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STROVE Description
The purpose of this app is to help those learning Swahili to understand the structure of Swahili verbs using the “STROVE” acronym that many students of the language are familiar with after reading "Simplified Swahili" by P.M. Wilson.

S = Subject
T = Tense
R = Relative
O = Object
V = Verb
E = Ending

This app is NOT a translator. It is however an aid to translation and will help you understand the correct way to conjugate verbs. It can also be very helpful when trying to determine the full meaning of Swahili verbs.

You can freely spin the dials for each aspect of the verb, once you have settled on a correct conjugation, this will be indicated by the screen color changing to Green.

Currently there are four sections:

The “Verbs Basic” section.
This has positive & negative m/wa and m/mi Subject Prefixes and just a few basic Verb Tenses and is good for beginners. (This includes error checking.)

The “Verbs Pro” section.
This adds Subject Prefixes for all Noun Classes, all Verb Tenses as well as Objects and Passive Verbs. Keep in mind that some verb conjugations may be technically correct, yet not necessarily intelligible. (This includes error checking.)

The “Adjectives” section.
This will help you with m/wa and m/mi agreements for Consonant, Vowel stem & Arabic adjectives.

The S+T+R+O+V+E section.
This has most all possible permutations (though these do not yet have error checking).

You can add new verbs from the “Enter Verb” view.
Enter verbs with the prefix "ku-" and the appropriate suffix -a, -i, -u, -e. Then enter the appropriate translation.

The app will continue to have new verb tenses and derivations added to it in the coming months (Prepositional Endings and Relatives are first on the list!).

In the meantime, if you find anything that is missing or have any requests, please let me know and I’ll update it asap!

Currently re-ordering the Tab Bar icons will not be saved.
Sijui kwa nini. :-)

This app is optimized for iPhone 11 Pro Max and similar sizes.
Some views may not work well with smaller screens.
STROVE 3.2 Update
2021-01-04 Version History
This update address a small error with Present Tense Negative with Arabic verbs ending with an -e.
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1.0 MB
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Scott Freedlun
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