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9.5.3for iPhone, iPad
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Aditya Rajveer
May 5, 2024
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Marvis Pro 포스터Marvis Pro 포스터Marvis Pro 포스터
Marvis Pro 포스터Marvis Pro 포스터Marvis Pro 포스터Marvis Pro 포스터Marvis Pro 포스터

About Marvis Pro

Interact with your music and fall in love with your library all over again.

** Featured on MacStories, 9to5Mac, Cult of Mac, iDownloadBlog, iMore, and more. **
** App of the Year 2022 - MacStories **

Marvis offers a beautiful presentation of your Music Library with loads of powerful features in a minimalistic yet highly customizable UI.

• For Apple Music & iTunes Library.
‣ Supports Apple Music Search, Charts, Listen Now, Radio, and more.
‣ Non-subscribers can search & browse the Apple Music catalog and play 30s preview for all available songs.

• Use Drag & Drop to add one or more items to Up Next, Play, or Shuffle.
• Advanced Media Details and Artist Info.
• List & Grid Layout. Multiple Grid styles to choose from, like Cover Flow.
• 40 App icon choices.
• Sort and Group
‣ Sort by Recently Played/Added, Year, Rating, Play Count, and more.
‣ Group Playlists and Genres into Albums, Artists, Composers, etc.

• Smart Rules: Filter, Sort, and Limit.

• support.
‣ The ability to scrobble is included with your purchase.
‣ Advanced features require an additional one-time fee.

• It is required to have the Music app installed on your device to use Marvis.
• Due to iOS restrictions, deleting items from your library or playlists via Marvis is not allowed.

Reddit: r/MarvisApp
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최신 버전 9.5.3의 새로운 기능

Last updated on May 5, 2024
오래된 버전
Bug fixes.
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Version History
May 5, 2024
Bug fixes.
Apr 21, 2024
Fixes and improvements.
Apr 10, 2024
Fixes and improvements.
Apr 6, 2024
■ Add to Playlist
• When the 'Allow Adding to Multiple Playlists' setting is enabled, clicking on a playlist no longer adds music to the selected playlist instantly, but waits until you are done with choosing all your playlists and click ‘Save’.
• Enabled playlist searching when the Add to Playlist screen is set to view as Home.

■ Displayed Metadata
• Added “Accent” for the Color setting option that automatically uses your chosen accent color for the metadata color.

■ Player
• Added the option to hide Full-Player artwork.
• Added the option to edit Displayed Metadata for the Queue Songs. Set up from Marvis Settings → Player → Queue → Displayed Metadata.
• [] Displayed Metadata for Mini-Player & Full-Player now supports Global Scrobbles, Listeners Count, and My Scrobbles for Albums, Album Artists, and Artists in addition to previously being available only for Songs.

■ Smart Rules
• The “Maximum Items” limit rule now lets you choose the media type for which you want to limit the number of items. For example, in a song-based section, you can now apply a maximum 3 artists limit and it’ll show songs from 3 artists only.
• Remember, having a sort rule before your limit rule helps you to apply a limit on your given sort criteria. For example, having a shuffle sort before a 25-song limit will provide you with 25 random songs.

■ More
• Enabled the ability to drag media selections outside of Marvis, so that you can seamlessly drop content out of Marvis and to apps like MusicBox which have support for drop to import.
• Fixes and improvements.
Feb 11, 2024
It’s great to see users have been enjoying the latest update that includes a stunning new Add to Playlist interface with tons of customization options, a super cool Playback Speed Control option to speed up or slow down your music, and some great new features for users with add-on.

This update includes fixes and improvements, and enables the ability to add the Scrobble Log section to the Sidebar and Home ( add-on required).
Feb 6, 2024
Time flies so fast, Marvis Pro is turning 5 soon. Here’s a cool new update to celebrate.

■ Add to Playlist
• New UI, fully customizable.
• Ability to search playlists on the Add to Playlist screen
• Ability to add to multiple playlists (Can be enabled from Add to Playlist settings)
• View as Home, set up Add to Playlist screen to view as Home with sections that suit your needs.

