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Oct 24, 2023
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About WorkOutDoors

WorkOutDoors is the most advanced and most configurable workout app for the Apple Watch. It's perfect for running, cycling, hiking and any other indoor or outdoor activity.

Note: WorkOutDoors requires an Apple Watch Series 3 or later. It is not necessary to have your iPhone with you during a workout.


- 42 different activity types, including all the major activities
- Configure multiple screens with metrics from a pool of over 600 data fields and graphs
- All workouts are saved to Apple's Health system and are viewable in the Health & Fitness apps
- Export workouts as FIT/TCX/GPX files, or automatically upload to Strava (even from the watch)
- Dozens of alert types (e.g. mile/km notifications; high heart rate; low speed; zone changes etc)
- Configure which metrics are displayed and/or spoken for an alert
- GPS signal strength shown before starting a workout, so you can wait for a good signal
- Create your own Interval Schedules: e.g. Warm Up for 5 minutes, Run 5 miles; Cool Down
- Supports Bluetooth sensors for speed, cadence, distance, heart rate & power (including Stryd)
- Zones can be configured for heart rates and also for pace and power metrics
- Associate actions with gestures: e.g. double tap to start a new interval, or to show music controls
- Auto-pause available for many outdoor activities (including Apple's algorithm where available)
- Set a Target Pace and see how far ahead or behind you are (can show a target icon on the map)
- Analyse workouts in great depth on the iPhone app, including detailed lap and interval splits
- Supports watchOS 9 running metrics: power, ground contact time and vertical oscillation (only available on recent models of watch).


- Maps can be cached on the watch for use when offline
- Topographic vector map option with configurable contours and hill shading
- Maps can be smoothly panned and zoomed, and can rotate according to the compass
- Map-only mode for when you don't want to start a workout and just need a map
- Uses OpenStreetMap, which includes the trails necessary for outdoor workouts
- Maps cover the whole world. No further purchases or subscriptions required for anything
- A breadcrumb trail of your whole route is displayed on the map during the workout
- A scale is shown on the map when you zoom, making it easy to see the distance to features
- Load GPX routes and display them on top of the map to aid navigation
- Routes are coloured by gradient: from red for steep uphill to blue for steep downhill
- Get alerts when you deviate from or return to the GPX route
- Waypoints in routes are shown as icons (supports "groundspeak" geocache data)
- Shows a red compass pointing north and a green compass pointing to the start
- Tap the green compass to see the distance to the start (double tap a compass to hide it)
- "Smart Contours" use different colours to make it easier to read the terrain at a glance

The app also has many, many more features (far too many to list here!).  

All this is included for a single one-off payment. There are no extra in-app purchases or subscriptions. If you own an Apple Watch and do any form of exercise, then WorkOutDoors is the app for you. Give it a go!
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Was ist neu in der neuesten Version 5.3

Last updated on Oct 24, 2023
Alte Versionen
- supports the new Smart Stack in watchOS 10
- saves new watchOS 10 cycling sensor metrics to Apple's Health system
- fixes missing time when using latest version of watchOS
- the usual bug fixes and small improvements
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Version History
Oct 24, 2023
- supports the new Smart Stack in watchOS 10
- saves new watchOS 10 cycling sensor metrics to Apple's Health system
- fixes missing time when using latest version of watchOS
- the usual bug fixes and small improvements
Sep 19, 2023
- New activity: Table Tennis
- It's now possible to change road text size as well as POI size on maps
- Bug fixes

Note: This version does not work on the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 models.
Sep 5, 2023
Bug fixes.
Sep 5, 2023
This version of the app supports the Always on Display, which means that the metrics are visible even when your wrist is lowered (if your watch supports it).  

Supporting the always on display required a large part of the app to be rewritten using Apple's latest coding language. This was a lot of work and took a long time, so apologies for the delay between releases.

This version also includes a tip jar to allow you to show appreciation for the app and to support future development. Tips are completely optional and will not unlock any extra features. The one-off price for the app still lasts forever and all future updates are included, just as they always have been.

