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Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances


1.16for iPhone, iPad
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Jun 7, 2018
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Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances posterGalaxy on Fire™ - Alliances posterGalaxy on Fire™ - Alliances posterGalaxy on Fire™ - Alliances posterGalaxy on Fire™ - Alliances poster

About Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances


Wormholes open. Conquerors appear. Planets fall. The Shroud Nebula is about to be seized and raided. And only YOU can stop it. Team up with longtime allies and old enemies alike to face the ruthless invaders, steal their rare treasures and build their superior carriers! Save the galaxy from the tyranny of the Voids!


Galaxy on Fire - Alliances puts you in the role of an up-and-coming Commander of the Terrans, Nivelians or Vossk. Determined to claim and conquer a hitherto uncharted part of the galaxy known as the Shroud Nebula, you will set out to seek fame and fortune beyond the final frontier. Starting your operations from within your private home system, you will soon breach into a vivid galaxy with over 400,000 individual planets and challenge thousands of players in an epic quest for space dominion.


To stand your ground in the hostile yet promising new environment, you will have to forge a strong alliance and assist one another in colonization, expansion and warfare. Trade resources, exchange intelligence reports and conceive conjoined attack strategies and defense plans. Show your enemies the power of allegiance and prevail in epic space battles with dozens of participants!


• The first Multiplayer Game set in the GOF universe
• Easy-to-access Alliance and PvP gameplay
• Specifically designed for Mobile Use on Touch Devices
• High-end 3D Graphics and spectacular visual effects
• A whole Universe in Pocket Size


With high-end 3D graphics and captivating co-op gameplay, Galaxy on Fire - Alliances sets new standards for sci-fi strategy MMOs on smartphones and tablets. And the press loves it, claiming that it marks “a potentially rich source of war stories” (Modojo) that “will very clearly be raising the bar for these types of games” (iMore).


Galaxy on Fire - Alliances works on iPhone 4S (or higher), iPad 2 (or higher), iPad mini (or higher) and iPod touch 5G. To run properly, it requires an active network connection as well as iOS6 (or higher). While the game itself is completely free-to-play, you can also make use of various in-app purchases. If you do not want to leverage these extra offers, please deactivate in-app purchases in your device’s setting.


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What's New in the Latest Version 1.16

Last updated on Jun 7, 2018
Old Versions
Small adjustments and maintenance work.
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Version History
Jun 7, 2018
Small adjustments and maintenance work.
Oct 28, 2015
# # # FEATURES # # #
CARRIER GROUPING: Organize your fleet like never before

# # # PERFORMANCE # # #
Fixed various performance and stability issues
Minor bug fixes and enhancements
Jul 23, 2015
[ GOFA v1.14 “Void Invasion – An old enemy returns…” ]

# # # FEATURES # # #
• A NEW THREAT: Fight back the devious Voids
• AI-OPERATED ENEMIES: Face bots that act like real players
• ENHANCED FLEETS: Build and use superior Void carriers
• POWERFUL ITEMS: Steal rare Void crystals from your enemies

# # # PERFORMANCE # # #
• Various performance and stability issues
• Minor bug fixes and enhancements
May 21, 2015
• Various bug fixes, adjustments and enhancements
Mar 16, 2015
# # # NEW FEATURES # # #
• Team up within seconds: Players in need of back-up can reach out to nearby allies via calls or push notifications and form attack or defense groups within seconds. When they respond to their needy friends‘ cries for help, the allied players get forwarded to a special fleet screen that only lists the carriers which are close enough to reach the afflicted planet in time.
• Spy incoming attacks: Spy drones can now not only be used to gain intel on enemy planets but also to collect helpful information on incoming enemy fleets (including the names of the commanders carrying out the attack and the amount and quality of their ships).
• Multiple round battles: Experience more intense battles than ever before & Use the breaks between the differing battle rounds to send reinforcements or order your fleets to retreat. (At first, this feature will only be activated on the warzone servers and the brand-new iOS server)
• Social invites: Access a broad selection of social networks directly from within the app & Invite your friends to play Galaxy on Fire - Alliances.
• Alliance flags: Add country flags, faction decals or general symbols (such as peace sign, skull and crossbones or rainbow colors) to your alliance profile to illustrate your team‘s philosophy, playstyle or origin.
• Tactical sector grid: Identify and communicate hot spots on the star map quicker and more accurately thanks to the new segmentation of the game world.
• Global in-game chat: Reach out to the entire server and share your thoughts, ideas and remarks with all players who are currently online.
• Intro slides: New players will now learn the game’s basics quicker thanks to the useful tips that are displayed after the very first start of the app.

