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3.8.0for iPhone, iPad and more
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Apr 30, 2024
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About Tower of Fantasy

Embark together on your fantasy adventure!

Set hundreds of years in the future on the distant planet of Aida, the shared open-world MMORPG, anime-infused sci-fi adventure Tower of Fantasy from developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite, is now available on PC and mobile platforms globally. Players will be able to experience an anime-inspired post-apocalyptic sci-fi art style, freeform character development, and exciting combat through thrilling battles and exciting open-world exploration.

In Tower of Fantasy, dwindling resources and a lack of energy have forced mankind to leave earth and migrate to Aida, a lush and habitable alien world. There, they observed the comet Mara and discovered an unknown but powerful energy called "Omnium" contained in it. They built the Omnium Tower to capture Mara, but due to the influence of Omnium radiation, a catastrophic disaster occurred on their new homeworld.

Immersive Open-World
Experience a vast alien world full of beautiful open vistas and imposing futuristic structures.

Unique Characters
Wield the unique weapons of each character that grant different gameplay styles as you explore their compelling backstories.

Grow and Explore Together
Party up with friends online and take on new adventures in the shared open world.

Epic Combat
Engage in epic battles against enemies of all shapes and sizes as you switch weapons and gameplay styles on the fly to unlock your own personal fighting style.

Explore and Interact
Explore and interact with a vibrant living world as you discover your own journey through it.

To learn more about Tower of Fantasy, go to or check out our other official channels:
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What's New in the Latest Version 3.8.0

Last updated on Apr 30, 2024
Old Versions
Version 3.8 Celestial Destiny is now available!

New Limited Simulacrum: Ji Yu
Ji Yu is the highest leader of Domain 9 and the Master of Zhen Gong. She wields a chess piece weapon named Freeflow.

New Story: Gentle Breeze & Clear Skies
Shirli is believed to be the culprit behind the unusual silence of Gesthos. We must find a way to wake Shirli up before things get worse...

New Instance: Element Alert
New limited-time team Raid instance is now available.

New Event: Network Tracing
Search for information regarding the Memories of the Old Era to obtain Ji Yu's Haute Couture "Sleek Elegance" for free.

Equipment Updates
The fortress tactics eyepiece and fortress combat engine can now be augmented. The upper limit for equipment enhancement is increased.
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Version History
Apr 30, 2024
Version 3.8 Celestial Destiny is now available!

New Limited Simulacrum: Ji Yu
Ji Yu is the highest leader of Domain 9 and the Master of Zhen Gong. She wields a chess piece weapon named Freeflow.

New Story: Gentle Breeze & Clear Skies
Shirli is believed to be the culprit behind the unusual silence of Gesthos. We must find a way to wake Shirli up before things get worse...

New Instance: Element Alert
New limited-time team Raid instance is now available.

New Event: Network Tracing
Search for information regarding the Memories of the Old Era to obtain Ji Yu's Haute Couture "Sleek Elegance" for free.

Equipment Updates
The fortress tactics eyepiece and fortress combat engine can now be augmented. The upper limit for equipment enhancement is increased.
Mar 12, 2024
Tower of Fantasy × Evangelion global collab event has begun! Mysterious giant creatures called the Angels have descended upon Aida. Face the challenge of these unknown forces and fight alongside the Evangelions! The collab Simulacrum "Asuka," smart servant "Pen Pen," Collab Simulacrum haute couture, Wanderer themed outfit, and vehicle "Mirroria Soul Plug" are all available now!

New Collab Story: Evangelion Descent
The arrival of massive creatures through the temporal rift shattered the everyday tranquility in Vera. An intruder known as "Angel" appeared outside of Mirroria! In the face of crisis, the young men piloting a Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapons stepped forward, engaging in a desperate battle...

Limited Simulacra: Asuka and Rei Now Available
"You're on your own now, Asuka."
The limited Simulacrum, Asuka Shikinami Langley, and the limited weapon, Spear of Longinus, are now available. Use the Spear of Longinus to perform Charging Spear: Assassinate, and summon EVA-02 to deal area damage. Give it your all, and prepare for lift-off!
A girl from a different time and space, with beautiful short blue hair, dressed in a white suit. The limited Simulacrum character "Rei Ayanami" and the limited weapon "Salvation" will be launched subsequently. Use the prototype bow specially made by the Mirroria Department of Science and Technology for Rei Ayanami. Its energy arrows are key to defeating enemies.

