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RPN-38 CX スクリーンショット
RPN-38 CX ポスターRPN-38 CX ポスターRPN-38 CX ポスターRPN-38 CX ポスターRPN-38 CX ポスターRPN-38 CX ポスターRPN-38 CX ポスターRPN-38 CX ポスター

About RPN-38 CX

RPN-38 CX is the first photo-realistic simulation of Hewlett-Packard's popular high-end programmable business calculator HP-38C for the iPhone. Produced from 1979 through 1983, it was the "Chive" member of the third-generation HP calculators known as the "Spice" series.

While the simulator works like the original calculator, a number of carefully designed extensions make it a lot easier to use.

RPN-38 CX is fully compatible with the HP-12C, except for calculations and programs involving Bonds and Depreciation.


• Photo-realistic look-and-feel
• Programmable (99 steps, program memory not shared with register memory)
• Subroutines, flags, loop control, extended conditional branching
• Insert and delete steps with automatic address correction
• 20 registers, "continuous", with unlimited store/recall arithmetic
• Indirect register addressing
• Register view
• Program listing view
• Program library view
• Additional functions (nominal and effective interest rate)
• Shortcuts for often-used key combinations
• Store and retrieve any number of programs
• Sharing: e-mail, AirDrop, Dropbox, copy, paste, print
• 40 programs pre-installed

Calculator functions:
• Percentage (%, ∆%, %Total)
• Simple and Compound Interest
• Optional odd periods (like HP-12)
• Nominal/Effective interest rate conversion
• Amortization
• Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
• Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return
• Date and Calendar (actual or 30/360 day basis)
• Statistics (mean, weighted mean, standard deviation)
• Linear Regression
• Additional functions not found on the HP-38:
- Subroutines, flags, loop control, random number, Pi, Log, x² and more

Details: cuveesoft.ch/rpn38
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最新バージョン 3.6.1 の更新情報

Last updated on 2022年10月09日
• Fixes a crash when trying to Export a program
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Version History
• Fixes a crash when trying to Export a program
• Haptics
Set the haptic feedback level in the calculator's settings.

„Sounds & Haptics“ / „System Haptics“ must be on in the iPhone's settings.

• KeyGlow
Enable or disable key flashing in the calculator's settings.

• Program list view can be dragged down to dismiss it.
• Change the program listing font with a simple tap on the new button "F"

• Apply a filter to quickly find any program.

• Sample Programs may be hidden in the list of programs.

Bug fix:

• IRR and NPV cash flow calculations produced incorrect results if the group count of the initial investment CF0 was larger than 1.
• Improved solving for interest handles extreme cases without iteration error

• Address LASTx indirectly via RCi and STi by treating it as register 20

• When executed interactively, ISG and DSE do not change the program counter

• CLEAR FIN clears the Compound Interest indicator only when "Use Odd Periods" is off

Bug fixes:

• Deleting a block of program steps could result in wrongly adjusted branch targets in some cases

• ISG/DSE commands were susceptible to internal rounding effects
• Print (or mail as PDF) the program or its description

• A program running longer than one minute will emit a short beep when executing the final GTO 00 command

• Tap f or g, then P/R to see a 12- or 24-hour clock.

• Improved accuracy in extreme cases of y^x with positive, integer x.
For example, 1.0000001^(2^27) = 674530.4707, not 674530.4760

• New or updated programs: "Trigonometrics", "Gamma Function (Spouge)"

• Call up "What's New" anytime from Info screen

• Compatibility with iPhone 12

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed display issues when using the iPhone in "Zoomed" mode

• The RND function didn't work correctly in regions using a comma as decimal point

• Double- or triple-tapping the empty program listing could cause a crash.

• Setting the haptic feedback level didn't check sufficiently for the correct code
• Replaced function π with NOP in top function bar

• π is now "g +"

• NOP instructions show as LBL if targeted by GTO or GSB

• Key flashing may be turned off and on:
- Store 19390101 in R1 to turn off
- Recall 19390101 from R1 to turn on
(Hewlett-Packard Company was founded on Jan 1, 1939)

• Haptic feedback may be turned off and on:
– Store 1939010X in R0 to set amount of feedback
(where X = 0: no feedback, X = 3: maximum feedback)
• Register view shows localized formatted value while number is being entered

Bug fix:
• Using scientific notation could crash the app in some regions, i.e. Australia, Sweden, Slovenia.
• Support for iOS 13: Dark Mode, file sharing

• Email programs directly from the program list

• Replacing registers by pasting a program into the display is now optional

• Many under-the-hood optimizations

Check out the new Download walk-through on the website (under "Sharing".)

