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Jan 11, 2017
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About Tap Tap Infinity

Level up your Heroes so that they farm gold and search for the fabled Infinity Tokens, even while you're not playing! Earn XP by defeating monsters clearing levels to unlock mighty Spells! Tap Tap Infinity is brand-spanking new and super-simple to play:

• Tap monsters to kill them.
• When you beat Boss Monsters hire them to help do extra damage.
• Level up Heroes and their skills to do even more damage.
• Your heroes earn gold for you while you're not playing.
• Gain XP and unlock Spells to auto-tap or do more damage.
• Find Infinity Tokens to start all over again but with a permanent boost.
• Trade Infinity Tokens to The Guardians of Infinity for power-ups.
• Fully 3D monsters and environments, awesome music and SFX.
• Incredible particle effects and animations.

Want to discuss the game, share suggestions or report issues? Check out the subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TapTapInfinity. Have fun playing!
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What's New in the Latest Version 1.7.14

Last updated on Jan 11, 2017
Old Versions
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Load and zone transition speed improvements.
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Version History
Jan 11, 2017
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Load and zone transition speed improvements.
Jun 10, 2016
Missing IAPs will now be restored when coming back to the app.
Jun 4, 2016
Performance improvements, fixes for missing heroes if backgrounding game while at Infinity, shop not working.
Oct 30, 2015
• Endless Focus will now work offline.
• Can earn more than one Rank from offline monster kills.
• Offline earnings now displayed if app backgrounded while at the Edge of Infinity, calculated when manually importing a game save or loading a cloud save.
Sep 11, 2015
• SOUL LINKS added! Soul Links unlock as you defeat high level bosses. They each add a powerful buff to the game and can be viewed and bought in the Shop.
• Hit effects moved closer to where taps occur.
• Updated UI for Shop, Valor Points windows etc.
• Reworked notifications into a banner at the top of the screen.
Jul 25, 2015
• Wormhole upgrade cost has been lowered and cost difference has been added to current Infinity Tokens.
• Valor Point gifts have been nerfed (3% vs 10%), Gold gifts have been doubled.
• Hero 'HIRE ME' text now colored green to stand out more.
• Numerous small UI updates and improvements.
Jul 6, 2015
• MYSTERY GIFTS! Gifts can now drop when you beat a monster, tap/click on them for a chance at winning something awesome!
• Achievements now show an achievement 'level' and loads of new achievements added including ones for Gifts Opened and Heroes Upgraded! Achievements also now show % complete.
• Color changing health bar!
• Performance improvements for when buy MAX or buy 1000 are selected.
Jun 13, 2015
• Landscape Grid Mode now uses 5 columns instead of 4, fixes for new scaling UI at the Edge of Infinity.
• Adds icons for easier access to game menus, reddit and wiki, auto-advance button changed so that it reflects the current state.
• Fix for crashing at startup if auto-rotation is toggle on in-game.
Jun 10, 2015
• Adds Trading Valor Points between Heroes and Hero Upgrades! Upgrading Heroes costs Valor Points but will boost their skills. Tap on the Valor Point star in the Hero Info panels to start.
• Hero Leveling costs have been increased slightly to offset the bonuses from Upgrading Heroes.
• New, simpler, default numbering system. This goes K / M / B / T / AA / AB / AC etc.
• New option in Settings to highlight the Hero with the highest affordable DPS upgrade.
• Game now supports landscape orientation.
• Blue UI Swapped out for purple to unify color scheme and make the text easier to read.
• Ascension Spell now visible in the Spell Book
• New Leaderboard for Effective Rank - this is calculated as (3000 * Ascensions) + Current Rank.
May 29, 2015
• Spells can now be upgraded to a 5th level (Divine).
• UI redesigned around using blue as a background color for better text legibility.
• Adds a new option in the settings menu to round hero level buying to the nearest 25 levels.
• Adds Grid mode for the heroes - see all your heroes at once! This unlocks after recruiting the first 10 heroes.
May 16, 2015
• Adds leaderboards and achievements integration with Game Center, challenge your friends!
• Story dialog added for all Heroes, Guardians and Super Bosses.
• Game slightly rebalanced and current level force-reset to the start (all other progress is saved!)
• Requirements lowered for the number of Taps achievements.
• The Spell Monstrous Strength now lasts 30 seconds per level.
• Super Boss Infinity Gem rewards lowered.
• Rank requirement for Ascension Spell lowered to 500, each Ascension will raise the Rank requirement by 100 Ranks.
Apr 24, 2015
• Fix for save game functionality on older iOS devices. Cloud saves or manually exported saves made prior to v1.2.4 will now work. If you've lost progress from this bug email us (contact@scarybee.com) and we can help!
Apr 22, 2015
• Infinity Gems have been renamed to *Valor Points* and have new artwork (purple stars).
• SUPER BOSSES! Every 500 levels there's a new boss to defeat.
• GUARDIAN BOSSES! The Guardians of Infinity have decided to help train you, stepping down into the real world from the Edge of Infinity. They will now appear on levels 201,301,401 etc.
• Infinity Gems are now dropped the first time you kill a special boss (guardian and super bosses) and has a (very) rare chance to drop after that. Infinity Gems can be used to make purchases in the Shop.
• Bye Bye Valentine! See you again next year. Also updated: 1000x DPS multiplier added for 6/7/8/9k Hero Levels.
• Manual game save import/export improvements - game now gets copied to clipboard or imported from clipboard when you import/export. Also added a 'Progress Export' option which gives an unencrypted version of the save game, for loading into optimization tools.
• Each ascension now gives double the DPS bonus amount (on top of the base 2%) from the previous ascension (+2% at Ascension 1, +4% at A2, +8% AT A3 etc.), higher level ascensions have been made more expensive.
Feb 17, 2015
• Love is in the air! Missy's cousin Valentine has appeared and started breaking hearts!
• Commander Tapity renamed to Commander Tapps ... and he has a new Skill! The new skill will give +0.02% DPS to all the other heroes for each level Tapps has.
• ASCENSIONS! Once you reach Rank 1000 a Spell unlocks to trigger Ascension! This costs Infinity Tokens and will reset your Rank to 1 but you'll gain +2% DPS per Rank on top of the base bonus (2%) for each Ascension.
• New Spell added! MONSTROUS STRENGTH allows you to tap without breaking Idle mode.
• New things to buy in the Shop! POWER RESET will reset all Guardian Powers and Spell Upgrades, WARP INFINITY will reset all Spell cooldowns and grant 24 hours of gold earning, INFINITY RIFT will immediately activate all inactive Infinity Tokens without needing to Go Infinite. Thanks for supporting the game!
Feb 4, 2015
Boss Rush spell added - this spell unlocks at Rank 150 and, when used, skips you from boss level to boss level for the spell duration so you don't need to clear any monsters in-between. It also looks awesome in action :)