New Raid Instance: Mecha Simulation
The pitch-black steel Ying Zhao has gone berserk, launching a converging arc of electricity, obliterating all obstacles on the ground. Wanderers, please be careful.

Join the Tower of Fantasy × Evangelion special collab event! Get the smart servant, Pen Pen, the EVA-01-themed outfit and Raiding Fantasy for free!
The Absolute Defense Front themed event is now available. The facility in Vera housing the massive engineering mecha, Mirroria Mech Bay, is open once again. Embark on the Town Tour Sweepstakes for a chance to win the Star Wheel Award. Collection Hunt will release clues daily, waiting for you to complete the puzzle-solving challenge. You can even personally modify and enhance the giant mecha, and pilot it to battle against mysterious enemies! Participate in the event to obtain a large number of vouchers, exclusive appearances, and more exciting rewards!
Jan 30, 2024
Version 3.6 Beyond Horizons is available now. Head to the origin of the civilization of Domain 9 and start your fantasy trip! This also marks the start of the 1.5 year anniversary celebrations, with a chance to win 50 or more draws in the chance-UP pool! Tons of awesome items including SSR weapon box and limited Extrinsic Rewards are waiting for you!

New map: Aquaville and Distant Beacon Cabin 8
Aquaville is the pinnacle of Domain 9's cutting-edge technology, with Nine Arks Industry overseeing the industry and Celestial Gate specializing in space. Both of them trace their origins back to Frontier Pod No. 8 of the Distant Beacon, which entered Domain 9 by accident years ago. For the first time ever, the Wanderers can board the frontier pod and immerse in the fruit of the technology of the future human civilization.

New Story: Impending Storm
The information contained in Darkform links two opposite ends of space time, their destinies converging. The showdown is nigh, and with heavy rainfall, the old world comes to an end, marking the start of a new era.

Limited Simulacrums: Plotti and Yanuo
"Poppa? What are you talking about? You must have misheard. I meant 'megapascals'. I was recording data for my experiment.
Limited Simulacrum Plotti and limited weapon EP-7000 Skyfire take the stage. Enjoy the thrill of heavy bombardment playing the character with aerial combat abilities and huge contrast.
"Run for your lives, prey."
Limited Simulacrum Yanuo and limited weapon Wicked will be available during the middle phase of this version update. Imbued with the magic of friendship, the snowfield hunter gradually transforms into a magic knight while retaining his ruthless strength of hunting.

Celebrate 1.5-year Anniversary Together to Obtain Tons of Rewards
The new chapter begins with themed events. Check your Executor Debriefing Report and take part in fun activities and PVE matches for a chance to get Lucky Mi-a and celebrate New Year. There are also tons of vouchers, free pick SSR weapon box, and limited Extrinsic Rewards waiting for you. Don't miss out!
Dec 21, 2023
Ver.3.5 Winter's Electrifying Rhapsody is officially available. Experience the collision of magic and science in this winter rhapsody! Unlock the main Story, and new Simulacrum Yan Miao & Brevey. You're cordially invited to join in the Winter Festival. Start on a magical journey together! Join together for fun and get a free Fenrir Simulacrum Haute Couture and more limited Extrinsic Rewards!

New Story: Unexpected Guests
The trip to Hendeca County has temporarily quelled the Darkness crisis. While regaining its strength, Domain 9 launches a new study on Darkform, a key item obtained from the Hendeca Ruins. New friends from the outside world also contribute to unraveling the mystery surrounding the Infinite Sundial Omnium reactor.

New Limited Simulacrums "Yan Miao" & "Brevey"
"The smoke grows distant, and the view is excellent. We hurry along the same path, so I shall call you my friend of the path."
New limited Simulacrum Yan Miao and limited weapon Equilibrium will be available! The Eternal Bladestorm exterminates demons and punishes evil.

" A thing such as science pales in the light of love and hope. What cannot be measured cannot be surpassed — isn't it obvious?"
New limited Simulacrum Brevey and limited weapon Pactcrest Metz will be available in the second half of this version update! Be charmed by this magical girl.

New gameplay available
The limited-time raid "Prison of Execution" goes live! Darkness Xingtian joins the battle. Make good use of the catapult to complete the raid with your friends!
New gameplay "Ice Fishing Snowman" is added to Domain 9. Defeat the mysterious creature called "Exquisite Rabbit" for a chance to get special items. Have a transformative battle with your friends!
"Beast Brawl Arena" gameplay is added to the Beast Capture system. Use your transformed combat beast to challenge other players and win rank titles and awesome rewards!