■ Playback Speed Control
• Slow down or Speed up your music playback.
• Marvis Settings ‣ Player ‣ Customize Elements, add Playback Speed Control to your desired location.

• Scrobble Log: A log of Marvis submitted scrobbles.
• Setting to change Scrobble Timestamp to start or end time.
• Setting to change Bulk Scrobble timestamp to timestamp of first or last song, the timestamps for other songs are adjusted automatically.

■ More
• New Add to Playlist element for Full Player Customizable Elements.
• Playlist Folder filter to filter the list of playlists to include only those in a specified folder.
• Fixes and improvements.
Nov 12, 2023
Fixed the issue that prevented Greyscale Artwork from working in widgets.
Oct 19, 2023
Bug fixes and improvements.
Sep 24, 2023
Bug fixes and improvements.
Sep 23, 2023
Enhancements for all Widgets.

■ Section Widgets
• Enabled support for interactively playing music from the Section widget without opening the app.
• To enable tap to play, add a Section widget and choose a Tap Action like Play or Shuffle.
• Supported on the Home Screen, as well as Lock Screen Widgets.

■ Now Playing Widgets
• New Tap Actions: Toggle Playback, Skip to Next, Skip to Previous, and Refresh Widget.
• Artwork Tap Action: Choose what happens when you tap the artwork.
• Title Tap Action: Choose what happens when you tap the titles in the widget.

■ Quick Action Widgets
• Added support for some interactive actions.
• Skip to Next Album, Skip to Previous Album, Shuffle All Songs, and Create Station.

• Fixes and Improvements.

Note: Interactive Widgets require iOS and iPadOS 17.
Sep 20, 2023
Bug Fixes
Sep 19, 2023
The new versions of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 are here and we're so excited about the possibilities it brings.

• Interactive Controls for Now Playing Widgets

• Playback Controls in small Now Playing Widgets
iOS & iPadOS 17 only.

• StandBy Widgets
View and Control your music from StandBy on your iPhone with iOS 17.

• iPadOS Lock Screen Widgets
Enabled support for Lock Screen widgets on iPadOS 17.

• iPadOS Live Activities
Enabled support for Live Activities for iPadOS 17.

• Enabled new Symbols added to iOS 17 in the Symbol Picker.
Now there are 5000+ symbols to choose from

Fixes and Improvements.
Sep 6, 2023
We’re delighted to know you have been enjoying the latest update with features like multi-window support for iPadOS, new thin spacing that goes really well with cover flow grids, and much more.

This update includes some critical bug fixes and a new smart filter ‘Contains Hidden Music’ for finding collections that contain unplayable/hidden music.
Sep 3, 2023
■ Multi-window support for iPadOS.

■ New Section Setting: Spacing.
• Choose from Regular and Thin.
• Tip: Try using the Thin spacing with Cover Flow.
• Go to Marvis Settings → Display → Default Spacing to set a default.

■ Per-playlist, per-genre, and per-artist setup.
• All playlists, genres, and artists have a common setup for each type, and any changes made to one will affect all, but it's now possible to customize them individually as well.
• Example: To customize an individual playlist, view the settings page for that item and change the 'Edit For' setting to 'This Playlist'.

■ Custom Full-Screen View
• Added the ability to customize view settings for the full-screen section view separately from the compact section view settings.
• Open the section in full-screen view and enable ‘Custom Full-Screen View’ from the section settings.

■ Show Hidden Music
• Marvis now shows unplayable music in your library that used to be previously hidden. The unplayable music includes pre-order items from albums and unavailable songs due to the expiration of licenses, or any other hidden music.
• If you prefer to hide these, go to Marvis Settings → Advanced → Library Filters, and disable ‘Show Hidden Music’.

■ New Smart Rule Filters
• Current Device (iPad/iPhone)
• Current View State (Section/Full-Screen)
• Playable

■ Miscellaneous
• Added support for editing 'Show Add Button' and 'Add Button Action' on a per-section basis.
• Additional options for Marvis Settings → Advanced → Action Sheet → URL → Never, Always, Always Ask.

■ Fixes and Improvements.
Jul 6, 2023
Bug fixes.
Jul 3, 2023
We're thrilled to see so many of you enjoying the new sidebar and we're back with a new update to take it to the next level.

