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PrismScroll - Character Sheet

PrismScroll - Character Sheet

DnD Character Sheet Organizer

3.6.6 for iPhone, iPad

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PrismScroll - Character Sheet Description
PrismScroll is the last Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet Builder you’ll ever need to download! Beautifully designed for your mobile devices, PrismScroll offers the most powerful combination between clean aesthetic and impressive functionality. Manage all your Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition characters in one place.

PrismScroll is devoted to creating an exceptional experience for all levels of Dungeons and Dragons players. Backed by over 700+ ratings and 170+ written reviews, we're very thankful for all the great feedback we've received thus far. Our team is dedicated to providing continuous updates with the goal of becoming the go-to digital character sheet. We read and respond to all user reviews because we know that YOU are going to be the ones that make PrismScroll the best it can be.

You will not get better support from any other D&D app than from PrismScroll. Join our active Discord community and get involved today!

Unlimited Character Creation. Automatic Calculation. No Ads

2 Sheets. PrismScroll offers two types of sheets; the PrismScroll 8 Pane, Mobile Friendly Digital character sheet and the scrollable 4 Page Pen&Paper Equivalent character sheet. You have the option at any time to switch between either sheet, depending on your preferences.

Character Creation. A complete, step by step character creation process that has spell selection, ability adjustment distribution, starting equipment selection, multi-classing/subclassing capabilities, personality trait rolling, and much more.

Level Up. Leveling up your character is an exciting time and we celebrate that with confetti! Enjoy a simple, step by step walkthrough of powering up your character.

Dice. A simulated dice roller and calculator, just in case you forgot your expensive, metallic moon-rock dice.

Spell Tracking. Keep track of your total, expended, and prepared spell slots using our toggle-able spell page.

Keep track of all your equipment and treasures. Track quantity of each item and current carried weight.

Three different entries: quick entry for on-the-fly information, itemized entries for NPC profiles and other more detailed accounts, and pictures for saving things like custom drawn maps

Custom Creator.
Want to create something new? Use our custom creator feature to create all kinds of new things. Create complex new Classes, diverse new Races, or something as simple as a new item.

PDF Generation.
If a digital character sheet isn’t for you but you want to take advantage of the character creation process, PrismScroll offers the option to export a printable PDF of your character sheet.

Compendium. A simple to use, searchable compendium that shows all content in your PrismScroll app

Sounds. Record short clips, like maniacal laughter or a creaky door, to be replayed at the opportune moment in your sessions.

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Download the app now and enjoy the Best Digital D&D 5th Edition Character Sheet to date!

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If you are a Dungeon Master, of any skill or experience, make sure to check out our all in one Dungeon Master resource. Specifically designed for you, gain access to the tools you need for running flawless and engaging sessions for your players.

PrismScroll Sheets.
Play a different pen and paper game or want to use your own custom sheet? Then PrismScroll Sheets is the app for you! With the ability to import images/PDF files, you can add editable elements (ex. textboxes, toggle buttons) to your sheet wherever you deem necessary to gain the same awesome functionality as the original PrismScroll 5E Player app.

On first install, PrismScroll contains all the information freely/legally available in the System Reference Document 5.1 document. Join our discord channel via the link in the app settings for more information and visit our Youtube channel for quick tutorial videos.
PrismScroll - Character Sheet 3.6.6 Update
2020-02-21 Version History
Patch Notes 3.6.6
1. iCloud backups! So you can now saved your characters in the cloud. You can manage your iCloud storage in the settings. If you access the main character list options for a specific character, you can sync the most up to date information to the cloud. As we move forward, this being a surprise that this was simpler than expected, we will be adding things like weekly syncing/syncing custom creations.
2. Fixed a bug where smaller devices were experience crashes when trying to open the digital sheet because of the new wrapping view (@lee/@tetsuo via discord)
3. Fixed a bug where the bubbles for exhaustion were going off the screen on smaller devices
4. Fixed a bug where the content in the review pane of creation processes/patch notes had an extra large space below the card
5. Fixed some ui issues on iPad for the three singles line in the digital sheet to make sure there is spacing between the views
6. Fixed a ui bug where the companion name view was too close the companion icon on iPad
7. Fixed an issue where custom characters had the features page unhidden on creation
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161.8 MB
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Samuel Harmon
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