Other improvements include:

- Precision start screen where you can wait for a heart rate before starting a workout
- Redesigned summary screens on the watch with larger text and more graphs
- Action button can display the Start screen, and then press again to start a workout
- Automatic Water Lock when starting a workout is now available for all activities
- Auto-Pause is now available for all outdoor activities
Dec 23, 2022
This version fixes the missing complications for some watch faces on 40mm and 41mm watches.
Dec 14, 2022
- Support for Action Button on the Ultra
- New activity types: Jump Rope, Martial Arts, Pickleball & Squash.
- New intensity targets for intervals: heart, pace and power
- Options to automatically engage water lock at start for surfing, sailing and rowing
- Now showing lock icon when screen is locked
- Loads of other changes and fixes.
Sep 19, 2022
Workaround for a bug in iOS 16 on the iPhone 14 Pro that makes maps on the iPhone app completely purple!
Sep 18, 2022
- new running metrics: power, vertical oscillation and ground contact time (require watchOS 9)
- power and pace zones (like the existing HR zones)
- optional new zone graphic at the bottom of the screen (series 4 and newer)
- improved configurability for what appears at the bottom of the screen (series 4 and newer)
- over 200 new metrics, making over 600 in total
Aug 9, 2022
New Badminton and Tai Chi activities
Peaks now show elevation information
Bug fixes
May 19, 2022
- Support for Bluetooth sensors: Power, Cadence, Pace, Distance & Heart Rate
- Supports new 41mm and 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 devices
- New Thunderforest maps option, with contours & hill shading
- 4 new screen layout options with very large fonts
- New "Back to Start" alert with option to automatically end workout
- New "Possibly Travelling Home" alert with option to end workout
- Many new metrics (now over 400 in total)
- New shake and crown rotation gestures to be associated with commands
- Many other new features and bug fixes
Feb 2, 2021
- All settings now available in the iPhone app as well as the watch app;
- Map can now be customised with dozens of different styles;
- New activity types: weight training, mixed cardio, cross training, pilates and more;
- Workouts now regularly saved so they can be recovered if required (e.g. battery runs out);
- Ability to control interaction with other audio sources (mix/duck/pause);
- Ability to request confirmation when ending a workout;
- Ability to configure all 4 options on touch menu;
- Redesign of user interface to be cleaner and more modern looking;
- New buttons for functions that were previously only available via the touch menu;
- Improved logging of data transfers to help diagnose watchOS/iOS comms issues.
- Totals by interval type now added to iPhone analysis;
- Energy can now be displayed in joules instead of calories;
- Stride length can now be displayed in feet instead of metres;
- Keeping GPS on for a minute after app's use is now optional;
- Lots of other improvements and fixes!
Jul 28, 2020
- Strava uploading can now be made automatic, direct from the watch;
- Extended profile graphs now available in iPhone analysis;
- Now includes Dance and Open Water Swimming workouts;
- Auto-pause available for more activities;
- Ability to configure repeated alerts whilst a limit is exceeded;
- New "Time in Zone" heart rate metrics;
- Improved skiing functionality;
- Minor cosmetic improvements to maps, graphs etc;
- Loads of other improvements, and a few bug fixes.
Nov 6, 2019
- Supports the compass in the Apple Watch series 5 (with several new settings and metrics).
- Compatible with iOS 13 and watchOS 6
- Enhanced auto-pause configurability for running, cycling, walking and hiking
- New command to exit the current repeat loop during an interval schedule
- New configurable activity menus
- Ability to control the length of time that messages appear on the watch screen
- Ability to control the amount of smoothing applied to the current pace
- Improved Screen and Profile file manipulation functions
- lots of other improvements and bug fixes.
Sep 20, 2019
This is a major new version with dozens of new features and improvements:

Ability to create Interval Schedules:
- Multiple interval types: warm-up, fast, steady, slow, recover, cool-down etc;
- Can create groups of intervals with a configurable number of repeats;
- Set interval durations using time, distance, heart rate, steps, calories etc;
- Set interval targets such as heart rate, pace, cadence etc;
- Configure what metrics are displayed on the screen during an interval;
- Configure what metrics are spoken at the start/end of each interval;
- Configure regular notifications during an interval;
- Control the metrics displayed and spoken for each notification.

New activities:
- Many new indoor activities
- includes running, cycling, rowing, walking, elliptical, yoga, stair climbing etc
- New "Other Indoor" and "Other Outdoor" activities.