■ Sidebar
• Enabled Sidebar Pinning for iPadOS and larger iPhones in Landscape orientation.
• Enabled per-tab symbol customization, i.e. color, size, and weight.
• Added support for customizing the sidebar background under Display settings.
• More improvements to Sidebar and its gestures.

■ Accent Color
• A fresh coat of paint to Marvis' UI.
• Choose your favorite color under Settings → Display → Accent Color.

■ More
• New refined look for setting pages.
• New default app icon.
• Add the option to play a notification sound when Track Change or Scrobble Notifications are sent.
• If you've started playback from a playlist or a section, the playback source name will appear under 'Up Next' in the full-player.
• Fixes and improvements.

Happy customizing!
May 31, 2023
Bug Fixes
May 26, 2023
■ New Sidebar
• Boasts a new design to match the iPadOS sidebars.
• Customizable: you can add custom tabs to the sidebar like you add sections to the home.
• The Sidebar Flow gesture to navigate the sidebar with one hand is still supported.

■ New Player Setting: Confirm Before Playing
• Use this setting to change the behavior of whether you want to see a confirmation alert before starting a new queue.

■ New Section Setting: Arrangement
• This setting is for multi-row multi-column sections on home, to change the arrangement of items by row or column.

■ Fixes and improvements.
Apr 13, 2023
Bug Fixes.
Apr 11, 2023
Bug fixes.
Apr 5, 2023
• New layout for global search.
• Added a persistent search button for quick access.

• Added support for viewing and filtering based on metadata of a type’s relationships. For example, you can now filter a songs-based section by the Songs' Album’s Play Count.
• Added the ability to invert filters for Rule Groups.
• New Limit Type “Duplicate” lets you find duplicate songs in your library.
• For the Unique limit, you can now fetch multiple items per type.

• Item Position on List (Displayed Metadata only)
• Playlists Included In (Displayed Metadata only)
• Rated Tracks Count (for Collections)
• Unrated Tracks Count (for Collections)

• Queue Items Count
• Queue Remaining Items Count
• Time Until Queue Ends
• Time Until Now Playing Album Ends
• Shuffle State
• Repeat State
• Listeners Count (
• Global Scrobbles (

• When starting playback from a Playlist or Home Section, you’ll see “Go to Playlist” or “Go to Section” actions on the action sheet for mini-player and full-player.
• Enabled “Is Now Playing” for playlist and section metadata.

• Added the ability to change line limit for full-player displayed metadata rows.
• Skip Song on Dislike, a new setting for the player lets you skip the now-playing song on dislike.
• Added the ability to create Playlist folders within Marvis. Note: Requires Apple Music subscription with Sync Library enabled.
• Tap action customization for Live Activities.
• Mini-Player background overlay content customization.
• Fixes and improvements.
Dec 18, 2022
■ New Quick Action for Tracks: Add to Playlist
• You can enable it for all song-based sections from Marvis Settings → Gestures → (Tracks) Quick Action.
• Or, enable it on a per-section basis for song-based sections.

■ Added the ‘Show Artwork’ setting to toggle artwork visibility on the mini-player

■ Renamed ‘New Home’ to ‘Section Folder’

■ Fixes and improvements

Happy Holidays!
Nov 1, 2022
We're delighted to see you all enjoying Live Activities from Marvis.

• You can now view more upcoming songs by adding multiple 'Up Next' Live Activities.

• Added the option to change text alignment for multirow metadata, i.e. in Full-Player and Live Activities.
‣ Swipe left on a row and click on ••• to reveal text formatting options.

• Fixes and improvements.
Oct 29, 2022
■ Live Activities
• For Lock Screen & Dynamic Island.
• 2 Activity Types, Now Playing & Up Next.
• Customize activities to view your choice of metadata.
• You can run up to 5 activities at once.
• More customizations coming soon.

■ Displayed Metadata Font Customization
• Added Text Size, Weight & Color customization support for Displayed Metadata.
• This opens up many new possibilities and lets you personalize Marvis even further.

■ Fixes and improvements.
Oct 15, 2022
Bug Fixes.

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