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2.0.7for iPhone, iPad and more
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Mar 29, 2024
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About Flash Party

A thrilling and fair battle!

Flash Party brings another major update: removing levels, introducing crossover Hero: ICEY, new terrains, and combat mechanics... The fun and exciting fighting party continues!

Flash Party is a platform fighter. You can control the most interesting heroes in this exciting fighting party. Attack, jump, dodge, and block... throw your opponents off-stage with all sorts of moves!
Discover your unique style, and you are the next Party Star!

[How to Win]
To win the party, it's as simple as knocking everyone else off-stage! Attack the Heroes controlled by other players and increase the Knock-out Score above their head; The higher the KO Score, the more susceptible they are to knock-outs.

[Original Characters]
Meet all kinds of unique original characters! A Chubby snowman, a God of Trial that descends from heaven, a high school girl with an apple-shaped head, and an idol singer admired by all, everyone’s waiting for you in the exciting Flash Party battles! Of course, there's also the brand new hero from the indie action game ICEY, as well as the Kamaitachi Girl designed by players... With over 20 unique heroes to choose from and more new heroes being introduced, the action never stops!

[New Adjustments]
Level Removal: In this major update, the leveling mechanism will be removed to make parties more fair. The existing levels (4 and above) will be converted into adequate compensation. Now is the time to come back and continue the party!
New Battle Mechanics: Jablock, Edge Fall, Shield Pushback... all new battle mechanics are arriving with the Starwaves update. Experience the fun of new combat on an even more intense battlefield!
New Terrain & Matchmaking System Adjustments: Three new terrains have been added, with the timed map rotation system abolished and replaced by randomly matched maps for each game. After a match, you can "battle again" with your opponent for the ultimate BO3 showdown.
Contents Return: Previous seasons' lobby scenes, lobby background music, and arena skins will be added to the store and can be purchased with Stardust.

[Game Modes]
After the Starwaves update, all maps will be randomly matched. Here, you will participate in 1v1 Challenge, Team Competition, Brawl, and Soccer Showdown, as well as weekend-limited event modes, and Friendly Battle mode to play with friends anytime.
For players who want to hone their skills, join the Pinnacle Arena! Rise to higher ranks in modes such as Pinnacle Solo, Pinnacle Relay, and Pinnacle Team, and become a master player in the party!

[Personalized Outfits]
Collect various themed hero skins, KO effects, and other decorations from themes like Pool Party, Oriental Legend, Western Adventure, and Cosmic Adventure to become the shining star of the party!

[Season: Party Pass]
With the beginning of the Starwaves major update, the season will be SS1. Each season has a unique party pass theme, and by participating in competitions or completing seasonal missions, you can unlock party rewards, including skins, emojis, KO effects, and more. Purchase a Star Card to unlock more missions and have a chance to redeem past season-exclusive rewards.

[Enjoy Socializing]
Find more friends in the party, team up for battle or practice together. Create a dojo and improve together with friends. Edit your hero banner to showcase your accumulated achievements. Compete for the regional rankings of hero scores and arena ranks and become a top-ranked fighter in your area. Go to the video hall to find your mentor. Here, you have multiple ways to enjoy the joyful fighting party with others!

Shine on, Party stars! Special reminder: Although the party is exciting, please don't be overly addicted~
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What's New in the Latest Version 2.0.7

Last updated on Mar 29, 2024
Old Versions
New Party Pass: Sword of Hope
SS4 Arena Exclusive Skin: Mr. 5 Dressed to Impress
Tina: Dreadlocks Girl, New Palette Colors
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Version History
Mar 29, 2024
New Party Pass: Sword of Hope
SS4 Arena Exclusive Skin: Mr. 5 Dressed to Impress
Tina: Dreadlocks Girl, New Palette Colors
Feb 29, 2024
Thanatos' New Skin: Relic Hunter
New palette colors for Tarara's skin: Summer Combat
Jan 29, 2024
New Season Legends of the Loong Out Now!
New Color Palette Skins Arrive!
Dec 28, 2023
ICEY's New Legendary Skin: Starlight Guardian
Nov 28, 2023
Flash Party's third anniversary celebration event
New SS2 season: Forever Party and the new Party Pass
2 Brand New Maps:Sky Duel and Deep Sea Dancing
Oct 30, 2023
Heracles' Brand New Legendary Skin: Dragon Slayer
Classic Stage Returns: MMA Gallery
Battle Balance Update
Sep 27, 2023
[New All-rounder Hero: ICEY]
The collaboration between Flash Party and the indie action game ICEY is officially launched!
Time starts to flow again, and ICEY embarks on a journey to find herself once more. This time, she arrives in Metropolis. Pummel, cyclone, overload... those familiar skills will be on display on the party stage!