- now available for cycling, hiking and walking as well as running;
- ability to control the sensitivity of the auto-pause

Previous Workouts on the watch
- Displays the same summary screen that was shown at workout end;
- Analyse metrics, maps, profiles, lap splits and interval splits.

Exporting has been improved:
- Can now export TCX files as well as GPX;
- Strava export now defaults to using TCX for data consistency;
- Can now create a route directly from a workout;
- Now possible to export a GPX file from a route.

Alerts have been improved:
- Can now configure which metrics are displayed for each alert;
- Can now configure which metrics are spoken for each alert;
- New alert for "off route" and "back on route" notifications;
- New alert for HR zone changes (with configurable intervals);
- New alert for low battery (with configurable levels);
- New alert for drink reminders (with configurable intervals);
- New alert for eat reminders (with configurable intervals).

Commands and Shortcuts have been improved:
- New "Commands" screen to invoke them directly instead of via a shortcut.
- New shortcuts for single tap and double tap;
- Ability to configure the options shown on the force press menu;
- New Water Lock command;
- New "Status" commands so metrics can be displayed and/or spoken on demand.

Starting Workouts has been improved:
- Added extra "..." button to menu options (like Apple's Workout app);
- Offers ability to set a fixed distance or time for a workout;
- Also offers any interval schedules defined for that activity;
- Also offers standard "Open Workout" as before;
- When choosing open workout then it shows a big Start button.

iPhone app has been improved:
- Ability to filter workouts by activity type or name
- Ability to sort workouts by one of several metrics
- Ability to group workouts (e.g. to see monthly totals and averages)
- Can now analyse workout intervals (as well as laps)
- Separate settings screens for heart rate zones, export options etc
- Ability to define heart zones as bpm as well as intensities.
- Showing time of day in title when swiping through workout in iPhone app.

Over 100 new metrics including:
- "Distance to Route"
- "Direct Distance to Start"
- "Course" (bearings)
- "Sunset", "Sunrise", "Time to Sunset", "Time to Sunrise"
- "Time of Day" (with or without seconds)
- "Elapsed Time" (ignores pauses)
- "Time Remaining", "Distance Remaining", "End Time"
- Dozens of new interval-related fields
- Over 300 metrics now available in total.
- Tapping a metric now shows the latest metric value as well as the description.

Theme Improvements:
- Optional dark mode for main menu on watch;
- Ability to make metrics and units either white or in colour;

Voice Improvements:
- Can set volume;
- Can choose nationality and gender of voice;
- Can create shortcuts to mute and unmute voice.

These are just some of the many improvements in this version. Update now to see them all!
Nov 13, 2018
This version includes a few bug fixes and a great new icon!
Oct 28, 2018
This version is fully compatible with Apple Watch Series 4; watchOS 5; iOS 12; and the latest iPhones. It makes full use of the new screens on the Apple Watch Series 4 models and provides complications for the new watch faces.

Other new features include direct uploading to Strava, and access to the Now Playing music controls from within the app.
Aug 22, 2018
This is a major new version with loads of great new features including:

- Several new screen layouts (with and without maps);
- Ability to cycle through data screens during the workout by triple-tapping display;
- Complete control of which metrics appear on each screen;
- Over 160 available metrics, including mini-graphs and buttons;
- Configurable alerts when values exceed user defined limits (e.g. heartrate, pace, speed, cadence);
- Configurable interval notifications (e.g. distance, time, steps, calories, ascent, descent etc);
- Limits and notifications can use haptics and/or voice feedback;
- Enhanced workout analysis on both the iPhone and watch;
- Automatic and Manual laps;
- Analysis of lap splits on Watch available during and after a workout;
- Lap Splits available for multiple metrics: time, distance, pace, speed, heart, cadence, calories, elevation etc;
- Improved maps on the iPhone to match the dark theme of the app;
- Configurable heart rate zones;
- Target Pace metrics: distance and/or time ahead or behind target;
- Target Pace icon shown on map;
- Rolling Pace fields with configurable intervals (e.g. 1 mile or 1 minute);
- Completely restructured Settings screen on the watch, with loads of new parameters;
- Geocaching "groundspeak" information now displayed (including type, size, difficulty, descriptions, hint & log);
- New screen showing nearest waypoints in GPX file (useful for Geocaching);
- App now remembers if "auto-rotate" was on before and switches it on when possible for next workout;
- Ability to configure what operations are invoked by the side buttons and screen taps;
- Several new activity types: Paddle Sports, Surfing, XC Skiing, Golf and Skating;
- Sailing workouts now use nautical miles and knots;
- Ability to lock screen to avoid accidental use;
- New on-screen battery level indicator;
Jan 16, 2018
URGENT: Please update to this version! The company providing the maps for previous versions is shutting down at the end of January, so they will cease to work properly.