# # # NEW SERVER # # #
• As a tie-in to the worldwide release of Galaxy on Fire - Alliances V1.12, we have opened a brand-new server. Sign up to it now & Be among the first players to conquer, rule and shape this virgin soil.

• “Planet register crash“ fixed: The random crashes that occured during the usage of the planet register have been corrected.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements
Feb 25, 2015
• Major bug fixes and enhancements
• Game Center Achievements
Jan 21, 2015
[ GOFA v1.10.3 - "New Means of Communication, Pt.2 (Hotfix)" ]

• Alliance chat: Make use of the new alliance chat to talk to your alliance buddies in real time and share red-hot news from the Shroud Nebula!

# # # IMPROVEMENTS # # #
• Improved log-in process and loading times due to a maximum storage time of 30 days for all PMs, battle reports and scanner reports.
• Various bug fixes, adjustments and improvements.
Dec 12, 2014
[ GOFA v1.10.2 - "New Means of Communication, pt.1" ]

# # # FEATURES & CONTENT # # #
• Display of server time: There's no need to convert times anymore, as the server clock is now being displayed directly in the game (e.g. at the planet view or on the star map).

# # # IMPROVEMENTS # # #
• "Extractor" bug fixed: The "Extractor" achievement is now shown correctly.
• "Credit King" bug fixed: The "Credit King" achievement is now updated instantly.
• "Missions" bug fixed: When you send carriers on missions they will be complete their task correctly.
• "Remote Notifications" bug fixed: All remote notifications are sent out correctly.
• Additional improvements of the server stability and performance.
• Various smaller adjustments and acorrections.
Dec 11, 2014
[ GOFA v1.10 - "New Means of Communication" ]

# # # FEATURES & CONTENT # # #
• Display of server time: There's no need to convert times anymore, as the server clock is now being displayed directly in the game (e.g. at the planet view or on the star map).

# # # IMPROVEMENTS # # #
• "Extractor" bug fixed: The "Extractor" achievement is now shown correctly.
• "Credit King" bug fixed: The "Credit King" achievement is now updated instantly.
• "Missions" bug fixed: When you send carriers on missions they will be complete their task correctly.
• "Remote Notifications" bug fixed: All remote notifications are sent out correctly.
• Additional improvements of the server stability and performance.
• Various smaller adjustments and corrections.
Oct 15, 2014
[ GOFA v1.8.0 - "Enter the Warzone" ]

• ENTER THE WARZONE: Enjoy a whole new game mode! Join the new warzone servers and live through the most intense GOFA experience ever. Gather your fleets at the outer spawn clusters and conquer the inner realm. Can you hold your ground at the hard-fought center of the map, where the most valuable citadels are located? And is your alliance strong enough to dominate an entire server?
• MODIFIED WARZONE PARAMETERS: To make the warzone servers the hottest and most action-packed spots in the galaxy, we've made the following adjustments (for those servers only): Travel times have been altered to cater to the needs of a smaller map, XP gained via battles are doubled, valuable planets are precolonized by pirates and citadels are occupied by NPCs with ships and marines.