[Starwaves - Major Version Update]
Flash Party welcomes another major update, including many adjustments, hoping more players can enjoy the fun of Flash Party!The main content of this update includes:
- Removal of Hero Level system
- Added battle mechanics: Edge Fall, Jablock, Pushback Influence
- Added three new maps
- Matchmaking Mode changed from following time map rotation to random map selection
- 1v1 mode and peak arena add rematch function, allowing up to BO3 matches
- New Hero proficiency system, improving proficiency unlocks various rewards
- Added Stardust appearance shop, with past Season lobby, BGM, loading Background, arena Skin, etc. returning gradually

[New SS1 Party Pass: Starwaves]
New Season: Starwaves and new Party Pass coming soon! We will launch the new SS series Season after this update and reset the Season digital code!
Purchase the Party Pass to immediately get Gwynn: Blood Moon. Complete party missions, continuously unlock a large number of resources and various outfits, and reach level 30 to get Tarara Starwaves Skin: Dreamy Starwave. Don't miss out on the great rewards!
Aug 28, 2023
[Tina's New Skin: Tide Knight]
Tina was the first to suggest going to Atlantis with Seaya. As a motorcycle racer on land, she can still subdue her enemies with extreme speed underwater.

[Seaya's New Skin: Azure Rhythm]
With Old Tinker preoccupied with refitting S-17, Cookie volunteered to manufacture battle armor for Seaya. Fusing Cookie's mechanical expertise with the style of a star, this deep-sea armor will surely aid Seaya in her "special" comeback performance.

[Sandy's New Legendary Skin: Extreme Flame]
Despite firing the "Meow Mirage Cannon" with her final energy, S-17 lost to the Council Elder wielding the magno stone. As the situation reached a critical point, a familiar figure emerged from an erupting underwater volcano - it was none other than Sandy, the hardest-working fighter in Metropolis! Nonetheless, it seems that Sandy's volcanic practice has led to a runaway state, with his body emitting intense flames, which may signify: the soul of extreme physical skill...
Jul 27, 2023
[New Power House Hero: Gwynn]
Gwynn is a brand-new Power House Hero, and the seamless bond forged with the Astral Greatsword during their adventures allows this seemingly small girl to skillfully command the greatsword on her back, unleashing wide-ranging attacks. As a Power House Hero, Gwynn's up special and side special moves both have significant area damage and excellent KO potential. Her neutral special can summon meteorites to attack targets and with a Colorful Sticker equipped, she can also shatter ground-based meteorites, causing explosions. Gwynn's down special is a close-range grab amd throw, and is able to unleashes a gravity black hole attack after a successful grab. When equipped with a Sticker, this ability also generates a gravity field that restricts the gravity of everyone within it, making Gwynn's massive sword assault even more terrifying.

[New Feature: Friendly Battle Tournament Room]
You can now create an 8-player single-elimination tournament room directly in Friendly Battle, inviting friends or recruiting players from the world channel to join. Anyone can host a fighting competition anytime, anywhere! Tournament rooms support both 1v1 and Team Relay modes, as well as full BO1 and BO3 for semifinals, and BO5 for finals. Let's heat up the party matches!

[New Feature: Replay Theater]
Introducing the Replay Theater feature – all players can now directly review in-game match replays here! In addition to scrolling through recommended high Rank exciting matches, the Replay Theater also supports customized searches based on Rank, character, and player ID. If you want to improve your combat skills by studying replays, this feature will be a great help!

[New Feature: Match ID Sharing and Replay]
In addition to the Replay Theater feature, we also support sharing and replaying specific matches. Each match can be shared using its match ID, and other players can enter your match ID in the game to directly watch the corresponding replay. Share your exciting matches and discuss with your fellow community members!
Jun 28, 2023
[Journey of Souls Skin Set]
It is said that in the realm of souls, many ancient spirit beasts dwell. If they meet a destined person with a similar personality, these spirit beasts will appear and endow them with their own divine power.
Out of curiosity, or in order to calm the restlessness from the rift, the Heroes chose to step into the realm of souls.
What kind of trial will be waiting for them?

Lan: Golden Snake
After discovering the Soul Rift, Lan calls on his friend Tong to find out. The moment he entered the rift, Lan felt an unprecedented energy filling his body—Golden Snake, the spiritual beast, appeared. Lan, who was blessed by the Golden Snake, gained extraordinary perception. Now, even with his eyes closed, Lan can grasp every moment of the battlefield through the changes in air and temperature.

Tong: Demonic Fox
Tong, who can go up the mountain of swords and down the sea of fire for a good wine, has never seen such a mysterious place. While dazed, a white fox skipped gracefully to Tong,turning into a green flame. Demonic Fox gave Tong a brand new fighting form: ghostly and unpredictable, fierce as flame.

Sivi: Wolf Spirit
After bringing back the soul of Sandy, Sivi was full of curiosity about the realm of souls described by Foxx. After Sivi entered the rift, he encountered a Wolf Spirit who standed guard at the edge. They engaged in a fight, with both sides expressing appreciation and admiration in their eyes.
The blue Wolf Spirit in front of him is also the leader of the pack of wolves here, looking up to the sky and howling. The ground trembled, and every spirit beast could hear the ecstasy in it: the Wolf Spirit, who had been lonely for thousands of years, finally found his destined person.
With his newfound wolf spirit abilities, Sevi seemed reborn. Treading on the azure spiritual flame, he continued his adventure in the realm of souls.