Dazzling Themed Event
The Winter Festival theme event is coming! Celebrate the frosty festival with friends, reminisce about the past, join in fun games, and win Fenrir holiday Haute Couture "Fluffy White Chocolate" and weapon skin "Zero Decibel"!
A new Simulacrum-themed event called The Mirroria Trip will be available at the same time as the Brevey Simulacrum period. Accept Brevey's invitation and join her on an adventure of love and magic! Join the event to get a variety of limited Extrinsic Rewards.
Nov 21, 2023
As Ver. 3.4 "Butterfly in the Abyss" goes live, Domain 9 officially steps to the middle game! Marshville is fully unlocked with main story missions; the new Simulacrum Nan Yin takes the stage; As Thanksgiving and Black Friday approach, exciting event rewards and sign-in gifts are coming your way. Don't miss out on awesome rewards including free accessories, red nucleus, dark crystals, and more!

New Map: Marshville fully unlocked
The full Marshville map unlocks today, introducing new areas such as the Pass of Ao, Skyburnace, Ambersnow Canyon, Sorrow Cavern, the Black Jade Ruin, and many more. The new world boss Merbelle and new creatures such as rockwings and hidewings are also unlocked, as well as a new exploration mode Phases of the Moon.

The skies change capriciously; the earth's support is uneven; storms hinder passage; and the encroaching Darkness stirs unrest. The stunning scenery and a dangerous Forbidden County await you.

Main Story: Beneath the Abyss
The new main story mission "Frost-Covered Marshville (Part 2)" is now unlocked. To derail Nan Yin's plot and unearth the truth behind the Hendeca County Calamity, Ji Yu resumes the investigation into the Forbidden County and reignites the Skyburnace, dispelling the gloom above Hendeca County.

The key clue about the Darkness is buried under the snow in the Forbidden County. The flowers have withered, but the butterflies are yet to return. Venture below the abyss and lift the fog.

New Limited Altered Simulacrum: Nan Yin
"We must accept failures, not be lost in them".
The limited Simulacrum "Nan Yin", limited weapon "Purple Bamboo", and Nan Yin: Matrix are available for a certain period.
Nan Yin's exclusive Haute Couture "Tranquil Melody" and weapon skin "Diaphlute" will be available at the same time.

Celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday with Mass Event Rewards
Participate in Ver. 3.4 Thanksgiving and Black Friday limited event for a chance to win up to 39 free draws! Join the celebrations and redeem awesome items and limited headpieces!
Participate in the "Season of Golden Gratitude" and "Cyber Friday" event sign-ins for a chance to win the following rewards: "Golden Legend" accessory, "Blue Bow Hairband" accessory, Cyber Friday gachapon coin ×10, and free voucher ×15.
Log into the game during the festivities to receive a tanium coupon, which can save you up to 650 tanium on purchases.
Oct 24, 2023
Version 3.3 "A Sword Dance of Ice" is officially released, introducing the new map Marshville and the new Simulacrum Ling Han. Head to the frozen no man's land and serve as the frontline in the fight against the Darkness, explore the Black Jade Ruin with Lady Baihu and eliminate the Darkness infesting Marshville.
The Halloween-themed events are also launched. Participate to obtain amazing rewards such as limited accessories and red nucleus for free!

New Map: Marshville
Marshville is available to explore! Due to the depletion of field energy and an unpowered Infinite Sundial, the once picturesque paradise has become a bleak land shrouded by freezing wind and snow. Nonetheless, Longjian Pavilion and the Department of Yuheng stand strong, leading its citizens in the never-ending fight against the Darkness.
Multiple new puzzle-solving gameplays are introduced with Marshville, with a new world boss, a new story boss, as well as new creatures for you to meet and challenge!

New Story in Domain 9: Frost-Covered Marshville
The new storyline "Frost-Covered Marshville" is unlocked today, along with thrilling side missions!
With the help of the Hykros technology, Domain 9 has successfully completed the transformation of the Infinite Sundial, resolving the power crisis and hoping to shift from defense to offense.
Wanderers who have come to Marshville will delve deeper into the secrets of the past and the bond between Ling Han, the current Baihu, and Nan Yin, the former Overseer of Yuheng.

