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About MorseDecoder

The HotPaw Morse Code Decoder translates Morse Code sound into text. Just use the microphone or headset input on your iPhone or iPad for the audio signal input, and watch decoded text appear.

The Morse Code Decoder includes both an automatic decoding mode, plus manual controls to allow the decoding of weaker signals in noise and QRM. Manually adjustable parameters include the frequency of the audio filter, the WPM dot/dash speed used for detecting characters, the threshold level of background noise, and whether Farnsworth timing is to be used for detecting spaces between individual characters.

The Morse Code Decoder includes a built-in spectrogram to help determine the audio frequency of the Morse Code tones. Use the optional narrow-band DSP audio filter to help filter out background noise. The audio filter works for tone frequencies from 300 to 2400 Hz. Please do not try to decode tones outside this range.

The Morse code WPM (words per minute) detection speed is automatically adaptive from about 8 to 40 WPM, and can be locked to the current estimated WPM dot speed. You can also manually set the WPM code speed if the automatic speed detection guesses incorrectly. A QRQ High Speed WPM mode setting allows decoding much higher WPM speeds in the range of 30 to 80 WPM.

Please aim your iPhone microphone at the Morse Code sound source so that the iPhone's noise cancelling microphone doesn't cancel it out. You can see if sound is getting to the iPhone by seeing a peak in the spectrum display. Please use the manual settings if automatic decoding does not adjust to the frequency, WPM. or background noise threshold level properly. Decoding will not work if the audio filter or WPM are set incorrectly, or there is a lot of background noise or room echoes above the threshold setting. Please see the help file on the HotPaw website for hints as to how to solve decoding issues.
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تحديث لأحدث إصدار 2.5.5

Last updated on 04/06/2021
الإصدارات القديمة
Bug fixes.
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Version History
Bug fixes.
Added Dark Mode support, plus enhanced compatibility with more recent iOS releases
Bug fix for text scrolling.
The previous 2.5.2 update extended the range of the audio filter setting.
Extended the frequency range of the narrow-band audio filter.
Added a warning when suspected noise is being decoded due to non-optimal settings.
Added a switch to disable the 20 minute auto-off timer.
Minor audio bug fixes.
Updated for iOS 11 and the iPhone X.
This update includes bug fixes for running on the newest iPad devices.

If you have successfully used this app to decode Morse Code, please take the time to give us a nice review: it really helps. Updates to previous reviews are also highly appreciated.

For those users who have encountered problems decoding Morse Code with this app, we have updated and expanded the instructions for using the Morse Decoder app. Please check and configure the settings as needed for your audio input.
Added improvements to Morse Code decoding sensitivity and startup speed.
Bug fix for an issue with starting the app in landscape orientation on some iPads.

Previous update 2.3.0: Added support for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus.

* If the decoder doesn't start recognizing Morse code, please see the new help file on the HotPaw website for important hints on adjusting the radio sidetone frequency, the iOS device microphone position in the room, and the initial WPM.
Bug fixes for iOS 8 and the display of some unicode characters.
Added support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus size devices.

* There may be an issue with starting this update in landscape orientation on some iPads. A fix is in progress.

* Please see the new help file on the HotPaw website for some hints if you can't get the decoder to detect any Morse Code in your audio input. Too high a tone or echoes in the room environment can cause problems with detecting any code.
Added Dynamic Text font sizing (set in the Settings app:General:Text Size).
Fixed a iOS 7 Microphone Permission issue.
Added decoding for a few Morse Code International Extension characters, including à and ñ.
Added a 20 minute delay to screen dimming to improve hands-off decode viewing.
Version 2.2.1 is a bug fix update for a problem if the Microphone was not enabled.

The previous update, version 2.2.0, added an option to monitor the audio input when using headphones.

Thank you for all the emails and continued support. Please rate and review Morse Decoder if you find it useful (or update your existing reviews)!
** Note: This update has a bug which requires you enable the Microphone in the Settings app under Privacy to allow the decoder to run. A fix should be out shortly. **

- Added an optional headphone jack play-thru mode to allow monitoring the audio input.
- Updated icon, plus some small bug fixes.

If you like using this app, don't forget to leave your ratings and reviews in the App store.
- Updated for iOS 7.
- You can now use Morse Decoder in landscape mode on an iPhone.
Fixed a bug in saving the state of the Background Decode enable switch.
New in the previous version 2.0.4:
Added manual WPM speed adjustment on the iPhone for faster decoding start-up. Improved the audio frequency estimator. Added a warning that decoding of high audio sidetone frequencies above 1500 Hz is not supported.
Added manual WPM adjustment when running on an iPhone. Manual adjustment gets decoding started faster when the auto-WPM detection initializes too far from the current code speed.
Added a mode to allow background (display locked) decoding.
Improved frequency estimation.
Improved the resolution of the audio spectrum viewer.
Improved Auto-WPM-speed tracking.
Improved Auto-volume-threshold tracking and audio filtering.
Added an indication for audio frequencies that are too high for optimal decoding.
Added support for iOS6 and the iPhone 5 display.
Bug fixes for setting the sound level threshold.
Bug fix for disappearing Settings on iPad.

If you find this Morse Code app useful, please leave 5-star reviews and ratings to help support continued development and improvement to the HotPaw Morse Code Decoder.
Auto-threshold, AGC and Squelch bug fixes and improvements.

New in previous version 1.9.0:

Added a manual volume threshold to the iPhone version. Tap on the histogram to the left of the waveform to toggle the visibility of this new slider.
Also dded a button to re-initialize auto WPM to the iPhone version. This control will appear only if the WPM speed is unlocked, and will allow you to reinitialize the WPM estimate if you notice that dots are being recognized as dashes, or vice-versa.
Added a manual threshold control to the iPhone version, and improved the AGC in automatic mode.
Added a reset button to the automatic WPM select mode.
Also included some bug fixes.

A manual volume threshold control was added on the iPhone version. Tap on the histogram to the left of the waveform to toggle whether this control is visible or not.

A button to re-initialize the auto WPM speed was added on the iPhone version. This control will appear only if the WPM speed is unlocked, and will allow you to reinitialize the WPM estimate if you notice that dots are being recognized as dashes, or vice-versa.

You can now tap directly on the spectrum graph to enable the audio filter and set its frequency.
General bug fixes and a bug fix for iPhone 4s QRQ mode.
If you find Morse Decoder to be useful, please make sure to leave a positive review.
Improved CW auto-threshold, AGC, squelch and audio filtering, plus a few bug fixes.
Added a new High Speed mode in Settings, to support decoding Morse Code speeds from 40 up to 80 WPM.
Also, by popular request, enabled upsidedown use on iPhones to make it easier to aim the microphone, and updated the icon.
Added an additional 2kHz audio low-pass filter for better QRM rejection.
Improved WPM measurement accuracy.

MorseDecoder FAQ

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Requiere iOS 12.3 o posterior.
Requiere iPadOS 12.3 o posterior.
iPod touch
Requiere iOS 12.3 o posterior.

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