Reworked UI - lots more transparency, progress bar to show how far through the level you are, updated colors, gold bars for 10x gold drops, bigger labels for infinity drops, progress bar for achievements, double taps on heroes/powers will open/close them all ... and dozens of other tweaks.

Massive performance improvements - the game now runs smoother than ever and the previous slow lag buildup for some people is now gone!
Jan 21, 2015
> The Power Pack (auto-level, buy all skills button and hero multi-level buying) is now free for everyone, anyone who'd previous bough this will get a lot of free Infinity Tokens as a thanks for supporting the game.
> You now gain XP for clearing levels and killing monsters, XP gives Ranks, each Rank gives +2% DPS
> There's a new Spells system! Spells unlock as you gain higher Ranks and do things like auto-tap for you for 30 seconds. They can also be upgraded for Infinity Tokens to increase how powerful they are.
> New Guardian Powers to reduce Spell cooldowns, increase Gems dropped and to enable skipping some starting levels.
> Hundreds of small UI and ease-of-use features, like a manual save game import/export and scientific notation toggle in Settings.
Dec 29, 2014
INFINITY GEMS! Gems can drop from level 105+ bosses and give a small %DPS increase for that boss. Higher level bosses drop more gems.

CLOUD SAVES Adds the ability to save your game to the cloud ... and login from another device to download it - look in the Settings Menu.

Also updated: It's snowing! Look for Missy Claus bringing extra gold for the holiday season. Now new scenery every 10 levels and lots of performance optimizations.
Dec 11, 2014
• Three New Guardians - now you can spend Infinity Tokens to gain DPS or Gold while not playing the game, or for a chance at 10x the gold dropped form monsters.
• New Power-Pack in-app-purchase - Unlocking the power pack gives the auto-advance mode (if you have the DPS the game will automatically jump to the next level, even when it's closed). Also included are the Buy all skills button and the ability to buy multiple hero levels at once (x10/x25/x100/MAX).
• Smarter offline earning window now shows how many monsters/levels/bosses you've cleared.
• Game balance updated so that heroes get more expensive past level 200 and much more expensive past 1000!
Dec 2, 2014
The Shop now has Infinity Tokens for purchase - any purchase also removes ads! Also updated: Train Heroes Guardian Power has been changed to work as expected, game balance has been changed as it was about to break for high level players.
Nov 19, 2014
THE GUARDIANS OF INFINITY: Now after you've 'Gone Infinite' tap the Infinity Token to go to the Edge Of Infinity where the Guardians will trade your Infinity Tokens for awesome powers.

Also updated: New Tips system when game starts, larger hero buttons, new Treant monsters, new tap damage achievements for going infinite and increasing drop chance for Infinity Tokens when bosses don't drop them.
Nov 14, 2014

Tap Tap Infinity FAQ

Click here to learn how to download Tap Tap Infinity in restricted country or region.
Check the following list to see the minimum requirements of Tap Tap Infinity.
Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 7.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Tap Tap Infinity supports English
Tap Tap Infinity contains in-app purchases. Please check the pricing plan as below:
Handful of Gems
Bag of Gems
Chest of Gems
10 Infinity Tokens
50 Infinity Tokens
150 Infinity Tokens
Cart of Gems
Warp Infinity
50 Percent More Infinity Tokens
500 Infinity Tokens

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