[Friendly Battle: new Arena Match mode]
A new Arena Match mode has been added, featuring automated gameplay for 2-player single bo3 matches. With the addition of a challenger queue, if a player loses, they are automatically replaced by the next challenger to continue the game while the defeated player re-enters the queue.
May 29, 2023
Season 10: Soul Rift
The new season: Soul Rift and the brand-new Party Pass are coming soon!
Purchase the Party Pass and immediately receive the Cookie & Can Recolored Skin: Charming Purple. Complete Party Missions to unlock a massive amount of resources and various costumes. Reach Level 30 to obtain the S-17 Alter Verse Skin: Unit-02. Don't miss these amazing rewards!

S10 Arena Exclusive Skin - Thanatos: Servant of God
The cold and haughty servant carries out God's commands without fail.
During the new season, reach Level 20 Intensity in the Arena to receive S10 Arena Exclusive Skin - Thanatos: Servant of God!

Training Ground Update
A variety of new features are added to the training ground:
AI toggle button and AI difficulty levels
Adjustable initial position, KO score, power gauges for both player and AI, with an option to reset at any time
Apr 26, 2023
[New Hero: Foxx, the Healer of Souls]

Foxx, the most renowned doctor in Metropolis, has made a deal with the King of Souls to save his best friend from a life-threatening illness. In exchange for his sight, Foxx is now able to perceive the souls of others, and has become the "Healer of Souls."

Now, his friend's soul resides within Foxx's body, manifested as a spiritual hand that watches over him. Together, they embark on a journey to the Flash Party's stage, where they will fight side by side and win match after match until their wish is granted.

Foxx is an Assaulter with excellent combo skills and close-range combat abilities. His giant hand can assist in attacks and grabs, as well as counter-attacks.

One of Foxx's unique abilities is the use of two types of scalpels, red and blue, which can be used to create devastating attacks. When the blue scalpel is used to perform a neutral attack, it applies a "Soul Mark" to the opponent. Using the red scalpel, Foxx is able to unleash his lethal follow-up attacks. The red scalpel can detonate the “Soul Mark” and create an extra explosion. Mastering the use of the blue and red scalpels and seizing the advantage in battle will be the key to Foxx's success.

After equipping Colorful Stickers, Foxx's skills will gain even stronger combo abilities, and his giant hand will be further empowered to help him seize the initiative on the battlefield.

The scalpel is also a weapon of victory. The unquenchable soul fire under Foxx's eye patch will ignite cheers and applause throughout the Flash Party.

New: Hero Foxx will be released on April 26th!

[New Skin Set: Vernal Ode]

The sweet fragrance of spring fills the air. In this season of renewal, even Foxx has cast off his past gloom and decided to take a break with his best friend in the countryside. But who could have anticipated that Alice would join them?

No one knows exactly when Alice arrived at the campsite, but Foxx believes that a little bit of sunshine is good for children, so he sets up his canvas and prepares to welcome the coming of spring with a painting full of greenery and flowers.

New Legendary Skin for Alice: The Little Gardener

Who says sleepy children don't like to play outside? Mr. Rabbit is the first to disagree! As the weather warms up, Alice has put on her gardener's outfit and is ready to go to the most popular outdoor destination in Metropolis to plant flowers - or, play in the mud!

New Skin for Foxx: Primavera Painter

Painting has always been a shared hobby for Foxx and his friend. This spring, they pack up their paintbrushes and canvases, ready to create some new paintings and memories.

[New Feature: Chat with Seaya Beta Test]

A new Beta test version of the AI chat feature has been released, with Seaya's icon appearing in the chat system. Try chatting with her!

(Please note that this AI chat feature is only a Beta test version, and Seaya's comments do not represent the official position of Flash Party.)

[New Friendly Battle Mode: Competitive Tag Team Match]

