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ThreeKingdoms The Last Warlord Description
Requirements of The Last Warlord:
To ensure the game's normal operation, it is required that your iOS version be equal or higher than iOS 11 and you use iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, iPhone X or a newer device, or iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad 2017 or any iPad Pro to run the game.


Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord is a turn-based lord-playing strategy game developed by the Chengdu Longyou Studio. The studio created this game world set in the period of the Three Kingdoms mainly based on people's opinions on other games set in that period. The game is very detailed in depicting the differences between various cities and also the abilities and features of the military officers. The game also applies an appealing battle system in which weather, landforms, and many other factors will influence the result of each battle.
The game is based on the famous Chinese historical novel by Luo Guanzhong (about A.D. 1330 - 1400).

I. Simple and graceful graphics finished by fine-lined drawing
The portrait of every character in the game is finished by fine-lined drawing with the same style as the picture-story books "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". All interfaces of the game are designed in a typical Chinese style.

II. The governing modes are easy to get started with:
There are easy governing modes in the game so that players can manage various affairs easily and spend more time enjoying its other facets. Due to the game's lord-playing mode, players do not need to pay much attention to cities besides their own capital. Instead, they can order prefects to govern other cities and later on give them commands when necessary.

III. A rich variety of gameplay and contents
Over 1,300 officers are available in the game (including those recorded in historical books and novels).
There are up to 30 attributes for officers.
Over 300 features of officers are available.
Over 500 kinds of verified precious items have been applied to the game world for players of different preferences to choose from.
Over 60 cities of different styles and 200 features of cities are available.
There are also abundant techs research and development items.
Its system of combat units contains three main kinds of combat units and about 20 kinds of special combat units.
Ultra abundant official positions.
Numerous simulated natural phenomena, incidents and disasters will highly represent the calamitous period of the Three Kingdoms.
Travelling around will trigger various incidents.

IV. The turn-based battle mode requires careful planning in deploying troops
Weather, landforms, and even the height of the battlefield will influence any battles in the game.
There's also a siege mechanism with a great gaming environment. There are various siege vehicles for players to storm castles and also defending their own castles.

V. Other functions
There are also other functions available in the game.
Cloud Save
Steam Cards
The achievement system allows players to collect and show off achievements
ThreeKingdoms The Last Warlord 1.76 Update
2020-03-12 Version History
iOS Version Patch 1.76 Update Notice(V0.9.5.121)
Update Content:(Mar 4, 17:00)
1. Added the plague system.
1) There is chance to break out the infective plague.
2) There is time limitation, and time gap.
3) It will decline population, troops, city features and incomes.
4) Officers have chance to be infected. plague prevention is in the request.
2. Added Breeding Horse.
1) Make studhorses via purchase, city feature or present from celebrity breed little horses.
2) Invest money to breed horses for 24 months.
3) The breeding hoeses will be increased different levels of attributes, skills, effects, etc. acording to their levels.
3. Added Booking system.
1) Celebrity & Officers consume brush, ink, paper and inkslad to book.
2) It will produce many experience books or masterpiece.
3) Officers have chance to write unique masterpiece.
4. Added Battle Competition.
1) The Battle Competition will be hold every two years.
2) 16 officers will be selected to participate based on their Combat.
3) If not enough officers in one force, ancient or modern officers will join.
4) The rule is knockout. The champion will gain advanced equipment and the second will gain advanced Dan. Every competitor will increase EXP.
5. Optimized the will of unit, and detail display.
1) Added blue progress bar, the will value, under the troops of every unit.
2) Changed the detail icon from triangle into magnifier.
6. Optimized the remaining time of officer skills.
1) The countdown number on the right of unit flag shows the remaining time of officer skills.
7. Optimized the internal editor, added the button of Full-up.
8. Changed the Monster event as long term. There is chance to trigger Monster every January.
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