vHack Revolutions: Hacker Game

vHack Revolutions: Hacker Game

Cyber Hacking Simulator

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1.5.3for iPhone, iPod touch
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Kevin Fuhrberg
91.2 MB
Nov 30, 2023
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About vHack Revolutions: Hacker Game

vHack Revolutions – The Hack Simulator game is here for you to give you some amazing gaming sessions!

If you are a fan of online multiplayer hacking games or cyber attack games, then this is one of those real hacking games that is going to blow your mind with the sophisticated gameplay and fantastic features.

Become a live hacker and enjoy this Idle hacker game and enjoy every moment of it big time! This hack simulator is a MMO or Multiple Massive Online game where people from all over the world can join and have unlimited fun!

Download the vHack Revolutions – The Hack Simulator game and experience the real excellence of the cyber hacker simulator game! If you are looking for a cybersecurity-breaking or Cyber Attack game where you get to play as a live hacker and attack targets all over the world (imaginary, of course), then this web hacker game is for you! Be a lonely hacker or join a team of geniuses to complete challenging and exciting missions and win large prizes as a cyber hacker in this hacking simulator game.

** Web Hacker Game with Botnet:
Turn your virtual pc to a Hackbot and keep upgrading it to attack stronger targets. When it comes to upgrading your pc – sky is the limit in this multiplayer hack game. Join the hacker wars with the best device possible with the strategy of your choosing: offense, defense, hybrid, and more.

** Dreamhack Project Against CPU or Other Players:
Enjoy story mode in this hacker wars game where you can attack NPCs with your hacking skills. You can also become a part of the Hacker Wars and join the competitive mode and attack other players. There’s a leaderboard to show who is on top! Attack others, steal their assets and buy more upgrades with that! If you are looking for a multiplayer hacking game where you can compete against players from all over the world, this game is for you! This hacking simulator game also has a Network Mode where you can scan and find new target to attack with malwares and hack their information and money!

Join daily missions and win amazing rewards! It gets better every day!

** Cyber Hacker Game with Crews (Team):
Team up with other players and join team battles. There are various tournaments in this Online Live Hacker game including Deface, Spyware, Money Hack Tournament, Cyber Attack, and many more.

** Idle Hacker Game with International Community:
If you are searching for a clicker hacker or multiplayer hack game that allows you to communicate and connect with real people from all over the world, then this game is for you. There is a global chat room where you can chat with people from all across the globe. You can add your friends to a private messenger and talk with them. You can also join the inbuilt forum where you can ask for help or have friendly chat with anyone!

** Win Exciting Rewards:
- Bounty hunting: the whole community is looking for a certain target. the one who finds it first gets a reward!

- Money tournament: the crew who hacks the most money in 30 minutes wins and is getting huge rewards!

** Currencies and VNFT:
Win in-game currencies such as NetCoins, vTC and vUSD through various activities and free currency drops.
VNFTs are like real NFTs but they are virtual. However, they are extremely valuable inside the game, and you will be regarded as a king in the community if you have a huge amount! You can trade them in the in-game black market!

The vHack Hackers Revolutions – Hack Simulator game is a fantastic source of fun and excitement for all hacking simulator game lovers! Whether it’s a cyber attack game or a hack rpg you are looking for to have unlimited thrill and a fun community, this game is for you.
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What's New in the Latest Version 1.5.3