New Simulacrum: Ling Han
"Blades may be heartless, yet the souls who wield them pulse with passion."
- Ling Han, Chief of the Baihu Guards, Master of Longjian Pavilion
The new Simulacrum Ling Han, new weapon Alabaster Tiger, and Ling Han Matrix are available for a limited time today.

New Seasonal Gameplay with an Increased Level Cap
The level cap has been increased to 100, with new level of Wormhole and new season of Frontier Evolution unlocked.
New seasons of Fog Reconstruction, Sequential Phantasm, and Origin of War will be gradually unclokcked in the new version.

New Equipment Augment Parts
New Equipment Augment Parts: fortress armor and fortress armor shoes. Utilize these new parts to significantly increase your power!

Take part in the Halloween-themed events to obtain amazing rewards
Take part in the Halloween-themed events to earn the limited quirk accessory "Little Devil". Head to Mirramoon Street in Mirroria on the hour to open the surprise pumpkin giftbox and fuse the accessory "Candy Pumpkin"!
Don't miss the Halloween atmosphere in game! Head to Mirramoon Street and enjoy the new Halloween decorations and speical billboards from TOF creators!
Sep 5, 2023
Ver. 3.2, "The Dragon Grove", is officially released today! Prepare yourself for the new map Joltville, the arrival of Simulacrum Huang, and the captivating main story. Explore Domain 9 with Madam Qinglong and discover adorable beasts within the bamboo groves!
Moreover, plenty exclusive events with rewards await you in the new update, such as limited vehicle, accessories, dark crystals, and red nuclei—all for free!

New Map: Joltville
The brand-new map called Joltville is now open for exploration!! Explore the majestic mountains and mystical realms, stroll through the bustling bazaar, or immerse yourself in the tranquil greenery of the bamboo groves!
As a Wanderer, you will encounter the formidable world boss Darkness: Taotie, discover never-before-seen ecological species, and unlock exciting puzzle-solving exploration gameplays!

New Chapter in Domain 9: Joltville Clouds
The main story Joltville Clouds is unlocked today, along with thrilling side missions!
The discoveries from the outside world brought hope to Domain 9 regarding its timestamp crisis, revealing a truth that astounds all. Ultimately, a bold decision is made. Whether it is the solution to a lasting crisis or the prelude to a new storm, it awaits Wanderer to find out.

New Simulacrum: Huang
"Welcome to Joltville, Wanderer. I am Madam Qinglong, glad to have you here."
Adorable yet shrewd, she is none other than Huang, the chief of the Azure Guards in Domain 9 and the master of Tianzhang Pavilion. Despite her young age, she has been entrusted with significant responsibilities.
Limited Simulacrum Huang, limited weapon Azure Dragon, and Huang - Matrix are now available for a limited time!

New Casual Gameplay: Farming on Artificial Island
Within the Overworld, there is a great chance to encounter catchable beasts. Wanderers can attempt to catch them through feeding and build a beast pen in Artificial Island Home to rear them.

New Limited-Time Raid: Gluttonous Feast
The high-ranking Darkness: Taotie in Domain 9 is colossal and harnesses dark energy capable of devouring all. Wanderers need to employ diverse strategies according to Taotie's mechanics and collaborate closely with teammates to eliminate this creature!

More Features and Improved Gameplays
The rewards for Origin of War, Void Abyss, and other seasonal gameplay have been improved, with new titan equipment augmentation kits available.
Sequential Phantasm has introduced the Boundless Realm Mode, featuring adjusted difficulty and rewarding power shots that permanently increase all attacks.

Exclusive Events and Fantastic Rewards
Participate in the version launch event The Dragon Grove, the map exploration event Luminous Thunder Veil, and fun events like An Extended Summer and Bamboo Festival now! Don't miss this chance to get limited vehicles, accessories, dark crystals, and red nuclei!
Aug 8, 2023
Dear Wanderers,
Tower of Fantasy is officially launching Ver. 3.1 "Midsummer Merriment" today, celebrating its 1st Anniversary around the globe! The new area Cloudpeak Manor is available, and now we can go to Jade Pavilion Fair and reunite with Ming Jing under the moonlight! There are numerous anniversary Rewards for the 1st Anniversary with up to 73 free draws, 15 exclusive Extrinsic Rewards, a full set of SSR Matrix, red nucleus, dark crystals, and many more rare rewards waiting for you to claim!