[ Please note: These changes do only apply for the new warzone servers. The remaining three servers "Fiat Lux", "Prima Luce" and "Aurora" are not affected by the modified warzone parameters. ]

# # # IMPROVEMENTS # # #
• NEW LANGUAGES: GOFA is now also available with full in-game localization in Thai and Turkish. All in all, the game's now supports a total of 14 differing languages.
• NEW APP ICON: GOFA now looks even better on your home screen, thanks to the completely revamped app icon.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Aug 19, 2014
[ GOFA v1.7.0 - "Quick Start" ]

# # # IMPROVEMENTS # # #
• Commander selection: Enter the Shroud Nebula quicker and more smoothly thanks to the stream-lined commander selection
• Jumpgate cool-down warning: Regulate the number of ships you send through your jumpgate at once by keeping an eye on the newly added warnings for extra-long cool-down phases
• Display of battle slots: Plan the arrivals of your attacking and defending forces more carefully thanks to the battle slots now being displayed in the show room, planet list and fleet list. The battle slots show when the next battles are going to take place

# # # BUG FIXES # # #
• "Diplomacy tab" bug fixed: If a commander creates or joins an alliance, the diplomacy tab does no longer contain the search result for the last request that was entered before the player joined the ranks of an alliance
• "Battle report" bug fixed: The visuals and wording of the battle reports has now been corrected
• "Cargo" bug fixed: Editing the amount of cargo in your freight hold does no longer produce strange, random numbers
• "Star map" bug fixed: After canceling a travel job, the respective carriers do no longer disappear from the star map
• "Messaging" bug fixed: To avoid confusion, messages that refer to changes on another game server do now contain the name of said server
• "Carrier grouping" bug fixed: If various carriers are grouped together, they do now continue their journey as intended and it no longer happens that the entire fleet is "stuck"
• Various crashes, performance issues, overlaps and other minor bugs fixed
Jul 24, 2014
[ Galaxy on Fire - Alliances v1.6.0 – "Battle Mechanics" ]

• Don’t let epic battles slow you down: Long-lasting battles will no longer block your entire operation. Instead, only the planets and fleets involved in said battles won't be available until the fights are over
• Enjoy the enhanced fleet list: The fleet list does now show additional information & the travel speed screen does now contain the proper icon(s) for the carrier(s) you have selected
• Don’t lose your headquarters too quickly: All demolish times are now standardized and set to 2 hours plus half of the construction time of the current structure level. Accordingly, headquarters that have fallen into enemy hands take significantly longer to be demolished
• Enjoy a more stable gaming experience: Due to various tweaks and optimizations, the overall server stability on all three worlds has been vastly improved

# # # BUG FIXES # # #
• "Cargo" bug fixed: If edited, the amount of resources stored on a carrier will no longer produce cryptic numbers
• "Shipyard" bug fixed: The costs and times of carrier productions are now displayed correctly
• "Push notification" bug fixed: Accessing the app directly through a received push notification no longer causes GOFA to crash
• "Player link" bug fixed: Player links do now also work for commanders, whose name ends with a period
• Various crashes, time-outs and other performance problems fixed
• Various other bug fixes, corrections and improvements applied
Jun 25, 2014
[ Galaxy on Fire - Alliances v1.5.0 – "Asian Tongues" ]

• Setting course for the Far East: Welcome on board, Asian commanders! To make you feel more at home in the Shroud Nebula, we've fully localized GOFA into Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese!
• Multiple fleet selection: Commanding epic fleets has never been more fun! Launch devastating attacks by leveraging the eagerly awaited carrier grouping. Send off multiple carriers at once and decide whether their arrivals are joint or offset.
• Re-balanced planet battles: Protect yourself against bombers more efficiently due to adjusted bomber attack parameters and maximum marine losses

• In case the planet register is absent, a respective message will be displayed in the player profile
• "Rejection" bug fixed: You can now reject alliance applications
• "Notification" bug fixed: Your remote notifications are no longer mixed up
• "Top 10" bug fixed: You can now see the name of the leading alliances in Top 10 mode of the star map
• "Sharpshooter" bug fixed: You can now see the accuracy bonus of the sharp shooter skill in the ship info screen
Jun 3, 2014
[ Galaxy on Fire - Alliances v1.4.0 - "Additional Foreign Tongues" ]

• Localizations into (Brazilian) Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Spanish
• Minor bug fixes and improvements
Apr 30, 2014
[ Galaxy on Fire - Alliances v1.3 - "Foreign Tongues" ]

# # # FEATURES # # #
• Additional languages: Besides English and German the game is now also available with full Russian and French localizations
• Facebook integration: Meet your Facebook friends in-game, find their planets on the star map and compare yourself to your peers on the individual Facebook leader board
• New achievements: Add the "raider" and "socializer" medals to your list of your accomplishments
• Planet register: Check out what other planets your friends and foes currently hold via the new planet register on the commander screen