Last updated on Nov 30, 2023
Old Versions
Fixed a bug on NFT Details screen where you were able to send yourself an offer for a vNFT when you added it to Blackmarket
Added background music again, sounds and music shouldnt interrupt other media players anymore
You can see the amount of connections you have open on network screen now
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Version History
Nov 30, 2023
Fixed a bug on NFT Details screen where you were able to send yourself an offer for a vNFT when you added it to Blackmarket
Added background music again, sounds and music shouldnt interrupt other media players anymore
You can see the amount of connections you have open on network screen now
Nov 21, 2023
christmas event added
Oct 3, 2023
Halloween event
Jul 31, 2023
Version 1.4.9
+ Fixed a bug that freezed the banking screen
+ Fixed the card duplicating
+ Added Auto bruteforce for everyone. When enabled, the bruteforce on a target gets started right on the exploit process. You dont need to press bruteforce manually anymore. You can turn on/off auto bruteforce on the network app. To prevent disadvantages to people who get the update later, its turned on by default, so everyone can use it.
Jul 25, 2023
Version 1.4.8
+ Merged deface list and leaderboard
+ Added an option to enable/disable push notifications on a new deface (standard is OFF, you are getting a notification on every new deface made by one of your crew). You can find it on the deface tab.
+ Fixed a bug on the new banking screen (swapping between your and all cards marked hacked targets hackable again)
+ Removed the new message indicator on messenger when getting a system notice from vhack system
+ Removed deface list from network
Jul 24, 2023
Version 1.4.7
+ Added an exploit button on deface lists - You can exploit them (if your Scan and SDK is strong enough) right from the deface list now. Exploiting them is enough to count towards deface score now! No need to open the log or something (only when using this button).
+ Changed the open bank cards list from grid view to a list. Added a TRANSFER button to the right of each card. You dont need to open the card anymore to transfer money. List is ordered by transferable or not, then by money on card.
+ You can now remove your cards from that list as well
+ vTC icon is back on botnet shop
Jul 21, 2023
+ Main Crew Leaderboard is the weekly one now (leaderboard swapped with money leaderboard)
+ Weekly crew rewards increased
+ Reduced score from crew rush tournament to make the weekly crew tournament more competitive for f2p overall
+ Adjusted the crew tournament scores from deface, mt and money lb as well, as the distribution were very bad
+ You can disable "Invite only" on your crew now! This lets people join your crew by pressing the join button on your crews profile
+ Crew Profile showing member positions now (important for players to see who to contact in order to get invited), memberlist is ordered by position and date of join now
+ Fixed the sort button on blackmarket
+ Hide message popup from a user when you are in a chat with him right now
+ Added a private message (+ PM Popup) from vHack System on friend request
+ Limited vNFT offers to other players to 1 pending offer at a time. If the target user accepts your offer, the cooldown is getting reset.
+ Fixed the community app
+ Fixed the exploit lock bug (you had to relog after getting locked)
+ Tapping on a vNFT on Blackmarket list (directly on the vNFT) is opening the vNFT Explorer now
+ Fixed a bug where the wrong nft history were displayed
Jul 20, 2023
Version 1.4.5
+ Added a filter for vNFT scarcity on collections app (applying to collection (owned/all), blackmarket items and the list on selling tab)
+ You can tap on grayed out vNFTs to get a list of the owners now
+ Fixed the monthly boost pack amount
+ Send offers for a vNFT to other users directly from the vNFT explorer now (VIP Tier 2 still required)
+ Added an option to order listings for a vNFT by supplyId instead of the price on blackmarket
+ Added a notification popup on private messages (tap them to go directly to the chat)
+ Fixed a bug that brought you to the mainscreen when a PM arrived (while spinning)
Apr 30, 2023
small bugfixes and some free stuff for everyone daily! :)
Feb 15, 2023
Version 1.4.0
- Fixed some small bugs on safes
- Added server time to network app
- Rebalanced the outdated shop packs because of safes rewards
- Doubled all vTC and NetCoin Packs
- Updated starter pack: 50K NC + 100B vTC
- Updated month pass: vTC: 20B/day, 600B in total - NetCoins: 10K/day, 300k in total - vUSD: 300/day, 9K in total
- Added a new monthly boost pack ($50, 1T vTC, 5K vUSD - only once per month)
Feb 14, 2023
+ Safes doesn't share fragments anymore
+ Fragment drop chance increased
+ Fragments doesnt get reset anymore, you can stack up to 100
+ Removed the bounty from chat and added a bounty information on top of the screen (if theres one running)
+ Removed boosters, upgrades happen with vtc now
+ All booster rewards including cashback changed to vTC
+ Reworked the spins rewards and added fragments, increased the spinning speed (1s instead of 6s)
+ Tap a target on network to scan it, tap again to exploit it
Jan 10, 2023
- Supporter of the year tag
- Hide info on messenger when keyboard open
- Removed the background upgrades for a cleaner upgrade screen
- Removed packages on mainscreen
- New Feature: Safes
Dec 27, 2022
Version 1.3.7
+ Auction sounds only if you are on blackmarket chat
+ Added an auction symbol to blackmarket tab button and chat preview if theres an auction running
+ Start auctions from the NFT info screen now! Collections->Any NFT->Start auction
+ Changed the price for auctions: Common 50, Uncommon 100, Rare 500, Epic/Effects and Uniques free
+ Auction message on chat showing username now
+ New messenger sound to seperate it from chat mentions
+ Added prestige to the level up popup
+ Added an information text to messenger to protect from scammers
+ Added a popup for the first steps for new players
Dec 21, 2022
Changelog 1.3.6

