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Thraitham, Prabodhananda,Karma

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Bhagavadgeetha (Telugu) Description
Thraitha Siddhantha Bhagavadgeetha(Parama Pavithra Parishuddha Prathama Daiva Grantham)
Writer: The only Guru of three religions(Hindu, Muslim, Christian), The Emperor of Spiritual Kingdom, The writer of more than hundred divine holy books, Indu Gnana Dharma Pradata, The Sensational Writer, Adi Karta of Traita Doctrine , Sri Sri Sri Acharya Prabodhananda Yogeeswarlu

The BhagavadGeetha(The Super Science), which is the base for the Spiritual knowledge, and which has hundred percent scientifically proved theorems.  Advaitha Theorem says , “there is only Paramatma but not the Atma or Jeevatma”.

Whereas Dvaitha Theorem says, “there is Jeevatma and Paramatma but not Atma”.  If we see as per the Bhagavad Geetha, which was revealed by Paramatma (GOD), the Advaitha and Dvaitha Theorems are not aligned with the notion of Bhagavad Geetha. 

That means these two theorems are not unerringly built theorems.  These two theorems are not rationalistic when we see Geetha as the base.  Dvaitha Theorem is as true as the statement “there is a tree on the earth without the roots” and Advaitha Theorem is as true as the statement “there is a tree without the earth and roots.  So, we can easily determine that these two theorems are unscientific and irrational as per Bhagavad Geetha-Purushottama Prapti Yoga, 16, 17 verses. 

These two verses are condemning both the Advaitha and Dvaitha Theorems in a single blow.  These two verses teaching us the real divine theorem called “The Thraitha Theorem”. Not only those two verses but the entire notion of BhagavadGeetha is fully dependent on “The Thraitha Theorem” only. 

Dvaitha and Advaitha Theorems came out recently in Kaliyuga, whereas The “Thraitha Theorem” got revealed by Bhagavan Sri Krishna [Messenger of GOD] in the end of DwaparaYuga itself.  But because of Maya [Ignorance], it was not understood till now.  Also Dvaitha and advaitha Theorems came out because of Maya only.  Even today we are seeing the “Peethas” of Dvaitha and Advaitha Theorems.

But unfortunately no where we are listening the name “Thraitham” or we are not seeing anyone who is preaching Thraitham. 

Our true Guru, Sri Sri Sri Acharya Prabodhananda Yogeeswarulu, originated the “Thraitha Siddhantham” for us.

“Thraitha Theorem” means the theorem of three souls, they are 1. Jeevatma [Mortal soul], 2. Atma [Immortal Soul], 3. Paramatma [Absolute Soul]. Bhagavad Geetha exists according to “Thraitham” and “Thraitham” exists according to Bhagavad Geetha. These two are inseparable pair.

The three lines that exists on a human palm, the three lines that exists on Eeswara Lingam are representing Thraitham only. 

This Thraitha Siddhantha Bhagavad Geetha reveals us the great Divine Theorem called “Thraitha Theorem”. By reading this “Thraitha Siddhantha Bhagavad Geetha”, one can gain the real notion of “Bhagavan Sri Krishna” and will find the path to attain the Liberation.
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