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Focus Tomato - Let's focus now Description
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"Focus Tomato" is based on the Pomodoro Technique (Pomodoro) and has been enhanced with some new seasonings and improvements.

• Event-oriented flexible concentration time
The so-called Pomodoro Technique is a 5-minute rest after 30 minutes of regular work. When the time is up, it will ring and stop timing. The "Focus Tomato" approach only tells you that "time is up" but does not stop timing. If you want to continue to concentrate, for example, if you want to finish the chapter, or finish writing this report and then rest, just ignore the notification from the app until you decide to turn off it, it will continue to time. Using events to determine the point in time of interruption is a way to match modern work patterns.

• Reject all games and collection elements to ensure true focus
Many apps based on the Pomodoro Technique have games and collections that create a work while playing environment. However, after this tomato personally tried and experiences various APPs for a long time, and according to John Powell's work, the human brain has memory limitations. That is to say, having multiple jobs is a price to pay.
You are focusing on the moment; then you must be distracted to collect something. After the focus time is over, you have to press "Off" to "harvest the thing", and then open another period of concentration to continue collecting. In this way, some of the memory in your brain will be occupied by "harvest when time completed", wasting the memory that could have been used. Instead, the things that really should be focused on, because they can't use all the memory, the efficiency can't be maximized and the progress is affected.

• Cancellation can also be done if the time period has not been completed
When using "Focus Tomato", you can cancel by midway, and this concentration period will still be added to the statistics.
Many apps with similar functionality will give you some kind of penalty that will make you subconsciously waste time. But you just keep working and waiting for the end of the period, resulting in worse efficiency. "Focus Tomato" is committed to use events to determine the point in time of the interruption, so as to ensure that you get the most out of your focus period.

• Timeline that can be added, modified, or deleted
Users often forget to turn off the timing, forget to start timing, or be called by the boss to do something else in the middle and cannot control the app. These will result in statistical results that are not correct enough.
"Focus Tomato" has a Timeline that can be added, modified, and deleted so that you can fix it later.
The advantage of this approach is that the user does not have to worry too much about operating the app. If you forget it now, just add it later. This way of doing things allows you to focus on your work and save your brain's memory.

• Support Do Not Disturb Mode:
If you put the App in the foreground, the Do Not Disturb mode will block the text notification, but there will still be sound effects and vibration.


• When you start timing, please be absolutely focused on what you are doing right now.

• Please set a daily target focused time in your mind. For example, 300 minutes in total. Every day, as long as you find that the time period is not over, please don't hesitate to start timing for 30 minutes. In fact, once we start implementing it, we can’t stop. The most difficult part is often the beginning.

• Please take a look at the statistics chart for a while. We often feel hard, but when we actually look at the data, we find that we have not paid so much effort. Please try to analyze and improve your situation based on the data.


If you have any ideas or comments on the flavor and taste, please let us know! Thank you

Do you have something really matter to your?
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Focus Tomato - Let's focus now 2.5.1 Update
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