Competitive Tag Team Match is now available in the Friendly Battle mode, with no strikers and no buffs. Work together to win with your strength!
Mar 29, 2023
[New “Dojo” System]
The highly-anticipated Dojo System has finally arrived! You can now assemble a Dojo that belongs to you and your friends with exclusive chat channels and the ability to show it off on the Leaderboard and your Personal Information. Please don't forget to complete the Dojo Mission "Rise of Rookies" together for great rewards!
More information about Dojo is coming soon, so keep an eye out!
[New S9 Season]
New Season: Wheel of Destiny is here, and S9 Party Pass is about to be released!
Purchase the New Party Pass to receive Alice’s Recolor Skin: Andromeda. Complete the Party Mission to unlock loads of Resources, various Costumes, and Sivi's Alter Verse Challenge Skin Set: "Vibrant Red" when you reach Level 30. Don’t miss these super-value rewards!
[New Skin Set: Wheel of Destiny]
Legend has it that Tarots possess the power to glimpse into the future and delve deep into the inner workings of people's hearts.
The Heroes were astonished to uncover a whole new personality when the card was revealed.
New Skin Set: “Wheel of Destiny” is being released on March 29th!
[Tina’s Legendary Skin: Strength]
Tame the lion of your heart and master your true strength.
Tina’s New Legendary Skin: “Strength” is being released on March 29th!
[New Skin for Sophia: Justice]
The Princess has donned a suit of knightly armor and embarked upon a journey of self-discovery.
New Skin for Sophia: “Justice” is being released on March 29th!
[New Skin for Mr.5: The Hermit]
Sinking into the darkness of solitude, The Hermit was finally able to comprehend the ever-shifting nature of the battlefield.
New Skin for Mr.5: “The Hermit” is being released on March 29th!
[New S9 Party Pass]
New Season: Wheel of Destiny is here, and S9 Party Pass is about to be released!
Purchase the New Party Pass to receive Alice’s Recolor Skin: Andromeda. Complete the Party Mission to unlock loads of Resources, various Costumes, and Sivi's Alter Verse Challenge Skin Set: "Vibrant Red" when you reach Level 30. Don’t miss these super-value rewards!
[S9 Arena Exclusive Skin - Cupid: Angel of Love]
Just Cupid being himself, the angel of love!
During the new season, reach Level 20 Intensity in the Arena to receive S9 Arena Exclusive Skin - Cupid: Angel of Love!
[Magician’s New Recolor Skin: Astrologer]
Would you like to experience a captivating glimpse of his Starlight Magic?
[New Story Event: Finding Soul Energy]
A series of strange occurrences are happening in the Metropolis as fortune-telling starts to gain popularity. What secrets lie behind?
Mar 2, 2023
Fixed an issue that the game may not start when you use the Thai Buddhist calendar time.
Feb 27, 2023
[Party Royal Update: two-player team mode]
The new two-player mode with new items, new abilities and new resurrection mechanisms. Come with your friends to experience a survival duel like never before!

[New Skin Set: Party Sweets]
The sweetness of February melts away the winter chill in Metropolis: Desserts! Hot drinks! Chocolates!
The season of La Dolce Vita has arrived. Tarara and Pururu received an invitation from Metropolis' most popular Maid Cafe and changed into custom-made costumes, lovingly prepared by the shop manager for their special visit. Snow-white laces, lovely bows, and a frilly bubble skirt, no one can resist the charm of an adorable maid presenting her Honmei choco, right?
The cafe was soon bustling with people eager to witness the grace of this energetic new staff; it was nearly impossible to move! Pururu, in a moment of inspiration, called upon his robotic friend S-17 for urgent help. S-17 arrived with Cookie, her adorable kitten, who stepped in to become the shop's mascot for the moment.
However, upon the arrival of the lovely mechanical maid and her feline companion, the shop's popularity skyrocketed, attracting even more people than ever before...

[Tarara’s Legendary Skin: Just for You]
Rumor has it that Metropolis' star players, Tarara and Pururu, have agreed to work at the city's most popular Maid Cafe, likely for the owner's tailor-made maid and butler costumes!
In her delicate laces and bows, Tarara has captivated the attention of all in her beautiful maid costume. Get ready for Tarara’s lovingly-crafted chocolate during this lovey-dovey valentines day!

[New Skin for S-17: Maid-in-Training]
Answering Pururu's urgent call, S-17 readied herself to brave the latest crisis in Metropolis. Upon arriving, she was surprised to find herself in a cozy coffee shop with a sweet aroma filling the air.
“Beep... Area scan complete. Short-handed and in need of help... Activating emergency mode...” Emergency mode activated. Huh? Why do I have to put on a maid costume?
The maid-in-training busied herself in the cafe, serving up special holiday meals to customers. She is a little shy. Didn't more customers flock in after her arrival?

[New Skin for Cookie & Can: Kitty Chef]
Who says Rat is the only one who can cook? Cookie is also an incredible cook in his own right!
Here, a delightful mocha with paw-shaped latte art created in a flash of mixer and claws. What!? Unhygienic? Can, get this guy outta here!
Jan 10, 2023
[Major Version Update 1.0: Stardust Warriors]
At last, the much-anticipated Major Version Update "Stardust Warriors" is here!
We have a bunch of exciting content: New Heroes, Universal Mechanism, Sticker Mechanism, BR Mode, New Season, and various New Skins... Turning the page for this multi-platform next-gen platform fighter!