This version has been updated to use maps from Mapbox instead, which come with several improvements:

The data is more concise, meaning faster download, transfer and drawing times;
The maps can now be zoomed out further to enable easier panning of long distances;
Buildings are shown in 3D when zoomed in far enough;
Dec 13, 2017
This version contains several improvements and bug-fixes. The improvements include compatibility with external heartrate sensors, and an enhanced Map-Only mode for when you want a map but don't want to start a workout.
Oct 23, 2017
- Compatible with watchOS 4, iOS 11, Watch Series 3, and iPhone X;
- The map can now use the full screen, including the title area at the top;
- New "Map only" mode that displays a fully working map without starting a workout;
- Uses barometric sensor in Watch Series 3 for more accurate elevations;
- Uses LTE Watch cellular data if no iPhone and no maps for the area in the offline cache;
- New live workout statistics: step count, elevation (absolute or relative) and pressure;
- Adjustable text size for workout statistics: smaller text means larger map and vice versa;
- Double tap map to hide workout stats for a full screen map; Double tap again to restore;
- Using 4x larger map tiles for improved map rendering and lower storage for the same area;
- New smaller GPS signal strength indicator which can be tapped for more information;
- Signal strength can be shown either as bars or as the accuracy in metres;
- Workout routes now saved to Health Kit, for viewing in Apple's Activities app;
- Tap GPS dot/arrow for current location latitude and longitude; Tap again for elevation;
- Double tap screen elements (e.g. compasses and signal bar) to hide or restore them;
- GPX routes now show arrows to indicate the direction they go in;
- Waypoints in GPX route files are now displayed as icons (and text if room);
- Tap a waypoint to see a full screen with any extra information it may contain;
- GPX Routes can now be viewed in reverse on the watch;
- Pause and Resume workouts by pressing both side buttons at once;
- Ability to choose where to send GPX files instead of just to email;
- New GPX field: accuracy of GPS location in metres;
- Ability to configure which fields are included in exported GPX files;
- Ability to graph GPS accuracy when analysing workout on iPhone;
- Hints now shown to remind users of all the "hidden" features;
- POIs, waypoints and road names now grow temporarily to aid visibility when selected;
- More intelligent default workout names (e.g. "Monday Morning Run");
- New option to show elevations in either feet or metres;
- Now sending map tiles to the watch in batches, which means much faster transfer speeds;
Sep 3, 2017
GPX Routes can be imported and displayed on the watch map;
Routes are coloured red for uphill, blue for downhill;
"Hollow" mode for routes makes underlying trails visible;
Ability to transfer all map tiles for a route to the watch with one tap;
New Settings screen on the watch with lots of configuration options;
Ability to show speed and/or pace on the main watch screen;
Compasses can be hidden, giving more space for the map;
Steps and cadence statistics for running, hiking and walking workouts;
Pushes and cadence statistics for wheelchair workouts;
New cadence graphs for analysing steps or pushes per minute;
Improved profile graphs that zoom in as you zoom in on the map above;
Improved design for iPhone app;
Ability to switch between miles and kilometres;
Heartrate monitoring can be switched off to save battery;
Now including heartrate and cadence information in exported GPX files;
Lots of other improvements (and a few bug fixes!).
Aug 9, 2017
- Major enhancements to the iPhone app to improve its role as a companion to the watch app.
- Added elevation information, including total ascent and descent, elevation maps and profiles.
- Workouts can now be analysed on the iPhone, including maps and graphs of speed, heart rate and elevation.
- Added ability to export routes as GPX files, which can then be imported into your favourite apps and websites.
- Tapping elements on the watch map (such as POIs) now shows a description at the bottom of the screen.
Jul 13, 2017

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