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Mar 7, 2024
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Sibelius 스크린 샷
Sibelius 포스터Sibelius 포스터Sibelius 포스터Sibelius 포스터Sibelius 포스터
Sibelius 포스터Sibelius 포스터Sibelius 포스터Sibelius 포스터

About Sibelius

Sibelius brings professional music notation to iPad and iPhone, putting the workflows used by countless composers, orchestrators, and arrangers at your fingertips. Seamlessly move between iPad, iPhone and desktop, and from studio to coffeeshop to scoring stage, and write anywhere inspiration strikes.

# Work on scores anywhere
Sibelius for mobile puts the #1 selling music notation program at your fingertips—literally. Work with the same tools and features used by countless composers and production houses every day on your iPad and iPhone. Whether writing down ideas, creating full-blown compositions, or reviewing scores, you have the freedom to create wherever you’re comfortable.

#Take your portfolio to go
Forget having to bring and break out your laptop when meeting with clients and collaborators. Instead, you can conveniently take the world’s most powerful notation toolset and your entire music portfolio with you wherever you go—ideal for those unexpected opportunities. And for tandemly working through last-minute revisions.

# Hear your music in stunning detail
Sibelius includes a high-quality sample library filled with a variety of musical instrumentation, so you can hear what your music will sound like when performed by real musicians. The Espressivo advanced notation interpretation even lets you adjust rhythm and swing to create a more humanistic feel.

# Speed your workflow
Sibelius for mobile is designed to take full advantage of Apple Pencil and iPad touch capabilities. Its elegant, streamlined interface provides the most intuitive and efficient workflows possible while supporting the same keyboard shortcuts you know and love from working on the desktop version, so you’ll feel right at home.

# Get innovative note entry
Experience the pen and paper workflow reimagined. Enter notes with the onscreen Keypad or a keyboard, and Sibelius takes care of all note layout. Touch a note and drag up or down to change its value, or drag left or right to add a flat or sharp. With an Apple Pencil, tap a note and tilt up or down to add a flat or sharp, or tilt left or right to choose the note value.

# Have everything you need
In addition to the Keypad, Sibelius for mobile features a Create menu that’s optimized for iOS, making it easy to add clefs, key signatures, time signatures, barlines, symbols, text styles, and more to your score from searchable galleries. You can also quickly search through all Sibelius commands using the Command Search, putting the entire app at your fingertips.

# Move tiers to meet needs
Sibelius is designed to grow with you to support your creative aspirations and project needs. From the introductory (and free) Sibelius First to the industry-standard Sibelius Ultimate, you can add more notation capabilities and instrument parts to take on more creative opportunities by simply upgrading your subscription tier.

# Have everything on one creative platform
Seamlessly move from desktop to tablet and back without ever having to import or export files. That’s because whether on mobile or desktop, you’re always in Sibelius. With files saved to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or other iOS-supported cloud service, you have easy anywhere access to all your ideas and scores.

# Enable a hybrid workflow
While Sibelius for mobile is fully featured, providing many of the same tools as its desktop counterpart, there are some notation and layout features only available in the desktop version, making it an integral part of a complete workflow (compare versions). Plus, the mobile version comes free with the desktop version, enabling you to work where and how you want.
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최신 버전 2024.3의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Mar 7, 2024
오래된 버전
New in Sibelius 2024.3

* A number of tweaks to the Keypad under the hood, as well as a nice new lick of paint
* Custom articulations (created on Sibelius for desktop) now appear on the fourth Keypad layout
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Version History
Mar 7, 2024
New in Sibelius 2024.3

* A number of tweaks to the Keypad under the hood, as well as a nice new lick of paint
* Custom articulations (created on Sibelius for desktop) now appear on the fourth Keypad layout
Nov 30, 2023
New in Sibelius 2023.11

* Introducing new AI-powered Chord Symbols!
* New UI comes to the Keypad
* Control System Object Positions with new commands
* Sibelius for mobile is now in Italian. Ciao!
* Several bug fixes and smaller improvements across the app
*
Aug 28, 2023
New in Sibelius 2023.8

* Introducing new Enhanced Redo, making it really simple and quick to repeat the last command
* We've also included several smaller improvements across the app. Enjoy!
*
Jul 6, 2023
New in Sibelius 2023.6.2

* Fixed an issue when saving scores that were imported via MusicXML
Jun 22, 2023
New in Sibelius 2023.6

* Further improvements to note spacing and navigating the in-app menus
Jun 8, 2023
New in Sibelius 2023.5.1

* General improvements to note spacing and respacing, especially when hidden notes are present
May 4, 2023
New in Sibelius 2023.5

* Supercharge your Dynamic Parts!
* Hide notes, text, and other objects easily using special “Player” filters
* Easily create individual parts for each player while retaining the dynamic link between the full score and parts
Feb 28, 2023
New in Sibelius 2023.2