[New Hero: Cookie&Can]
Tinker’s kitten, Cookie, is a super rare male calico cat. It’s said that they were born in 1/400000 chance and are considered a symbol of luck. Grandpa Tinker is an incredibly talented handyman. Not only did he create S-17, but he also constructed Cookie's exclusive fighting Mech, "Can," which drastically improved Cookie's combat capabilities in the party

[Hero’s Universal Mechanism]
The major update “Stardust Warriors” introduces the revolutionary “Hero Style Enhancement,” categorizing Heroes into four distinct types: Assaulter, Impeder, Power House, and All-rounder. Heroes are assigned corresponding Universal Mechanisms according to their type, adding more variety to their gameplay.
The Assaulter Heroes can cancel an action after landing a specific attack; the Impeder Heroes strengthen the next Grab & Throw after hitting the shield a certain number of times; Power House Heroes increase damage according to their current KO Score; and All-rounder Heroes charge three directional gauges - Up/Mid/Down - with attacks of corresponding directions, and when all three are full, they can unleash a more powerful Super Neutral Special, which starts the charging process over again after release.

[New Sticker Mechanism]
The "Stardust Warriors" update has increased the maximum Hero Level to Lv.10. Sticker as a replacement Skill will be adjusted to Normal Stickers and Colorful Stickers. Generic sticker slots are unlocked as the Level escalates, providing various ability boosts for heroes, such as Weight increase, Skill Damage increase, Movement Speed increase, Damage to Shields increase, etc.
Also, Colorful Stickers slots will be unlocked for Heroes at Levels 7 and 10, respectively. Heroes will have 4 Colorful Stickers that grant Heroes various passive Skills without altering their original Skill, allowing for a range of diverse play styles.

[Hero Shop]
The Hero Shop is officially online! You can purchase Heroes from the Hero Shop using either Hero Coins or Lucky Coins and decide whom to unlock first.
Lucky Coins can be acquired through the Star Pass, Party Pass, and regular Events.

[Lab Mode Update: Party Royale]
BR Mode: Party Royale is coming to Lab Mode on January 10th, offering a 10-player survival match.
Players are dropped into a perilous jungle in “Party Royale.” You can look for Chests to uncover valuables that strengthen your fighting power, utilize different Map mechanisms to reach the match point circle, use the terrain to your advantage, and surprise your opponents with various items you have discovered.
Dec 21, 2022
Improved the stability of the Dual-Channel Communication Mode.
[New Skin Set: Snow Reverie]
The annual Snow Festival is coming up, and Seaya decided to host a magical performance to celebrate this special occasion with everyone, with snow as the theme. She has even invited Cupid from the Cosmic Top 100 DJs as her accompanist. What kind of creativity will their collaboration spark?
Magician, the Ace Agent, has not been idle as well. He dressed in Santa fashion and sent gifts to every show audience.
The show is about to start! Her voice is an ethereal snowflake, and the song is a dreamy aurora. You can hear the heavenly duet from afar, overflowing with festivity spirits.
The Snow Reverie Skin Set will be released on December 20th!

[Ice and Snow Reverie Skin Set: Seaya - Song of Snow]
Seaya puts on the carefully chosen costume prepared by Tina and casts a spell of Atlantis quietly under the spotlights.
The stage has instantly turned into a reverie of snow. Seaya strolls out like a queen from her snowy palace, about to conquer the world with her beautiful voice one more time.
Seaya’s Legendary Skin: Song of Snow is making its debut on December 20th!

[Ice and Snow Reverie Skin Set: Cupid - Music Man]
Cupid has finally become Seaya’s special guest for her Winter Concert. It's said that he's going to try something different this time?
Dressed in a tuxedo, piano keyboard in hand, Cupid is going to get the audience hyped up with his magic and music again!

Ice and Snow Reverie Skin Set: Magician - Gift Courier]
The Ace Agent will never miss a chance to promote his performers. Now, the Magician is in front of the venue, dressed in a Santa Costume, handing festival gifts to the guests —— Seaya’s peripheral goods, of course, but who wouldn’t want it?
Nov 30, 2022
[November Lab Mode Update]
Another batch of Heroes has acquired their new Skills, and now they are ready to practice with us in Lab Mode!
Cupid, Chilli, Seaya, Sivi, Alice, and Kamiki Yuri is arriving in the Lab Mode after the November 30th update. Please feel free to give their new Colorful Stickers a try.
In the meantime, the required Stars for entering Lab Mode are now reduced to 500 Stars. So please go ahead with your tryout and give us feedback when you finish. Please go to [Select Mode] for the Survey!

[Video Game Story Skin Set]
On the Metropolis Space Explorer, Dr.Cookie is researching a recently discovered Alien Substance: K. After years of space voyaging, the doctor’s determination wavers. He started to doubt whether it was possible to find a new material to save the Metropolis from the energy shortage.
As his research deepens, Dr.Cookie is gradually affected by the radioactive element K, getting crankier day by day. He has even designed a RoboT-Rex VX-001 based on the dragon, Macalon, planning on destroying the world...
In the face of this crisis, two master gamers: “High Score Gal” Tarara and “Player Number One” Derek, brave the challenge. They are going to save Metropolis with their game-polished super fighting skills!