# # # IMPROVEMENTS # # #
• Enhanced tutorial: The tutorial has been further adjusted and expanded
• Security pop-ups: You now have to confirm the deletion of an alliance conversation and the abandoning of an account before you can proceed
• Planet list: Get a notification when your planets’ maximum capacities have been reached, and leverage an improved display of planetary jobs that have been finished and are now waiting to be retrieved
• Large numbers: Separators have been added for a better readability of multi-digit numbers
• Commander skills: The order of the commander skills has been re-arranged

# # # BUG FIXES # # #
• Minor bug fixes and various improvements regarding to the frontend and backend of the game
Mar 12, 2014
[ Update v1.2.0 - "Different Worlds" ]

# # # FEATURES # # #
• Server Selection: Choose the server(s) you want to play on directly and also keep different accounts on differing servers on the same device
• New 3D models: Enjoy completely overhauled structure meshes for all three species
• Heat Map: Check out the new heat map to identify hot spots and war zones on the star map
• Push Notifications: Receive push notifications not only for the account that is currently active, but also for the ones that are “sleeping”
• Commander name: Enter your commander name via the commander menu and not via the jump gate screen
• New skills: Learn and leverage a selection of new commander skills
• Special events: Keep your eyes open for special events and deals that are available for a limited time only (coming soon)
• New leaderboards: Compare yourself with the best commanders out there in the new “Cohort”, “Dynamic” and “Event” leaderboards

# # # IMPROVEMENTS # # #
• The progression screen and the display of the skill bonuses have been improved
• The tutorial has been restructured and further improved
• Blueprint-dependent techs can now be leveled up
• o improve the memory usage and overall performance of the game, the inbox can no longer keep more than 200 mails of each category (messages, reports, battles)
• Various improvements and corrections of the English and German localizations

# # # BIG FIXES # # #
• “Shop” bug fixed: Various purchase problems have been fixed which prevented players from buying IAPs
• “Alliance Conversation” bug fixed: Topics with a lot of text do no longer overlap in the alliance conversation screen
• “Overcap Capacity” bug fixed: Freighters and colonies do no longer go overcap by accident
• “Alliance Leader” bug fixed: When alliance leaders abandon or delete their accounts, the remaining members can now reorganize their alliance fully and without restrictions
• “Spy Drone” bug fixed: The travel time of the spy drones is now being displayed correctly
• Various crashes have been fixed

# # # LOBBY # # #
• Players can now unregister their game accounts
Feb 18, 2014
[ Update v1.1.0 "Space Travelers" ]

• Star map: Trace the positions and travel routes of your carriers directly on the star map
• Achievements: Take on various new challenges and collect additional XP
• Techs: Research new technologies to gain powerful advantages (Ground battle, Bomb defense and Ship production)
• Ground battles: Leverage one of the new techs to gain an additional ground battle bonus. In exchange, the planetary defense will no longer support you ground troops anymore but only boost your ships
• Structure levels: Upgrade your buildings to level 20 (incl. adjusted costs, resource capacities, requirements and effect parameters for structures, techs and units)
• Alliance administration: Find available alliances more easily (at the beginning of the game) an join them without the hurdle of a double confirmation
• Travel Times: Make use of the adjusted travel times in your home system to reach your “inner” planets much faster than before
• Tutorial: Learn the game’s basics quicker by means of an improved tutorial
• Intro: Check out the intro sequence with German subtitles
• Planet icon: Tap the planet icon to be directed to the planet action menu and the arrow on the right to get straight to the planet view screen
• Options: Switch the game options back to default whenever you’re in need of a reset
• Performance: Enjoy the game with improved server stability and better overall performance