* Work with large scores more easily with independent layout marks and note spacing within each Score Subset
* Move objects on one stave without affecting the other when using Dynamic Guitar Staves
* And take advantage of many enhancements, improvements, and fixes across the app
Dec 15, 2022
New in Sibelius 2022.12
* Introducing Score Subsets, a new feature to create a new score view with a subset of instruments. Create a new Score Subset by selecting the staves you’d like to include, and search for “Make into Score Subset” from the Command Search
* New special barline types are here! Add triple, thick and dotted barlines to your score.
Nov 22, 2022
New in Sibelius 2022.11.1

* Sibelius for mobile now lets you open MusicXML files (.musicxml and .mxl) as new Sibelius scores (.sib). You can bring MusicXML files from other music notation apps into Sibelius.
Oct 31, 2022
New in Sibelius 2022.11

* Adds compatibility with iOS 16
Oct 20, 2022
New in Sibelius 2022.10

* Part creation comes to mobile! Simply select the staff or staves you need and run "Make into Part" from the Command Search.
* Writing dynamics just got a whole lot easier. Typing p, mf, ff etc. will automatically convert it into the styled music font.
Sep 29, 2022
New in Sibelius 2022.9

* Introducing Staff names! You can now add labels to individual staves in your score. Simply double tap to the left of the staff to add the text
* Show where to enter staff names by turning on Hidden Objects
* Select next matching object with new commands to help you navigate the score
* Improvements to Dynamic Guitar Staves
Aug 15, 2022
New in Sibelius 2022.8 
* Improved iCloud support!
Jul 28, 2022
New in Sibelius 2022.7

* Dynamic Guitar Staves have arrived! Write music in either notation or TAB and see your music dynamically renotated on the other stave
* Sibelius is now in Portuguese, Olá!
* Create music for every possible instrument
* New instrument definitions for suspended cymbal, horn transpositions, transposing solo double bass, bass clarinet in A
* Several bug fixes and improvements
May 26, 2022
New in Sibelius 2022.5

* The middle tier offering of Sibelius has a new name— it's now "Sibelius Artist"
* Add new headers to your score on different pages using newly added Section End command
* Extend a selection to the start or end of a score using Cmd+Shift+Home/End shortcuts
* Easily add articulations to tied passages with a new filter for tied notes
* Work more easily with additional stability improvements
Apr 28, 2022
New in Sibelius 2022.4

* Transpose your score into any key or by any interval. Go to the ... More menu and choose Transpose.
* Sibelius for mobile is now in Spanish. ¡Hola!
* Support for Universal Control
* Octave and Pedal lines are no longer too long when you add them to your score.
* Enharmonic changes are no longer broken in dynamic parts after octave shift.
* System lines now respond to Align in a row and Reset position.
* Z tremolo is now retained when changing voice
* When deleting articulations (e.g. fermatas) that are attached to a rest, the rest no longer gets deleted with it.
Jan 27, 2022
New in Sibelius 2022.1:

* Dynamic Parts have arrived for Sibelius on mobile, automatically formatting, transposing and laying out your instrumental parts
* Pick up and move the Keypad to place it anywhere on the page
Dec 16, 2021
New in Sibelius 2021.12:

* New multi directional gestures to write music for unpitched percussion. It's never been easier to write for drums!
* Sibelius is now in Chinese
* Add System and Page Breaks via Command Search or keyboard shortcuts
* External keypad support to control the Keypad
* Support for “long-press” on Spacebar when text-editing
* UI fixes
Nov 18, 2021
NEW in Sibelius 2021.11:

* Step-time MIDI Input via wired or Bluetooth keyboard
* New "Transform Selection into Irregular Bar" command for creating pickup/upbeat and irregular bars

NEW in Sibelius 2021.10:

* Say Hello to Sibelius on iPhone – completely dynamic UI, optimized for smaller screens.
* Introducing Panorama view to iPhone and iPad. Go to Command Search and type Panorama to see your music in a single, infinitely-wide strip
* Sibelius is now in Japanese.
Oct 26, 2021
Say Hello to Sibelius on iPhone – completely dynamic UI, optimized for smaller screens.

Introducing Panorama view to iPhone and iPad. Go to Command Search and type Panorama to see your music in a single, infinitely-wide strip

Sibelius is now in Japanese.

# Bug fixes:
* Sibelius for mobile will now ignore your device’s Silent Mode setting so you'll always be able to hear playback regardless of how you’ve set the physical (or virtual) toggle
* We fixed several issues pertaining to Guitar TAB Note Input, including the ability to enter the initial note with a keypad drag gesture
* Bassoon and contrabassoon samples now play back
* Sibelius now gracefully handles audio interruptions from other system processes
* And finally, as a long-standing user request: When adding notes (via keyboard shortcuts, the new chord tool, mouse input, etc.) to an existing note that contains articulations, Sibelius no longer removes the existing articulations (unless new articulations have been specified on the keypad).
Jul 29, 2021

Sibelius FAQ

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