[Video Game Story Skin Set: Tarara - High Score Gal]
To stop Dr. Cookie, a supervillain twisted by the power of element K, Tarara and Pururu decided to put their game controllers away for now. They changed into customized battle suits, ready to face the doctor’s RoboT-Rex VX-001. Let’s hope the battle talent Tarara acquired from many games can help her save the Metropolis and help Dr. Cookie regain his sanity.

[Video Game Story Skin Set: Derek - Player Number One]
The Player Number One of Metropolis, Derek, knows the in-and-out of every game. For a happy gaming future, Derek decided to fight alongside Tarara, facing Dr. Cookie and his abomination. Will he emerge victorious from this Hell-Level battle?
Oct 31, 2022
[New Skin Set: Scary Night Party]
Thanatos dressed as Count Dracula, and Chilli turns into the Big Bad Wolf? This Halloween party night seems spooky!
No sweat. There’s no need to be afraid as long as you have Lollipops in your pocket. Just go ahead and hoax around!

[Scary Night Party Skin Set - Chilli: Nightmare Fairy Tale]
To improve the success rate of their crime, the R3 have put on their new Costumes. However, nearby villagers become more vigilant at night.

[Scary Night Party Skin Set - Sophia: Pumpkin Batter]
Sophia has long prepared her new Halloween ensemble. After all, Who fits a Pumpkin Head better than her?

[Scary Night Party Skin Set - Thanatos: Count Dracula]
Count Dracula is renowned for his Cruelty and Lethal, the most fitting theme for Thanatos’ Halloween costume.

[Scary Night Party Skin Set - Kamiki Yuri: Witchy Prankster]
Have some candy! The most generous Kamaitachi will hand out colorful candies to you this Halloween because her pranks come next!

[New Color-changing Skin - S-17: Summer Lime]
Inhale the zesty fragrant and treasure the memory of this summer.

[Seaya’s Skin: Valkyrie]
She’s the siren of the sea and an ever-victorious Valkyrie.
Level up your Arena Intensity in the new season to receive Seaya’s Exclusive Skin: Valkyrie.

[KO Effect: Haunted Castle]
The habitant might not be a Vampire, meow~

[KO Effect: Pumpkin Witch]
A bird, a plane, a witch? Or maybe a pumpkin!

[Respawner: Mischievous Pumpkin]
Don’t let this blinking pumpkin scare you because the cutest little kitten lives here.

[Alter Verse Skin Set - Kamiki Yuri: College Girl]
This Yuri from another world... what is she after?

[New Party Pass - Scary Night Party: Reward Upgrade!]
Brand new Party Pass will be released on October 31st!
Purchase Star Card and level up Party Pass to receive S-17’s brand new Color-changing Skin: Summer Lime, Kamiki Yuri’s “Alter Verse” Skin Set: College Girl, and KO Effect: Haunted Castle.
In the New Party Pass, you will receive various Star Chests, Coins, Energy, and “Alter Crystal,” which you can exchange for past Party Pass Exclusive Rewards.

[Skin Comeback - Heracles: Popcorn]
What happens when popcorn meets grumpy Heracles? POP! It smells delicious!

[Lab Mode Release - Hero Style Enhancement #1]
Lab Mode is officially online, and the Style Enhancement for 8 of our Heroes is coming soon!
Reach 1000 Stars to unlock Lab Mode and experience the newest Sticker mechanism. Please don’t forget to leave us feedback when you enter the Lab Mode!

Sep 23, 2022
[New Skin Set: Cosmic Adventure]
Dear passengers, the destination of our journey is now in front of our eyes: the Party Star!
We invite you to say a word of prayer for our safe arrival. With the blessing of our homeworld, please don’t let us come across the Space Marauder; If we are to encounter him, please let the Cosmic Cop come as soon as possible!

[Cosmic Adventure Skin Set - Sophia: Interstellar Traveler]
Suit up in her space gear and putting on her oxygen backpack, Sophia sets out on an interstellar journey.

[Cosmic Adventure Skin Set - Sivi: Space Explorer]
Sivi has long been dreaming of a space adventure with Friday. This time, they are finally ready to go!

[Cosmic Adventure Skin Set - S-17: Cosmic Cop]
S-17 on the action, tracking down the Space Marauder. Please inform the Police Station immediately if you have any info!

[Cosmic Adventure Skin Set - Thanatos: Space Marauder]
He is the ill-famed Marauder dreaded by the whole universe and a top-wanted target on Cosmic Cop’s list. When he comes swinging his scythe, you better surrender to his will.

[New Recolored Skin - Heracles: Orange Fondant]
The sweet and sour taste keeps you happy for a day.

[Skin Shop Update]
New Skin Shop is coming in September! After the adjustment, all direct-purchase Skins will be displayed in the shop for sale. The Starlight Wheel can support multiple events simultaneously.