New Area: Cloudpeak Manor
Even though it has gone downhill, it's hard to ignore its former prosperity. Tremendous crises are lurking behind the rampant Darkness. The new area Cloudpeak Manor is officially available today with the new world boss Black Crow Dark Wretch, new enemies, and new exploration content!

Jade Pavilion Fair: The Long-Awaited Reunion
Attending Jade Pavilion on a summer night under the full moon, guests from across the world are gathered all together for a long-awaited reunion, setting off the next part of the journey in life. While the crisis in Domain 9 remains unresolved, will this meeting bring a new turning point to the crisis?

New Simulacrum, Ming Jing with new Side Mission Story
The Greatsword of Lord Xuanwu can cut through anything. With him around, our victory over the Darkness is certain. Simulacrum Ming Jing and related Simulacrum Story Mission are coming soon.

New Raid Instance: Black Jade Warrior
Limited-Time Raid: Black Jade Warrior is available. Wanderers, beware of the dangerous Flames of Wrath unleashed by Zhuyan!

Upgraded challenge: The Frontier Clash Gameplay
Adding Evolution Mode in Frontier Clash, the gameplay is now on a seasonal basis. Challenge the boss in each stage and earn rewards on your completed challenges!

New parts are added in Equipment Augmentation
By augmenting the newly added parts in Equipment Augmentation: armguards and legguards, Wanderers can now break through their power bottleneck!

New instance gameplay for the Crew will be available soon
The new Crew instance gameplay "Fog Reconstruction" will become available during the latter half of the version. Wanderers will venture into the mysterious misty land to carry out challenges to increase their individual level inside the instance while getting items to enhance their combat abilities. Meanwhile, they need to work closely with their teammates to take on the challenges of various guards, relishing the fun and the sense of achievement!

Celebrate the 1st Anniversary with the biggest Rewards since launch
Amazing events from the first Anniversary is coming! Get up to 73 free draws from the biggest rewards since launch ever! Log in to instantly to obtain 60 draws, Jetpack skin, and the new Smart Servant Flame Sparrow!
Participate in the new version event, Jade Pavilion Game Fest, to stand a chance of getting free Haute Couture of Zeke and Shirli! There are many more login rewards, exciting events, and amazing Rewards waiting for you! Let's join this banquet of reunion now!
Jun 27, 2023
Dear Wanderer,
Tower of Fantasy version 3.0, Domain 9 Sector, is officially available today. With the Domain 9 map and Farewellville lot unlocked, a new chapter is opened. The new simulacrum Liu Huo is here, and Yu Lan is also coming soon. In addition, there are time-limited events in the new version which allows you to get many free rewards, such as the Mi-a skin, Red Nucleus, and Dark Crystals!

All-New Domain, Unknown Civilization
The Domain 9 map and Farewellville lot are now available to Wanderers to unlock exploration mechanics with special features and puzzle-solving gameplay. There are even rare creatures and powerful bosses waiting for you. Let's explore the new domain where classic civilization and advanced technology co-exist!

Farewellville Gale, Imminent Crisis
On the other side of the heavenly gate, danger lurks in Domain 9. With the increasing threat of the Darkness, the energy to suppress these enemies is getting depleted. The Wanderer and new partners will face the crisis caused by the dwindling energy.

New Simulacra, Liu Huo & Yu Lan Are Coming Soon
She wields a writing brush to dispel the Darkness. What an amazing way to practice calligraphy in battle! The domain guardian of Farewellville, Liu Huo, awaits your arrival! The new weapon: Pine Comet, and Simulacrum: Liu Huo, are now available.
New simulacra Yu Lan is also coming soon. Let's discover the true meaning of cultivation in martial arts with her!

New Mentorship System
The Mentorship system is available. Wanderers can look for mentors or recruit apprentices on the platform. Guided growth, shared success. Complete Mentorship Missions with your mentor or apprentice to receive amazing rewards.

New Smart Servant System
The activated smart servant will assist in the battle when it enters the combat state, providing damage and buffs during combat. Combat strength can be increased by upgrading the smart servant. Wanderers can obtain smart servants and enhancement materials by exploring the Domain 9 map.

Revamped Wormhole Gameplay, Increased Difficulty Rewards
Wanderers are free to choose the stage to challenge. After entering the challenge, all weapons, Relics, and Simulacrum traits existing in the world will become ineffective and can only be obtained randomly through the wormhole. In each round there are different pieces of equipment that will test your adaptability.