+ Added current image database to the app bundle
+ Changed the starting vTC to 1B
+ Chat is prestige and/or vip only now, as prestige became pretty easy to achieve now
+ Buy boosters on the upgrade screen now (100M, 1B, 5B, 10B)
+ Removed the finish upgrade screen, upgrades do cost money and boosters directly now
+ Changed the Levelup screen (Small bar on top now)
+ Voucher disappearing after redeeming or being used / invalid
+ Player profiles on messenger
+ Fixed some small bugs
Dec 20, 2022
- Fixed a soundbug which caused a freeze for some players
- New text effect
- New notification sound
Dec 16, 2022
User initiated auctions and animated uniques
Nov 29, 2022
- Bugfixes
- Christmas event
Nov 16, 2022
Chat backlog for all channels,
Sounds on the new auction system
Nov 15, 2022
vNFT Auction and some minor bug fixes
Oct 12, 2022
- Added timestamps to crew log

- Enabled exploit notifications by default, you can turn them off in settings now.

- Added sharing of bank cards with your crew! By default, you are getting your cracked cards displayed. If you switch to ALL, you see all cards cracked by you or one of your crew members. Cards are ordered by status (transfer possible or not, green up). Also added the name of the initial cracker of a card.

- Added a crew attack popup/notification ingame. Its popping up as soon as your crew is starting an attack or is getting attacked.

- Fixed some outdated texts
Jun 30, 2022
vNFT Explorer!
- See, which vNFTs other players got
- Full vNFT history of all trades and creation
- Check who is owning your desired number of a vNFT
- And of course, show what you've got
Jun 27, 2022
- "Refer a friend" rewards changed for Level 25/50/75/100 to: 100/200/300/400 vUSD
- Changed the default vNFT list on collections app to "Owned items only". You can check "All" to show all vNFTs.
- Optimized loading times of vNFTs
- Displaying the effect of a vNFT now on buy and sell screens
- Removed sold out items from the shop
- Added a vUSD (25) bonus to the "daily" command
Jun 18, 2022
Check out news for changelog
Jun 16, 2022
Important bug fix
Jun 15, 2022
- Added automatic update system for vNFTs. In the future we can add new vNFTs without the need of an application update on the players' phones. The game will download new vNFTs (if any are available) and metadata automatically.
- Added "Collection" app to the main screen. In this app, you can see, equip and unequip your cosmetic effects (for example "glitch" or "typed" effects on your name) and vNFTs on your profile (considering you own any of them already).

- Upgrade points and packs gave way to much experience. Removed the experience reward from both of them.
- Reenabled energy purchase option in the game. New cost: 1000 NetCoins / 100 Energy
- Increased Starter Pack rewards and updated the displayed amount. New rewards: 15B vTC and 30K NetCoins

- Added wave effect
- Added all remaining badges
- Added animated badges for supporter of the month title winners

- Fixed PVP daily rewards (Some lower ranks gave more rewards than the ranks above them)
- Fixed daily missions not counting towards completion until the "Missions" app is opened
- Fixed broken VIP timer in cases where the VIP perks were gifted by someone else
- Fixed crew logs getting stuck when they reach max length
- Fixed money problems in the game (money got cut by 3 zeroes - both available balance, income and cost)
- Fixed displayed amounts when claiming Month Pass rewards. (Previously it displayed 200M vTC and 100 NetCoins, but the rewards were actually 5B vTC and 5K NetCoins)

vHack Revolutions: Hacker Game FAQ

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Check the following list to see the minimum requirements of vHack Revolutions: Hacker Game.
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
vHack Revolutions: Hacker Game supports English
vHack Revolutions: Hacker Game contains in-app purchases. Please check the pricing plan as below:
VIP Gift
NetCoin PACK #1
NetCoin PACK #3
NetCoin PACK #2

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