[Skin Comeback: Miracle Studio Skin Set]
Miracle Studio Skin Set returns for a limited time, available from October 1st to 9th!
Aug 23, 2022
[New Season: Legends]
The wind bears a young man from the distant Emerald Vale. The mysterious oriental power of the four guardians is gradually coming to light.
The bell on the young man's belt chimes with the wind; it's a manifest of the Azure Dragon's power, looking for its new inheritor.
New Season: Legends, unfolds on August 23!

[The gale rider who comes and goes as he pleased: Lan.]
In contrast with the freewheeling School of Fire, the followers of Azure Dragon practice preservation and inheritance, generation by generation.
Lan has never forgotten the calamity from centuries back and his promise to protect this land. Lan decided to leave Emerald Vale and look for the Azure Dragon's inheritor after learning this person will appear on the Metropolis battle stage.
As the Wind Elemental Master controls the wind and walks among them, Lan has exceptional hang time and a hastening array that increases movement speed. He is a constant threat in the air. Along with his Wind Array, Lan can move freely on the stage, chasing around the opponents. On the stage, Lan manifests the wind!
Lan will become available in the new Party Pass on August 23, don’t miss out!

[New Party Pass]
The new Party Pass is coming on August 23, with our new Hero: Lan, and two Skins from the [Inheritor] Set: [Azure Dragon: Lan] and [Auspicious: Cupid]. We are gradually unveiling the mysterious Oriental Lands.

[New Skin Set: Inheritor]
A message arrived in the wind this summer: It’s a story from the Far East, about protection and legends...

[Inheritor Skin Set: Lan - Azure Dragon]
After inheriting Azure Dragon’s power of guardianship, Lan became the new Wind Elemental Master of Emerald Vale.
Lan’s New Skin: Azure Dragon will be released in the New Party Pass on August 23.

[Inheritor Skin Set: Tong - Phoenix]
Tong enjoys giving herself a new look during memorable holidays. She has all the reasons to enjoy a few drinks in the festivity and make herself tipsy.
Tong’s New Skin: Phoenix will be added to the Starlight Wheel. Available in the shop from August 23rd.

[Inheritor Skin Set: Cupid - Auspicious]
In the Orient, this costume represents good luck and happiness. Cupid follows the customs and puts on this new dress full of blessings.
Cupid’s New Skin: Auspicious will be released in the New Party Pass on August 23.

[Inheritor Skin Set: Sandy - Lion Dancing]
The knacks of Lion Dancing are no less complicated than Kungfu. Sandy practices both and vows to take them to the limit.
Sandy’s New Skin: Lion Dancing will be added to the Starlight Wheel. Available in the shop from September 7th.

[New Recolor Skin: Derek - Desert Blue Lizard]
Derek has put on a set of matching cowboy denims to complement Dyson's spontaneous color change.
Derek’s New Skin: Desert Blue Lizard will be added to the shop on August 29th, with a special discount on the first week.

[New Recolor Skin: Thanatos - Trial of Darkness]
The trial is meant for you to come face to face with your innermost truth. Even if you have to gaze into the abyss.
Thanatos’ New Skin: Trial of Darkness will be added to the shop on September 12th, with a special discount on the first week.

[Arena Gold Rank Skin: Heracles - Gladiator]
Strives for freedom and a future, Heracles marches toward the abyss!
From August 23rd, you will receive Heracles’s New Skin: Gladiator when you reach Gold rank in any arena mode of the new season.
Jun 23, 2022
[New season: The Mysterious Stranger T]
A new case to crack! The annual video game contest was plunged into total darkness due to a citywide power outage. Every metropolitan citizen wants to find out who is responsible for this incident. Or is there some intriguing story behind it all?

[New Character: Derek]
Upon hearing about the massive power outage in Metropolis, Derek the bounty hunter sets about looking into the case. This cowboy detective, otherwise known as a master cleaner, has vowed to make every case smooth and clean. He will be joined by his Star Detective Team to piece together the clues to the truth in order to help Metropolis once again bathe in its splendor.

[New Skin Set: Star Detective Team]
Derek has never been alone in his detective endeavors. In fact, he has many reliable friends! In this case, several heroes with unique talents have banded together as the Star Detective Team, whose sole purpose is to delve into the truth of the Metropolitan blackout.

[Derek skin: Yuppie Detective]
He can only function in his best mode in this sleek suit and with sunglasses. No case is too abstruse for detective Derek to crack.

[Mr.5 skin: Gentleman Detective]
A math teacher at the Center School is actually the protector of the city's security and peace. Is there anything cooler than Mr.5's dual identity?

[Sandy skin: Sanlock]
Despite his appearance as a kungfu sandbag, Sanlock is known to his friends as an efficient detective who solves cases as fast as his punches.

[Mikko skin: Fashion Inspector]
The British style and elementary deduction are the timeless fashion for detectives, but some detectives would often opt for a rather different dress code and mode of detection.

[Cupid skin: Mocha Taste]
When he hits a bottleneck in his composing efforts, Cupid will occasionally have a cup of strong mocha to distract himself.