Domain 9 Sector has arrived with loads of rewards
Clouds of Cangwu, Cloudscape, and more version series events become available. Participate in events to stand a chance to receive rare rewards such as free Mi-a skin: Cutie Mi-a, free pick smart servant, Red Nuclei, and Dark Crystals!
May 11, 2023
Ver. 2.5 Sound of the Sea becomes available! New Simulacra Gnonno & Rubilia are joining the Grand Sea adventure one after another! World Exploration and Daily gameplay has become much easier, and the new Returner Event is underway with exclusive mission rewards. Many more rewards and exciting events are waiting for Wanderers to unlock!

1. Dive Deep Into the Sea and Explore the Dark Source
Innars: The Dark Source is available now. Explore the deep sea cavern and listen to the Sound of the Sea together. Now embrace a new underwater adventure.

2. New Simulacra Gnonno & Rubilia Are Making Their Entrance
The new Simulacrum Gnonno is joining the deep sea adventure, and the Simulacrum story missions are available now. Embark on a special treasure hunt with this whimsical girl!
Dr. Rubilia is returning soon. Let's advance to the unknown final chapter under the sea!

3. The All-New Returner Event Is Available. Return to Tower of Fantasy for Exclusive Rewards!
Wanderers who have been away from Tower of Fantasy for a while can now log in to the game and participate in the Dream After Separation event. Complete specified missions to receive a complete set of gold equipment and many red nuclei, gold nuclei, and development materials!
Returning Wanderers can now upgrade their weapons to Lv. 120 quickly by collecting the event rewards and catch up with the game progress in no time with the help of gold equipment!

4. New Dimension Level Mechanism
After the version update, the difficulty of the enemies on the world map is determined by the Dimension level. Wanderers can decide whether or not to increase the Dimension level based on their needs. Increasing the Dimension level will unlock extra rewards and buffs.

5. Joint Operation & Raid Mechanisms Adjustments
The mechanism of Joint Operation has been adjusted. There will be only one random challenge available every day. Clear the stage of difficulty 6 or higher to receive SSR Matrix shards.
The mechanism of Raid has been adjusted. There will be only one random challenge available every week. Clear the stage of Heroic or Challenging difficulty once to claim every reward.
Mar 30, 2023
Tower of Fantasy version 2.4, Under the Grand Sea, is now available. Let's conquer the depths of the grand sea together!

1. All-New Map Grand Sea & Underwater Request Missions
-Unlocking the new main story, Wanderers can start their exploration from top to bottom through the upper level of the Grand Sea Island, transiting through Innars, then go all the way to the Dragon Breath Volcano which lies deep underwater.

-With the new map and unique underwater ecosystem, Wanderers can now get themselves a full set of gold equipment in a short period of time by completing the underwater appointed research!

2. New Simulacrum: Lan Unlocked! Icarus & Fiona Coming Soon
"Hi there! I'm Lan from Domain 9. Good to see you." A young girl from the far east emerges from an unknown dimensional passage, and the story takes a new turn with her arrival. Limited Simulacrum Lan, limited weapon Vermilion Bird, and Lan Matrix are available! New Simulacra Icarus and Fiona are coming soon!

3. A brand-new Wanderer experience!
By revamping the beginner mission and growth experience, the game now delivers a new in-game experience to beginners and active Wanderers. The battles and development now become more manageable with the newly-added quick battle feature and reduced difficulty in the early stage of instances for a better chance to obtain rewards.

4. Revised Sequential Phantasm & New instance, Ring of Oblivion
The stage design of the revised Sequential Phantasm mechanism for the season is much more enjoyable and interesting and topped with even more fantastic rewards. Also, the latest raid instance for the team is added with a special positive/negative current explosion mechanism, enhancing the fun and challenge altogether! Hurry and challenge yourself with different lineups and join forces with your teammate and crusade against the big boss Abyssant: Eva!

5. Participate in the limited-time version event to receive amazing rewards such as dark crystals!
The version event of Under the Grand Sea will become available at the same time. Solve the mystery in the underwater world to exchange for heaps of rewards such as SSR Weapon of your choice, SSR Relic, and Dark Crystals!
Dec 22, 2022
Tower of Fantasy Version 2.2 Mirafleur Moonshade is now available! Let's party up in the cyber town!