## # BUG FIXES # # #
• “Shipyard” bug fixed: In the shipyard, some players have received a random error message that prevented them from building a carrier unless they closed the app and restarted the client. This bug no longer occurs in the current version
• “Wrong alliance” bug fixed: In the past, some alliance members have been directed to a wrong alliance when they tapped the “My Alliance” button. This bug has now been fixed
• “Planetary defense” bug fixed: The info screen of the planetary shield no longer contains random values
• “Camera position” bug fixed: When a player proceeds from the carrier screen to the star map, the camera position is now adjusted correctly
• “Alliance screen” bug fixed: When a player leaves an alliance, the respective notification symbol is no longer stuck to the alliance screen and top menu
• “Travel times” bug fixed: The travel times are now calculated and displayed correctly
• Various crashes and performance issues fixed

# # # BALANCING # # #
• Maximum ship defense bonus from planetary shield reduced from 400% to 250%

# # # PERFORMANCE # # #
• Various performance improvements during multiplayer battles
• General performance improvements
Jan 23, 2014
[ "Unaccquainted Attackers" ]

• Attack your enemy together with non-allied players! You can now also carry out attacks with "foreign" players with whom you've not had any diplomatic relations or dealings before. This is due to the fact that the checks, which have validated the relations between the attackers, have now been removed. Instead, the only thing that still matters is that the owner of the planet that is being attacked has a "hostile" relation with the attacker(s)
• As soon as a hostile player enters the gathering, a battle will definitely take place – Even when the hostile player and the defender agree to an NAP before the actual attack is due

# # # BUG FIXES # # #
• "Split-Up Attacks" bug fixed: Attacking forces are no longer split up into separate waves that strike subsequent to one another. In that regard, everything is back to normal now and one big attack is being carried out instead of a series of smaller attacks
• "Counter" bug fixed: The completion time for construction, research and travel jobs is now being displayed correctly again, including the remaining days until the respective job is finished
• "Blueprint" bug fixed: The probability of finding certain blueprints in missions has been adjusted
• Minor bug fixes and improvements
Jan 14, 2014
[ The Spoils of War ]

# # # FEATURES # # #
- Major change in the conquering mechanics: If conquered, a planet will no longer lose all of its structures. Instead, the structures will now be taken over by the conqueror – with each structure level being reduced by one. In addition, all resources stored on the planet will be acquired by the conqueror as well
- Carriers can now be demolished / abandoned by the player in the “carrier upgrade” menu

# # # IMPROVEMENTS # # #
- The loss of the last outer planet will no longer result in the loss of all carriers in the galaxy. All carriers that have survived the battle for the last outer planet will escape though the jump gate and take course to the player’s home system. However, carriers that are en route while the last outer planet is being conquered will get demolished as usual
- The fetching of information on the star map has been improved
- An info button has been added to the “My Alliance” tab
- All diplomacy actions have been disabled for alliances that still operate above the set member cap of 50
- Overcap stats are now being displayed for “alliances in red”
- Players can now create alliance conversations for new attack calls
- Jumpgates are now being displayed in the system view
- Confirmation pop-ups for diplomacy actions such as “Declare War”, “Offer Truce”, “Delete NAP” or “Offer NAP” have been added
- Confirmation pop-ups for promote and demote actions have been added
- Current planets are now being highlighted in the fleet list
- Dates are now being formatted correctly for various regions
- The start resources have been doubled from 20,000 to 40,000
- New sounds have been added for various buttons
- UI transitions have been improved
- Client performance has been improved
- Server stability and response times have been improved

# # # BUG FIXES # # #
- “Defense Call”-Bug fixed: The time of incoming attacks is now being displayed correctly for fellow alliance members
- “Avoid Combat”-Bug fixed: The “Avoid Combat” button is now being displayed correctly
- Demolishing times of HQ levels have been increased
- The correct information is now displayed in the battle report in case an attempted conquest has not been successful due to the player's planet limit being reached
- Found artifacts are now displayed correctly in mission reports
- The notification icon in the “alliance” menu does now disappear correctly when a player leaves an alliance
- The intro is now only played once at the first start of the app. If you want to watch it again, you can still do so via the “options” menu
- Various sounds have been changed or fixed
- Various client crashes have been fixed
- Various localization bugs have been fixed
Nov 21, 2013
Minor bugfixes and enhancements
Nov 13, 2013
Minor Bugfixes and Improvements
Nov 5, 2013

Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances FAQ

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