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RPG Blue Sky Princess Description
"Samurai Princess" is a game that combines an RPG game and a fighting game combo.
During the battle you can enjoy the battle by tapping the card with good tempo.

The monsters that suddenly appeared attacked people around the world.
Eizitz, the center of the story, was also busy fighting with monsters.
During that, in front of the princess of Eisai's country

"I can save the world."

The suspicious man who said that visited.
— A strange adventure between the princess and the suspicious man was about to begin.

This game is an exhilarating RPG that enjoys the battle between the two and the card battle.
You can experience exhilaration in a new-style command battle that has never been seen before.

Although it looks like a command-type RPG that looks good at first glance, you can enjoy the action and the RPG in a strange way in "The Princess Princess".

[Q] How does the battle proceed?
The battle is turn-based, and you choose a card when your turn comes.
Each character takes action along the card.

Card is

"Attack with bare hands" card
Iron Sword card
"Magic of Fire" card
Heal magic card
"Bite" card

There are various cards etc. Choose one card from there.

[Q] What's different from now?
After selecting the card, AI automatically selects the target.
So there is no need to choose targets for attack or recovery.

[Q] Why can't I choose the target?
There are two reasons.
The first reason is because I want you to enjoy a fast-paced battle.
I just want you to feel the battle going forward simply by selecting the card you want to act.

[Q] One more thing?
The other is because I want you to enjoy the combo system.

[Q] What is the combo system?
In Command Battle, you can only select one action on your turn, but in "Koto Princess", you can select two or more cards by selecting cards in a timely manner.

For example, you can use three cards in one turn with the feeling of saying "bare hand attack"-> "dagger attack"-> "middle sword attack".

[Q] Can you attack and recover at the same time?
The timing is severe, but good people can attack and recover at the same time.

[Q] Can you use all the skills you remember at the same time if you are good?
Unfortunately, the number of cards you can take in battle is limited, so you can not bring in all the skills you remember.
However, if you select all the cards you took with good timing, you can use all the cards you took with at the same time.

[Q] What card do you bring?
"The Princess of the Rooster" is equipped with a deck system, you can choose the monster to take to battle.
You can set the cards that the monsters take to battle on the deck.

[Q] Are monsters and cards important?
That's right.
The battle situation changes greatly depending on which monster you bring along, what kind of card you give each monster, and in what order.

[Q] What is summoning?
In "The Princess Princess", I will summon and fight the monsters I took with them, but not all monsters can be summoned at the same time.
Summon monsters in the order they are registered on the deck.
So there is also the pleasure of capturing while changing the order of summoning according to the enemy.

[Q] Are there any RPG (hack and slash) elements?
There is.
Monsters and equipment cards such as swords and traps can be obtained by defeating enemies, so it is fun to fight against unknown enemies to find various cards.
Also, these cards have levels that you can raise by collecting the same cards.

[Q] Does the deck change look like it?
There are a number of decks available, so you can switch between the decks and take advantage of them according to the dungeon.

I would like to thank you for the game "Samurai Princess" to proceed with such a feeling.
RPG Blue Sky Princess 2.19 Update
2019-12-19 Version History
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