1. New Map Available: Mirroria District B and C
Wanderers can live in their own apartment in Mirroria and experience various everyday interactions and casual games, such as having a pet, racing, and audio-visual entertainment.

2. New Simulacra/Matrices Unlocked: Tian Lang and Lyra Are Here!
-Lyra: Physical Benediction Resonance limited weapon: Vesper and limited Matrix: The Confession of Memory are both available now.
-Tian Lang: Volt Attack Resonance limited weapon: Thunderbreaker and limited Matrix: Lone Wolf are both available now.

3. New Gameplay: Fishing & New Mode: Void Abyss
-The new fishing gameplay is now accessible for Wanderers. Complete the Ichthyclopedia and conquer every water body within Vera and Aesperia to show everyone who the true master of fishing is!
-In the roguelike game mode in the latest season, Wanderers can obtain different tech buffs while progressing through stages, which they can use to craft a more robust build to challenge an even stronger boss!

4. Mirafleur Moonshade Version Rewards: Extrinsic Cosmetics and Dark Crystals for Free
Get online and participate in the limited-time Mirafleur Moonshade version event! Dark crystals and Mi-a skins are all here for you!
Oct 20, 2022
Version 2.0 "Vera" is now available!
Play now to venture into the unknown and forge your cyberpunk destiny together!

1. New Map: Vera
The dangerous Land of Sand where the Grayspace Entities, Abyssants, and the charming cyberpunk city, Mirroria, are waiting for your exploration.

2. New Simulacrum/Matrix: Ruby is here
The all-new Ruby (Flame, Attack) is here, accompanied by Spark, the powerful weapon to take on a new adventure with us. Unlock the limited Matrix: Ruby to experience the unique mastery mechanism for the offense and defense.

3. New Story "Land of Sand"
The unsolved puzzles hidden behind Ruby's cheerful and innocent face, the link between the machinery puppet's rebellion and mysterious Abyssant...Conspiracies beneath the sands are to be uncovered.

4. New Challenges & Level Cap
The all-new instances, Joint Operation: The End Game and Joint Operation: Sadness Valley, are now available. The level's cap is increased to 80. Become an even stronger Executor using the new unlocked combat engine.

5. New Events & Rewards: Claim red nucleus for free
Log in to participate in the Vera Supply Run event, Mirroria Tour, and more. Claim red nucleus, premium equipment, and stylish extrinsic rewards!
Sep 15, 2022
Version 1.5 "Artificial Island" is now available!
Play now to explore the uncharted wonderland!

New Area: Located in a world apart from the main one, Artificial Island has numerous exploration points and floating islands for you to get around
New System: Unlock the new Home System to create your unique home on the island
New Weapon/Simulacrum: Guren Blade/Claudia & unlock the limited Claudia Matrix to become the fighter of the airspace
New Challenges: Fight the New World Boss "Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon" & Join the Eight-Player Raid to win Fortress Weaponries
Limited-Time Event: Run the Aida Cafe to win rewards like the Red Nucleus and more
Aug 18, 2022
Gaming Experience Improvements:
1. Optimized the queuing time display, improved the display time that is too long in comparison to the actual time
2. Improved the server recommendation logic when queuing; other servers in the same region of the currently selected server will be recommended.

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed the problem that a blank pop-up window appears when starting or updating the game
2. Fixed the crash problem on iOS devices when canceling login.
3. Fixed the issue where the Japanese character name in the server selection interface is displayed as "?".
4. Recoded and fixed the teleport issue on the world map.
5. Fixed the problem of disappearing water surfaces in some scenes.
6. Fixed the crash problem when operating the Matrices system in the Portuguese version
Aug 8, 2022
Now Available for Download
Jul 25, 2022
Pre-registration is available now
Jun 30, 2022
Pre-registration is available now
Jun 26, 2022

Tower of Fantasy FAQ

Tower of Fantasy is available in regions other than the following restricted countries:
China,Afghanistan,Macao,India,South Korea,Belgium,Taiwan,Vietnam,Hong Kong
Tower of Fantasy supports English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai
Tower of Fantasy contains in-app purchases. Please check the pricing plan as below:
6480 Tanium
Dark Crystal Giftpack
980 Tanium
1980 Tanium
3280 Tanium
300 Tanium
Rookie Supplies
Advanced Pass
60 Tanium
Adventure Pack
Click here to learn how to download Tower of Fantasy in restricted country or region.
Check the following list to see the minimum requirements of Tower of Fantasy.
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

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