected to an Activity.
· Possible to view more than one attachment connected to an Observation in preview mode.
· Quick grades that failed to submit due to network issues are now handled correctly.
· URL:s added as Infoset files can now be opened from Observer.
· More informative error and information messages
· Graphical adjustments
· Performance improvements
· Crash fixes
Jul 8, 2019
Features added:
- Support for Exonaut 18.2 servers
- Support for editing multiple map objects
- Support for free-text search in Documents/Infoset tree
- Support for drawing on image attachments.

Features added requiring an Exonaut 18.2 Server:
- Support for system role “System activity creator”
- Support for secondary map objects
- Support for freehand drawing map objects
- Support for editing and displaying specific icons per map object
- Support for creating local Entities within current Activity
- Support for editing Entities (both global and local)
- Support for displaying map coordinates

Bug fixes:
- When creating a new message, correct icon is displayed for setting map position
- Correct object icon now displayed in Entity and Activity map
- Better update of Observation map object
- Observations belonging to deleted entity now removed.
- Able to add files to a message without display issues
- Able to select dynamic entity type in a communication message.
- Visible ID displayed in Observation list.
- Full visible ID displayed for Objectives.
- Loading activities correctly into Observer
- Unread message number displayed correctly
- Activity messages only plays one sound message
- Name changed Entity and Position attributes now handled correctly
- Able to edit existing Activity map objects.
- Map filter button moved next to search bar
- Message now displayed when password has expired and user has been logged out
- TEM events, incidents and injects are now removed when deleted from an exercise
- Global Observation now connected to created activity
- Activity map objects only displayed within the activity
- Able to create observations for organisation entities.
- Graphical issues corrected
- Crash fixes
May 24, 2019
Features added:
- Support for Exonaut 18 servers
- Improved user interface with improved action buttons on home page
- Improved notification handling with banners
- Notification when app finished initial data synch
- Support for rotating map grids
- Possibility to navigate from notification banner to the related object
- Improved user track capability
- Swipable Image Gallery
- Support for sorting activities by date
- Activity list shows current (ongoing) activities by default. Viewing all activities is selectable
- Possibility to get navigation to an Activity if position is available
- Improved synch of data
- Possibility to open map view directly from Entity and Activity detail view
- Display user contact information if users are entities

Features added requiring an Exonaut 18 Server:
- Added support for managing BCM tasks
- Support for invoking and handling tasks with templates
- Support for Roll Call Tasks
- Display of configurable information views on activities and entities, including dashboards
- Support for requiring acknowledgement of sent messages and support for acknowledging received messages

Bug fixes:
- Only play sound effect for activity chat messages that have the alert flag set
- Activity Synchronization improvements
Feb 19, 2019
- General bug fixes, contact 4C support for more information.
Feb 5, 2019
- General bug fixes, contact 4C support for more information.
Jan 24, 2019
- Edit User permissions when editing Activity.
- Activity organization (requires E17.2 server). Ability to assign users to roles in the organization as designed for the activity
- Support for reporting user position on Entity User instead of User (requires E17.2 server with Entity Users enabled).
- Support for virtual Entities (requires E17.2 server).
- Improved update handling with prioritized updates (requires E17.3 server).
- Support for receiving external Entity positions via WebSockets for faster map updates (requires E15 server).
- Support for push notifications (requires E17.3 server with a configured push server).
- Removed the manual “Synchronization” button under Settings.
- Added “Submit saved observations” feature that will submit all saved observations after off-line usage.
- Usability improvements.
- Performance improvements.
- General bug fixes, contact 4C support for more information.
- Now only supports server versions E15 and higher.
Sep 7, 2018
- Unique language constants for standard attributes on observations
- General bug fixes, contact 4C support for more information
May 23, 2018
Fix: Attributes are ordered according to setup in Exonaut TDE
Fix: Observation type stays the same when editing an activity observation
Apr 19, 2018
Compatible with EXONAUT® 17 Servers
Ability to open any map point in external navigation app
Support for Address Search functionality in the map view
Added ability to draw lines and paths in the map view
Support for editing polygons in the map view
Support for ‘tool tips’ on Attributes
Access to user list from settings menu
Added ability to follow entities in the map view
Added ability to show entity tracks in map view
General improvements, optimizations and bug fixes
Nov 14, 2017
*** Note: This version of Observer requires a reinstall. Please uninstall the Observer app before installing this version. ***

Compatible with EXONAUT® 16 Servers
Support for iOS11
Support for Drawing polygons and circles in the map view
Improved performance
Support for grade systems using percentage
General improvements, optimisations and bug fixes
Jun 16, 2017
- Now works also with E15 servers
- Edit observations, even after they have been submitted to the server
- Filter on groups to select users
- Able to create activities from observations
- Copy text from anywhere within the app
- Multiline text fields
- General improvements, optimisations and bug fixes
May 12, 2017
- General improvements and bug fixes
Apr 5, 2017
- Conditional/mandatory attributes
- General bug fixes and improvements
Dec 19, 2016
Support for Exonaut version 14.1 with retained backwards compatibility towards Exonaut 13.
Various improvements and bug fixes, including fixes to objective list where some objectives were hidden.
Nov 12, 2016
Bug Fixes:
- Objectives are now sorted in the same order as when setting them up in Exonaut TDE
- Conditions and standards are now shown in details view for all objectives
- Several issues with activities newly created from the device are resolved
- Message panel is now always enabled when in an activity
Oct 29, 2016
- New communication framework enabling real-time updates of information
- Updated and streamlined user interface
- Support for iOS10
- Performance improvements and bug fixes

Exonaut Observer FAQ

Click here to learn how to download Exonaut Observer in restricted country or region.
Check the following list to see the minimum requirements of Exonaut Observer.
Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
Requires iPadOS 10.3 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
Exonaut Observer supports English, German, Swedish

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