[Mikko skin: Colorful Mikko]
Legend has it that this kind of unique hair color only belongs to the rarest Mikko. But it is also said that it's nothing but the dye from a certain hair salon in Metropolis.

[S-17 skin: War Goddess]
Believe! The power of the goddess shall ensure every victory for you.

[KO Effect: Eureka Moment]
It is believed that detectives will have their greatest inspirations when an exciting combat ends.

[Respawner: Detective Workbench]
When you are stuck in your investigation, spend some minutes mulling over all the clues at the workbench and the answer will surely be around the corner.
Apr 23, 2022
[New Season: Reborn]

The time has come to break the cocoon and enjoy a new life! Look! At the center of the stage in Metropolis, a concert named Reborn is going on. The rising star trainee Seaya is about to sing! Are you ready to enjoy her performance?

[New Hero: Seaya]

A sparkling new star has come to Metropolis and her name is Seaya! Rumor has it that this talented singer was Princess Atlantis of the deep sea. After many days of hard work, Seaya has finally made her debut with her new single. She will convince everyone, including her opponents, in this city with her smile and singing.

[New EP]

Seaya appears on stage with two new EPs:


[New Party Pass]

A new Party Pass is released with a new hero Seaya the Mermaid Singer, her new skin Idol Trainee, and Respawner: Spotlight Stage. Come on. Let’s follow the rhythm of idols!

[New Skin Set: Miracle Studio]

A stage of spotlight, whoever on it will be the focus of attention.

[New Mode: Squad Strike]

The new mode Squad Strike is available. Team up with your friends to fight a 3v3 Squad Strike, embracing friendship and hot blood in the battle.

Please be aware that this fierce battle is more complicated than 1v1 battle because there are candidates who may give buffs to their teammates in battle or they may deploy strikers.

[New Skin: Seaya – Idol Trainee]

Idols should dress up even during training.

[New Skin: Magician – Ace Agent]

With packing done, Ace Agent is ready to leave for today’s activities.

[New Skin: Tina – Star Producer]

Her notebook is filled with the ways to make her idol famous.

[New Skin: Chilli - Spring Garden Party]

A tinge of spring grass and sunshine escapes from the plaid cloth.

[New Skin: Macalon - Purple Yam Bully]

Purple yam turns into a demon… Oh, no. It’s a giant dragon!

[New Skin: Heracles - Popcorn]

When popcorn meets bad temper...Pop! The smell of delicious and victory!

[New Skin: Sophia - Blue Rhythm]

Blue sailor suit is always the most classic.

[New Skin: Sandy - Grayish Blue]

Sandy gets a new batch of cloth for himself and Bandy.

[New Skin: Mikko - Gladiator]

The mythical gladiator clad in armor wins the favor of Goddess of Victory with his strength.
Mar 23, 2022

[New Character - Tong]

"With a bottle of wine in her hands, this brave heroine travels around the world to find a hero with matching courage. "

This update [Flash Party] will usher in a brand new character from the east - Tong. She is a fierce mighty heroine who shows excellent martial arts after a bottle of strong spirit.

Character Trait: Drunken Pose and Drunken Punch

Drunken Punch is a form of ancient Chinese boxing based on the drunken stance of eight Taoist martial art masters. The stance of the move appears to be disoriented and confusing, but every single move of it is deadly and powerful.

Never been sober, Tong has never actually learned drunken punch, yet she can already master the martial art theory of the Drunken Punch with her aptitude. The core of her combat style is normal skills, and her main deterrence comes from the fierce single-time Super Armor she gets after drinking, which will impose constant psychological pressure upon her opponents. The opponent’s low frequent attack doesn’t stand a chance against her. However, on the other hand, if the opponent tries to recklessly launch a rapid attack against Tong out of too much fear of her drinking ability, hoping to disrupt her skill, Tong may use Shield or Jump movements to cancel the drinking action, thus trapping the opponent to step into the deadly zone within reach of her punches and kicks.

The drunken punch seems disoriented yet unpredictable, just like one cannot predict the various moves from Tong. May it be a mistake or a smart bait?

[Skin Series - Tribe Carnival]

Meanwhile, Tribe Carnival skin series will be available for sale in this season: Heracles as the Shaman, Chilli and her tribal gang, Macalon as the chieftain, etc.! It’s time to embrace the primitive power and the essence of wildness.
Feb 16, 2022
Launch of the new Party Season : Yokai Parade
New Store
Double Novas activity
New 7 Days Login Rewards

Flash Party FAQ

Flash Party is available in regions other than the following restricted countries:
Flash Party supports English, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese
Flash Party contains in-app purchases. Please check the pricing plan as below:
60 Lucky Coins
1070 Lucky Coins
540 Lucky Coins
Party Celebration Pack
Party Beginner Pack
190 Lucky Coins
Small Piggy Bank
320 Lucky Coins
7.99USD Special Pack
Star Card
Click here to learn how to download Flash Party in restricted country or region.
Check the following list to see the minimum requirements of Flash Party.
Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 10.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

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