Bug fix:

• Executing the summation command ∑ with a very large argument would cause a crash

RPN-38 CX now requires iOS 11 or later.
• New editing commands in programming mode:
– DELx,y: delete range of program steps
– DELEnd: delete steps from current position to end of program

• New program added: "Multiple Linear Regression"

• Updated program: "Solve f(x) = 0"

• Improved accuracy when solving for interest

Bug fixes:

• The instruction GSB 90 could not be entered

• In some situations, "Error 5" could only be cleared by executing CLR FIN
New features:

• You can now do register arithmetic using the ∑+ key, e.g. RCL + f ∑+ will add registers R2 and R4 to X and Y, respectively.

• Long-press program listing to change font of description from proportional to non-proportional and vice versa.

• More detailed descriptions and additional examples in the built-in sample programs. Be sure to execute "Reload Sample Programs".
• In addition to exchanging X with register I, you can now use STO I and RCL I with full register arithmetic to register I

• Fixed crash on double-tapping GTO nn in program listing when step nn didn't exist
• The I-register can now be observed in Register View, formatted for easy interpreting in ISG/DSE commands

Bug fixes:

• DSE command didn't skip on negative counter values

• Storing a value in a regular register, then pressing a financial key would not store the value but execute the function instead
• Optional stack display (swipe display right/left)

• Indirect addressing of all 20 registers via the I register (on f and g keys)

• Improved NOM/EFF operations now use number of periods currently stored in n

• Set flags are shown as highlighted register numbers in Register View

• Flags are now saved and loaded along with programs

• Warning on deleting program memory or program files

• On-screen error descriptions

• Improved reliability of comparisons

• New programs: LogFactorial, Interest/Discount Conversions

Bug fixes:

• Viewing a program containing any of the commands xw, s, or ∑- would crash the app

• Errors didn't always report the correct error number
• Improved Program Listing (tap "?" in listing screen)

• New buttons at top to select TOP, MID or END of program

• Built-in descriptions of extra functions (see Settings)

• Pressing R/S shows next command to be executed; releasing R/S starts running program

• Cancel R/S by dragging finger from the key

• Renamed button "Load" to "Save"

• Changed "Undo digit" sound to same as found on other CuVee calculators

• Support for late 2018 iPhones

Bug fixes:

• Layout issue when showing g-shifted keys
• Digit separators were not cleared when starting number entry with EEX
Bug fix:

• Result of DATE operation was not correctly displayed
• Improved compatibility with iPhone X

Bug fixes:

• Incorrect app icon shown when installed on iPad
• Number number format issues and possible crash when using the EEX key
• Top GTO button could not be toggled on and off
• Improved trig functions for extremely small angles

• Support for iOS 11

Bug fix:

• Separators didn't disappear when display auto-switched from FIX to SCI mode
• New sample program "Prime Factors" added

Bug fix:

• Examples "Odd Period Example" did not work as shown in description
• New program "Polar-Rectangular" (tap "Reload Sample Programs" to see it)

Bug fix:

• RAND was not programmable
• New program "Numerical Integration" (tap "Reload Sample Programs" to see it)

Bug fixes:

• Pi didn't auto-lift the stack
• RND didn't work correctly on certain values
• Deleting steps caused wrong address corrections in some cases
Enjoy a major new release:

• Real subroutines with GSB and RTN, 4 levels of nesting

• Loop control via I-register (DSE, ISG, x≷I)
- Store control value nnnnn.xxxyy in I, where
nnnnn = counter
xxx = limit to test
yy = increment/decrement value
DSE: decrement nnnnn by yy and skip step if nnnnn ≤ xxx
ISG: increment nnnnn by yy and skip step if nnnnn > xxx

• 10 flags F0…9
- F? n Test flag n
- SF n Set flag n
- CF n Clear flag n
F2 auto-clears on test
F3 auto-sets on numeric input, clears on test
CLEAR ALL clears all flags

• Now with 12 comparison commands

• New operations: x², LOG, π, RAND (random number)

• CLEAR ALL is now programmable

• Speed improvements

• Improved programs: "Curve Fitting" and "Easter Date"

Bug fix:

• Displaying a date, switching to program mode, then toggling the D.MY switch would force-quit the app
• Better FRAC results for large arguments
• Program added: "Easter Date"

Bug fix:

• RND is now ignored if SCI display format is active
Bug fix:

• The setting "Use Odd Periods" could not be saved
• Easter date for 1583 thru 4099: set y = 0, x = year, execute DATE
• New command "D.MY/BEGIN?" to read mode switch. Tap "f", then mode switch to program.
• Calculator sounds mix with background audio and have their own volume control

Bug fix:

• Fixed a possible crash on startup
• Pause activity is shown in main and register view
• Decimal addition/subtraction for higher precision

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