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Lennu Run: Cute Dog Running Game Description
The cutest running game starring Lennu the Dog!

Lennu is a cute little Boston Terrier and everyone loves him! Your job is to help Lennu have a long nice run in the different places he goes running!

Sometimes Lennu just wants to go for some peaceful dog-running in a nice forest or park. But because he is so cute, everyone just wants to grab him, hug him, take selfies with him, pet him, and everything else. It's not easy for the cutest dog-runner.

Your job is to help Lennu avoid the people and other huggers coming at him when he is running. If they catch Lennu, his relaxing run will come to an end and hugging will start!

In addition to the huggers and nabbers, you also may want to avoid the obstacles such as footballs and smily stalks (familiar from Baby Flapper). They will cause Lennu to slip and fly uncontrolled, making it more likely the huggers will catch him.

If the huggers catch Lennu, he can try to use different tricks to escape.
-Cute little kittens and other felines like to play with squeeky toys. So your dog trick is to distract them with a toy mouse!
-Cute little babies, grannies and other people like cookies. So your dog trick is to distract them with a chocolate chip cookie!
-Cute little bunnies like crunchy veggies, so your doggy trick is to distract them with a carrot!

Collect treats, such as bones, twigs, festive flowers, and rubber duckies to get Doggy Credits to spend in Megg's Doggy Shop on new trick items such as cookies, toy mice, and carrots.

Featuring colorful graphics with plenty of huggers and obstacles to avoid.

Compete against your friends and everyone else on the leaderboards:
-game score: get points by jumping over huggers and avoiding obstacles
-longest run: who can make the longest run before getting hugged?
-longest total distance: how far has your Lennu run in total in all his runs?

Each level having its own leaderboards!

Get all the in-game achievements:
-Fill Lennu's diary to 100% and get the full diary achievement. Lennu keeps a diary about all the huggers and obstacles he sees and meets in the different levels. To get 100% for each of them, he needs to learn everything about them. First to see them, how they hug, what happens if Lennu runs into an obstacle, and who the huggers like to pair with.
-Pass 50 huggers in a single run. If you can pass 50 huggers in a single run, you are a real professional dog runner and get the achievement!
-Run 2500 distance in a single run. The further you get into the level, the more challenging the huggers get. Passing the 2500 mark in a single run is a real achievement!
-Run a total of 50k (50.000) distance in all runs combined and get the achievement!
-Each of the different levels has their own achievements for all of the above!
-Sometimes the Bird family from Baby Flapper fly past. If you can high-five each of them, one at a time in a single run, you are a real Birdy high-fiver and get the achievement. To high-five one, you need to hit one while jumping but not others.
-Grab 2 jars worth of cookies, escape from 10 huggers using the Cookie trick, and get the Cookie-nabber achievement!

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines! Sometimes it is light, and sometimes it is dark! But our cute little dog keeps shining and keeps running!

Run long distance, meet all the people, see all the sights and animals, and learn all details about them, to collect all the in-game achievements!

Now, Lennu can run in his home forest, and from there continue to Helsinki for more running! If you love Lennu as much as we do, he will adventure into more sceneries in the future, travel in different places, meet new people, and get new apparel and clothes to wear!
Lennu Run: Cute Dog Running Game 1.1 Update
2017-07-03 Version History
A completely new level to run, Helsinki! New huggers, bouncers, treats, sights, achievements, and more!
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